Chelyabinsk managed to remove the video cast

January 30, 2013 23:42

By the video says: "I was sitting, so I slesarke, when he felt a strong resentment for no apparent reason. Jumped cat skin crawled, buzzing radio. In science this is called white noise. I rides this whole subject, and began to shoot video — maybe lucky. Lucky. " The author warns that the video does not look nervous!

What is white noise? Many believe that the white noise — the sounds of the other world. With it, people can even communicate with their dead relatives. White noise like the sound of a waterfall or a light wind. If you record it on tape and process account on the computer, you can hear the voice from the other world. Those who believe in the supernatural feel that there are many ways to catch a white noise. This sound is emitted from everywhere. With careful search of the required frequencies in the radio or TV, you can get on the radio or TV program the other world.

From a scientific point of view, white noise — stationary noise. He got his name from a white light with a frequency of electromagnetic waves in the visible range of the electromagnetic radiation. In white light contains all the components of the color spectrum, and in the white noise contains all frequencies. But as in the white noise present both high and low frequencies, the sound itself is neutral.


The lake is located at the western border of the Chelyabinsk region, just south of Asha, on the outskirts of the Criminal Code. Local people often associate the lake with anomalous phenomena. That UFO meet, ghosts … Over the river often soars luminous ball. Eyewitnesses admit that after watching the unusual natural phenomenon, they hurt my eyes "as if looking for electric welding, and the temperature rises to 40 degrees, though the symptoms of a cold or flu is not."

Locals also say:

— One day we went hunting, staged a nighttime ambush Tverdyshevo. That night fell some unusually thick fog. In the morning the hunters come and say, "Wow, you have a place here!". It turned out that during the night they saw strange figures like ghosts. We ourselves did not see anything, but felt as if someone's presence. I think these images arise from the past. Because there are cases that the photograph, such as a fallen tree, and in the picture it is an integer (this phenomenon is called "hronomirazhom"). The same was the case: the memorial to victims of the disaster Asha people photographed, and the picture was manifested someone's face. I think, there is something similar.

By the way

In November, the wall of a house on the street OHF someone screaming, moaning and calling for help. Tenants in horror dialed phone rescue: we settled ghost. Duty group quickly went to the address. Residents of the 6th floor of the rescuers met in the stairwell. Later it turned out that the ghost — and not a ghost at all, but have failed in the mine Chelyabinets. In order to extract the victim from the trap, the rescuers had to use small tools.

The purpose of the strange things man refused to explain. After the boy breathed, drank the water and came to, rescue workers passed it to police to find out why the accident.

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