Case C-300. By crushing victory over Russia Iran

Case C-300.  By crushing victory over Russia IranIf feral amount penalty (4 billion dollars), voiced by the Geneva Arbitration Tribunal, though it confirmed the decision (where this is going) Our homeland will have to pay Iran for violating criterion contract for the sale of S-300. But Tehran's reaction to it, which would seem to live so elated was, at least, the sudden. And it can do more than curious conclusions …

The fact that Iran, these protection systems are needed now is undeniable — and the recent speeches Khamenei Rahbar eliminate this expense any doubts. What Ayatollah care of such purchases another 5 years ago, when immediate danger was not there, only the states of their reasonable foresight.

But then start wondering who, in fact, in the comments do not really need. Quite briefly lay out in sequence.

In 2007 (under Putin) Iran wished to purchase and Our homeland has agreed to implement the S-300 for 800 greenish lemons. The parties have knocked on her hands, Tehran has paid a deposit — 167 million — and the work started. No crime, business is business.

In 2010 (under President Medvedev) Our homeland supported the "Resolution 1929" (sanctions against Iran) and withdrew the signature on the document and return the deposit. But Iran has requested arbitration, demanding more pay in excess of 600 million, as in preparation for the production of SAM, frustrated client suffered severe costs. Completely true, business is business.

The piquancy of the situation is that "Resolution 1929" provides for a ban on the supply of offensive weapons to Iran, and to remember the SAM system, like it or not, all the same defensive system, and as it should, it was immediately clear that the Our homeland loses arbitration, as in the existing scenario, the terms wrong.

But more clearly was the fact that the rejection of the transaction is dictated only by Dmitry Medvedev's eagerness to bend before the U.S., and far not all the Russian elite is willing to endorse such a pirouette. Based on that, the management of Iran by filing a lawsuit, in general, not only did not hide, but all the forces alluded to the fact that the payments do not need it, but on the contrary, gives Moscow a chance to perfect opportunity to get out of the situation. Like, we would be happy to sell, but the facilities are great, no desire to lose, so it's necessary to renew the contract. Moscow also with his own hand, kept silent, apparently, in the conviction that the "friends", was asked at the time to terminate the deal, fully able to ask for and Geneva "to judge with justice."

But it turned out, as you can see, quite different.

Swiss judge not only did not go towards the Kremlin, and was appointed to be paid entirely too ridiculous amount for some reason announcing that specifically that of the sum insisted Tehran. Although as officially told "Izvestia" Iranian salting Sayed Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi, "no additional compensation in excess of several hundred million for the S-300 Iran does not ask or demand." The same thing — "We are surprised that the Tribunal has shown so much initiative excessive" — and confirmed in Tehran.

As a result, the composition has developed what is called, from the category of "black humor". Persians openly bluff, offering Moscow a wonderful option solutions, Moscow does not have wished to hear them, in the hope of "the right way" of Geneva, and Geneva — and do not need to read to me that no one consulted — RF slapped a fine on just the sum of the unpresentable .

In this case, the rules now Iran must either (not to quarrel with Russia) to renounce all claims, including the SAM and was left only with the return of the deposit, or (in the absence of official denial) to get those 4 billion and if our home does not wish to pay a fine, according to the decision of the judges will be levied by the Russian property abroad.

"Those who, along with Russia adopted a" Resolution 1929 "against Iran, at the moment is critical of Russia, why she went to such a step. It states that the Western partners do not have to trust "- ironically, Mr. Sajjad, and no matter how sad it must be admitted that he was right. In fact, the "civilized world" offers a deal to the Kremlin in what he does not lose anything: take as a tribute to the further settlement of the Ayatollahs' regime, do not rock the boat, and in return, when the problem is resolved, the need to pay annihilated due to the annihilation of the plaintiff.

And everyone will be happy. Although, of course, with the "civilized" will be removed and the 4-yard, but later, in favor of the "right" control of Iran. There must be someone to pay for the restoration of what they bombed …

I honestly do not know what will solve the Kremlin. But more than clear — and I have not once said — that Iran for Russia is that the "red line", departing for Russia which, with all its own really large nuclear arsenal, though how many reincarnated from an independent player in the boy in the wings if not worse.

In other words, as soon as the decision to storm the House of Iran and Knoll has already been made, Moscow urgent need to take decision, how to behave in such a situation, what to seek and what to insist. In short, the agenda of the day or by the question arose exchange.

But more on that later. Something to check.

So to be continued.

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