Campaigning is sent to where the walk their dogs

In Minsk and regional authorities have identified the place and facilities for meetings of presidential candidates with voters, as well as pre-election meetings, organized by the voters. Thus, the police in the capital and in the field received the documents, guided by which it can prohibit actions, pickets, meetings.

Minsk and Minsk region

Center of the capital "exempt" from public events

Site near the Minsk Department Store, where during the signature collection occurred most mass picketing, performances and even a mini-concerts, now banned for the policy. Minsk City Executive Committee has determined that the campaign activities should peramyastsitstsa farther from the center, sleeping and working areas.

That's what it says on the chairman of the Minsk city organization of the United Civil Party Anatoly Pavlov:

"According to common sense, the candidate must meet the voters, where it is necessary — where more people where they can hear it, see and talk to. When a candidate is determined place somewhere on a dog site, then what to say then?"

The list of banned in Minsk were canvassing area near schools, as well as assembly halls and schools ZhESov. Therefore, according to the deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Lev Margolin, the democratic parties and organizations are preparing a protest in Minsk City Executive Committee:

"We have already discussed the situation in Minsk. Would probably a general statement of the presidential candidates. Indeed, under such circumstances, as the saying goes, there is no smell and no democratic elections. Indeed, if the planned presidential candidate Lukashenko meets with supporters at the Palace of the Republic, it was would be logical to suggest other names also that opportunity. "

Lev Margolin also tells about limitations in regions:

"It also highlights the most inhospitable areas in the vicinity. Therefore, local coalition is prepared statements to the executive committees of power."


Mogilev region, not all district administrations have published lists of places to campaign and meetings with presidential candidates. Where they are released, local opposition protests.

So, Bobruisk activists of the United Civil Party started collecting signatures on a petition to the district administrations of the city, so that they have revised their decision and change the settings for meetings with presidential candidates.

"Places identified on the outskirts of the city. Voters are very difficult and uncomfortable to go specifically to the outskirts of the city to meet with the candidates. Places identified for promotion, infringe on the rights of voters compared to places to collect signatures. Bobruisk In general petition was going very well. Authorities feared and, therefore, we identified these places, "said the head of the party organization Victor Buzinaev.

In Bobruisk list of places for agitation appear assembly halls and sports fields. Furthermore, they are remote from the crowded places claim opposition, they also small.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission Pervomajskaya Bobruisk Victor Gorbanev considers unfounded claims of the opposition:

"The property of the executive committee of other areas do not. I can not give them at the factory. We agreed that the plant itself parazumeyutstsa. At school we do not let them, right? And in the House of Culture — where chairs are so expensive. So they rent will take. And here we are free to give. "

Meanwhile, in Mogilev remain unknown place, where you can agitate. October Employee of the District Election Commission explains the mystery:

"You do realize that the solution is. We have already approved. However places will be announced only after the registration of candidates. So, anyway, the law says."

Learn campaign managed to place in the Lenin Election Commission Mogilev human rights activist Alexei Kolchin. As he says, the list of these places may not appear in the official press. In the Commission he did not explain why:

"For some reason in the administrations of Mogilev all decisions concerning the election is very difficult to access. Venues for events are not the most comfortable and far from the best. Their only three. As for places to meet, then it's mostly assembly halls of schools."

Among the places for public events is listed and known opposition area in front of the emergency building of the former House of Culture and Leisure in the street Chelyuskintsev 64A. It's all in a protective tapes. And this court, and two others — aside from the crowded areas of the city.

Lay-by on the street Chelyuskintsev in Mogilev

Grodno region

The authorities did not step forward

Activists in the Grodno region said that in determining the sites for campaigning during the election campaign, the authorities did not step forward.

UCP Yury Istomin says that in areas of the city just a few meeting places. All of them are not in the center of the city. A limited number of rooms in which to hold meetings, do not have permission to hold meetings with the employees at the enterprises of the city.

"Compared with other countries, where, during the election campaign," shouts one pillar "of the election, the candidates, we have this close and not" — said Istomin.

Human rights activist Roman Yurhel, which is monitoring the election campaign, read out a list of specific locations for the campaign and immediately notes that the stadiums, playgrounds, or, for example, the same Kaloski park — a place where only lead walk their dogs.

He drew attention to the fact that in the center of the city is almost never defined space for agitation:

"I remember in 1994, Alexander Lukashenko as a presidential candidate came to Grodno and met with voters in the Soviet area, in the heart of the city. And no it does not interfere in this. And after 16 years of rule, from election to election, restrictions to meet with voters and only picking up. "

In the district centers were concerned for election campaigning, nothing has changed. For example, Bridges allowed a few more places for meetings with voters, but these places, according to a local activist Dmitry Kuhleya, on the outskirts of the city.

Kukhlei "defined places — not crowded. Then, the city identified only five places where people hardly walk, and therefore no conditions for campaigning there. And all the villages that question given to the village councils. Still nowhere to be published a list of places where there may be campaigning. "

Vitebsk Region

"Candidates" will drive "on the yard site"

By decision of Vitebsk on campaigning for the presidential candidates will be lead primarily in school assembly halls and on platforms in residential neighborhoods.

This site, which in Soviet times was used to conduct concerts of amateur. And today, their safety and opportunism for campaign meetings are very different. Some are OK, periodically repaired and used by others — not a very neat condition.

One of these sites is located in the courtyard of the house where he lives Vitebsk activist Elena Fomina:

"There is a propaganda platform. It is a scene — in half with a roof, half not. And not a single bench. Middle — a space of 10 by 10 meters … Now comes the presidential campaign, the company has national scale. And to
drive the candidates for such platforms yard — it's for good reason, because they do not correspond to the scale of the state. "

A total of 20 sites identified Vitebsk for meetings with the candidates or their agents. Orsha authorities have identified 13 such sites, although the official website of the city executive committee decision on this has not been published. Polotsk — 8 agitplyatsovak in Novapolatsk — on all existing sites in residential neighborhoods.

But deep in the district center with nearly 20-thousand population authorities have identified only one such area for meetings. This area near the City House of Culture, says local activist Dmitry Lupach:

"This is a place you can call our local Bangalore — we used to give to his pickets on March 25. It is not in the center, and there are few people go. For example, if you look through the villages — so there normal places identified: about clubs around shops. and deep, there are two suitable area — the area on September 17 near the church and in our area, "White House." And at the same site where they determined people can be less in some village to meet!

In Miory yes Braslaw, where less than half the population, respectively, 3 and 4 of the site. Even Rossony where no 6000 population identified three areas for campaigning

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