Call for the election or to vote?


On the streets of the Belarusian towns and villages increases the number of official campaigning. Almost all the banners, posters, billboards decorated in Russian. The Belarusian language is ignored.

Gomel Oblast

All street campaigning — red-green and in a foreign language

In Gomel, embodied in a red and green posters and street banners election visual propaganda — entirely in Russian.

Gomel journalist and writer Anatoly Borowski"All the posters of presidential elections — all in Russian. As if we were sent to the Russian and Belarus had nothing to do with it. That being said, strikes the eye, the brain beats, beats the heart. How is that possible? Presidential elections in Belarus, but in a foreign language. It is shocking to me, as if disclaim belarushchyny and cry at the same time for Belarus. "

An activist of the campaign "For Free Elections" Anatoly Poplavnoi notes that in the previous presidential campaigns at least some part of the billboards that were hung local authorities and the electoral commission was in Belarusian. Now, this is not visible:

"What is striking is that the pre-election information in Russian. Earlier, at the former company, you can see the information and the Belarusian language. Now I do not notice in the city to have posters and banners in the Belarusian language — only in Russian. And as the Belarusian elections, the Belarusian president. Therefore, I believe that the election campaign must be in the Belarusian language — the language of the titular nation. Still, we choose the Belarusian president, not Russian. "

Not particularly different from Gomel and visual propaganda in Rechitza. The head of the regional branch of the BPF Valery Putitsky, living in Rechitza, said that the city saw only one sample of the pre-election posters in the Belarusian language, and then in a private store:

"99 percent of all advertising on the election — in Russian. Today I was walking around the city and saw the private store only one sample of a poster in the Belarusian language. Everything else was done by the executive committee here — huge stands, posters — all in Russian. Not even taken into account the fact that, according to the census, most people in Belarus speak Belarusian language and consider it their native language. Authorities are themselves so that they do not respect the mother tongue of most people in the country. "

Stretching on the street near the Soviet Executive Committee

Campaigning for the pharmacy.

A poster on the door of the polling station.

Showcase Mall


Language street agitation — Russian habitually

In Mogilev official language habitually Russian campaign. Most of the ads — in Russian. Proceedings of the election issues in the Russian language as the official press. Why?

Advertise on svyatlodyednym screen by the City Council.

To make sure that the Belarusian word in campaign ads discriminated, more effort is not necessary. Quite a pass through the center of the regional center. Near the town hall — a banner. It outlines Belarus with a stork who flies to the west. The inscription in Russian. So think of a stork: Can emigrated from Russia?

"Well, where it is forbidden, that it is impossible in Russian? This question ideologue, not a commission. Nowhere do not indicate that the Belarusian language is necessary. All documents that are prepared in the Belarusian language, the Commission is preparing. Well, I love the Belarusian language. 'll Focus most of these ideologues, and let cook in the Belarusian language "- is justified by the Secretary of the Regional Election Commission Lyudmila Makarenko.

Culture Department of the Mogilev city executive committee.

Keep up with the domination of the Russian-language street agitation and official publications. Editor of the Mogilev City Executive Committee "Bulletin of Mogilev" Vasily Novichenok without equivocation admits:

"Over this much wonder in what language to give. The country is bilingual. Perhaps both Russian and Belarusian printing. We have written, and that the paper is printed, depending on the original. "

There is no place in the Belarusian word and newspaper executive committee "Mogilev statements":

Those who wrote the Belarusian language — and the journalists are there — they write something interesting.

"Most likely, it is a tradition. We use the materials on the subject that are of news agencies. They are in Russian. Translate — a more expensive work. Those who wrote the Belarusian language — and the journalists are there — they write something interesting. I do not know why. Would print and such, but for some reason they do not make ", — complains deputy editor Eugene Mace.

Independent journalist Mogilev Gennady Sudnik explains the dominance raseyskamovya in the campaign:

"There is no local ownership of this company no. No orders from Mogilev, "Type two ads, and here's a sample." And if it was written in the Belarusian language, it is clear that they have not translated ago. They just do not think it exists as a part of the life of the Belarusian to which they could respond. "

The Russian-speaking stretching in the main square Magilevva tells visitors who live event of Belarus. Her daily to see initiator of the "Comprehensive Plan of popularization of the Belarusian language in the region," Chairman of the Executive Committee Piotr Rudnik. Rewrite the Belarusian language is not planning ahead.

Grodno region

Posters in the Belarusian — small and out of sight

In Grodno authorities tout the presidential election kind of small posters that simply hang in the windows of shops and government offices. The vast majority of them in the Belarusian language, but, in the opinion of the voters, they are very few.

Even in the central streets of Grodno can only be seen here and there in the windows of shops and government offices faded plyakatsiki that say that presidential elections will be held on December 19.

One of the residents of Grodno notes that local ideologues should go to neighboring Poland and Lithuania, and there to learn how to make posters for elections, and where they hang out.

Mr."The explanation is very simple: the less public attention is drawn to the campaign, so it is advantageous to the authorities. All is due, and even the fact that
most of these plyakatsikav in Belarusian, perhaps, in order to cut the ground out- for individual candidates. But the main thing — this information is not enough. "

In the shop window of Grodno.

On the glass of Leninsky district of Grodno.

In the town of Luni Mosty district posters, as usual, at the village hall and shop. This year they are only in the Belarusian language. However, a local activist said that people watch television, listen to the radio — and there is only one candidate.

Mr."I think they're over the language issue, especially not thought of. Here, have made, for example, money in Belarusian — and nobody is not the remake, the ideologues did not process. "

In Slonim and the situation is similar. One of the activists said that large billboards, which would have to hang election information used for commercial purposes. Here's what he said about the posters on the presidential election.

Mr."It seems to me that the posters are made clearly, they do not catch your eye, do not attract attention. Of course, if you really upressya nose, it will have to notice it. "

In Lida this year to Dozhinki set new billboards, but hung on advertising as Dozhinki, and has remained ever since. On elections, according to a local activist, can be found only when you go to the store for bread.

Mr."Quiet advertising, is still very modest. Here, people say something to each other, but generally do not feel the atmosphere of the election. "


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