Case Oboronservis replenished anniversary episode: house sold for a song on the waterfront

Case "Oboronservis" replenished "anniversary" episode: cheaply sold the house on the waterfrontThe case of the multi-billion dollar harm from the activities "Oboronservis"At a time when the Ministry of Defense led by Anatoly Serdyukov, supplemented with the anniversary, the tenth episode. According to" Kommersant ", the investigation found selling at a lower price structure on the waterfront Vvedenskogo canal in St. Petersburg. Harm from the machinations of the estimated 31 million rubles, and all cases opened more than 4 billion.

How to set a consequence, In 2011, officials Defense and their affiliated merchants of "Oboronservis" sold JSC "United combine public service of the Leningrad Military Area" building which is placed on the waterfront.

On a similar scheme managers "Oboronservis" and the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defence sold the structure of the 31 th Municipal Design Institute and Head spetsstroitelstva management arrangement troops in central Moscow, home of the former store "Military book" on the Arbat, a gated development in the Krasnodar region and a few other pretty from a commercial point of view objects.

Buildings, land and shares of operating companies, classified by the decision of the Ministry of Defense to manage non-core assets agency, sold at reduced prices in advance, and the difference between the participants fraudulent schemes, according to consequence, Cash received from customers in the form of kickbacks.

Ex-Chief of the Defense Ministry of Property Relations Vasilyeva, accused of fraud in a large (Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), while the role of accused in 3 episodes of criminal activity. Recently the Tribunal Khamovnicheskiy Moscow extended her term of house arrest until March 23. Vasilyev called the winner Serdyukov.

On fraud charges in the case of large-scale embezzlement in the military, where it was headed Serdyukov, arrested the chief economic management Defense Nikolay Ryabykh, former head of the commercial organization "Center for Legal Support" expert "Smetana Catherine and her husband Maxim Zakutaylo, also deputy director of the company "Slav" (enters into the structure of "Oboronservis") Konstantin Lapshin.

Ex-head Defense Serdyukov has twice visited the Investigation Committee, where he was summoned for questioning as a witness in the case "Oboronservis"But refused to answer questions from investigators on the case, citing the 51th article of the Constitution. On Friday, there is evidence that Serdyukov consequence picked criminal charges in another episode.

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