Buryatia: Gusinoozersk opened office in vascular disease


April 26 on the basis of Gusinoozersky hospital opened the first in the country vascular compartment that is ready to take the 30 patients. Now people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, a better chance of timely medical intervention.

Only one medical equipment allocated only 114 million rubles. Also, the building has a swimming pool, gym and massage facilities.

Before the first of July will have two — in Ulan-Ude, and next year will open offices in Kizhinginsky and Severobaykalsky areas. It is no accident attention is paid to this group of diseases.

 — If we assume that mortality today from cardiovascular diseases ranked first, as in Russia, as elsewhere, so it is essential today, it should be done, — said the Minister of Health of Buryatia Valery Kozhevnikov.

But, according to the Head of the Republic, one is not enough equipment for recovery. The main thing that the staff was friendly. So, before you pay for future medical studies, it is worth checking whether they need medicine.

— Before you sign a contract with him, we will attract psychologists, we will talk with the person to communicate and psychologists have concluded that these people are here, they are capable of, and it is better to find some other job — the head of the republic of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitcin.

Also the head has given recommendations to all award-winning athletes spend the morning exercises at the stadiums of the city, because without disease prevention will help even the most modern equipment.


Video on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/wa…mbedded&v=J0fHwsX8MSY 

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