Cherginets stayed with Lukashenko, and elected a new Yarmoshina

Society I have already try yourself in the role of a secret agent, secret foreign intelligence during a trip to Pinsk. And now had the opportunity to get into the skin of the Local political investigation. Where I was invited as a "well-known craftsman pluck covers and expose the inside story of the essence." Hearing such a commendable response for themselves, I immediately agreed to do the job. Lay it to check the episode of "Kitchen" with Lydia and Nicholas Yarmoshina Charhinets vytrymanastsi for ideological conformity and general line. They vaguely suspected sabotage, but they are not fully able to understand, needed a fresh look nezamyleny.

I bring to your attention the report of the peer review.

Conducted me to order the department to combat the unauthorized political activity and parapolitical expert analysis program "Kitchen" with Lydia Yarmoshina found in the said transfer characteristics of subversive activities aimed at discrediting the country's top leadership, honesty of his intentions to hold democratic elections. Moreover, in the analyzed issue of "Kitchen," the viewer is imposed idea that the result of the presidential election will be unpredictable for the absolute favorite of the election race — Lidiya Yarmoshyna the request of certain anonymous individuals to declare the victory of another candidate.

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The entrance is a plot transmission parade of candidates to the candidates before demanding the jury, that is, the people. People are represented in the form of a family of modern city dwellers, probably — office workers, with one child, which of course is unacceptable in terms of the demographic crisis. The so-called "independents", among which you can see burlesque twins Romanchuk, Neklyaeva and Kastusiou depicted allegedly ideologically correct — as a bunch of crooks, clowns, distant from the people, incomprehensible to him uninteresting and unworthy of respect to the set of missing merit qualify for the highest office in the state.

But the people shown politically immature, avid for promises and ready for bribery if a caricature of a Jew hints over 500,000 signatures from people eyes light up unhealthy sheen, it discards its principled opposition to foreign candidates and it's going to be happy to give their vote not for , for whom probably. Does not give only what is — is not he would be paid, and he has to pay. Anyway, the idea of lightness navyazvanae bribing people — in another story he would have to entice votes for candy — in itself is false, harmful, if not — sacrilegious. Close to in order to push people to think like a pre-election increase in wages — also bribery.

At the end of the opening scene it appears that people's signatures got myself … head of the family, the father, a member of the jury. For greater transparency first hint dressed in a green shirt and a red sports jacket, and later — in a suit with a red-and-green tie. The error is considered a final statement firm and clear position in support of civil president. After all, it is the impression that he was the father of all simply deceived. Dressed as a "nation" and betraying his own will for him.

After the end of the story and a brief exchange of pleasantries allegedly leading program in the studio is Ms. Yarmoshyna. Soon she will make a first loud statement with amazing flavor in the guise of a joke about fire: "Generally, the work is perfect: a form issue, a good salary, work every day … but when I think that on the fire to go — even to dismiss. " He adds, "That's the same thing we have …". Clear that a thorough and honest counting people's votes could not have caused such panic. What is the thing that makes Ms. Yarmoshyna so nervous and even publicly express their fears ? The meaning of her participation in the program had boils down to is to demonstrate that the official has demonized the opposition — a soulless bureaucratic machine, not a hard and cynical box and a lively, open and friendly person. whom did not suspect a bad thing. Instead "Mum vote Belarus", described it as the leading, recognized that makes some risky, dangerous thing to play with fire, do not do what she wants. As if she is forced to do it, does under duress. And almost ready to throw the stupid: "at least lay off?"

One of the leading, reading records from a fictitious diary Yarmoshina, among others, and read as follows: "I consider the letter in the novel" War and Peace. '" Joke with a double bottom: the results of this calculation one can recheck if desired. Since this is a joke, in which all topsy-turvy, one must understand that in fact the chairman of the Central Election Commission is engaged in something else. Subject honesty CEC further pedalyavalasya in an ironic context. For example, Eugene Kryzhanovsky holding to read proverbs and sayings came from well-known to the newly "Yarmoshina thought — just tell the truth," "Lazavik lie not used to." In addition, he very carefully and pointedly looked at Ms. Yarmoshyna, she already stsepanulasya under his eyes, reading a proverb: "Whoever changes the motherland, the people despise." Whose and what changes were we talking about? This question requires careful consideration.

Finally, the most important and absolutely inexplicable — played out in the "Kitchen" rehearsal elections. The ballot paper were written the names of four leading, then chairman of the Central Election Commission put it on the shelf with the words "Democracy is over" (?). That she had to choose one of them. Eugene Kryzhanovsky felt that victory is predetermined by him, with a b e p o s e n t a c. Here it should be noted that the program he started with the treatment of three young presenters: "If you want, you can call me daddy", and with the release of Nicholas Charhinets wore a mask of Alexander Lukashenko. So, had every reason to hope that Lydia M. would call his name.

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But the chairman of the CEC … suddenly broke predetermined script elections (Kryzhanovsky commented on the final stage, "Open the envelope and read out the names: Ms Creevey-new-sky"), naming a different name, which caused … almost a standing ovation in the hall. Her choice was …

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It is possible that Ms. Yarmoshyna used vtsemnuyu, but still recommend to check the CEC chairman of loyalty.

Unlike Lydia Mikhailovna, whose role in this parapolitical game with a bad smell is as vague and ambivalent, Nicholas Cherginets beyond suspicion — it is clearly a victim of his own naiveté, firmly believes that public television can not be anything seditious, everything is done for a person and in the name of the person. Therefore, it is not even the ear led, ignoring the snide smile leading and ban early campaigning, continued firmly, consistently and faithfully campaigning for this man. Referring to Alexander Grigoryevich directly, or more precisely to Eugene Kryzhanowski who did not want to leave the role of Alexander Lukashenko, he said: "Alexander G., I wish you to have everything in order, and so be it — the results are normal, everything will be … when you're done with all this abomination (Do not hesitate to call a spade a spade And that "election", "election", "democracy" — approx. Budimir) — do not forget to soak. " And before that, when leading ask him what to do, so that people could get acquainted with the little-known candidates, should not hold TV debates, he brilliantly parried: "What to do, what to do … drink beer! . " Obsessive return to the topic of alcoh
ol leads me to recommend the department for combating unauthorized political activity and parapolitical take measures to protect the health of such an honest and conscientious citizen of this enduring fighter, as Nicholas Cherginets.

As for presenters, these did not hesitate to continue to conduct their subversive activities. Only this time, allegedly feeling that they are watched closely, more subtle and veiled. They conducted a survey on the street for paznavalnastsi candidates by six least-known in the community: Tereshchenko Statkevich Rymasheuski, Mikhalevich, Kastusiou and Uss. Thanks collage Lipkovich, Kastusiou recognize as many as three people, only one knew Rymasheuski, the rest did not know none of the 74 interviewed passers-by. The leader, who conducted the survey, summed up: "It's hard to imagine how they will vote. Probably for the best-known and informative. "

Again, we should not delude ourselves to see in this firm and clear position in support of civilian President. After all, "the most famous and recognizable" was not one possible and one would have expected, but three: Lukashenko, Sannikov and Nekljaev. It is with these three masks on "Kitchen" staged play. The game is very strange, because the mask Lukashenko, first, did not immediately recognize, and second, it left the company with a mask Charhinets. Although the mask is the current president loomed on the screen is much longer than the others, this "message" sparvannya her with a mask of Nikolai pretty sneaky, because Mr. Cherginets none at all is not a candidate. Derisively calling him a candidate and putting on the same level is still president of the latter, obviously, is removed from the game, rent a wreck.

I urge the department to combat the unauthorized political activity and parapolitical immediately take strict measures to eradicate sedition on state television, which made a nest wreckers, saboteurs and spies.

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