Burning of Moscow childrens boarding

MOSCOW, April 20. In the children's boarding school with a night stay of children, which is located in the suburban Lyubertsy, a fire occurred.

Message about the fire in the first Kraskovsky travel, house 38B came in with "01" at 00:30. At 1:23 the fire was localized, the press service of the State Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Moscow. Its area is 35 square meters. meters. On the second floor of the fire occurred on an area of 30 square meters. meters in the lobby, as fire spread partly on the third floor an area of 5 square meters. meters.

The fire was extinguished at the same. According to preliminary reports, no one was hurt. The evacuation was carried out before the arrival of firefighters, is checking the lists of evacuated children.

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