Christmas trees can be a shelter for fish, say foresters U.S.

 Christmas trees after the holidays can be used for the benefit of nature — the fir paws can be an attractive home to fish, if load trees in the lake, according to foresters from the U.S. state of Alabama.

"The Forest Service District Connec Alabama collected fifty Christmas trees to be placed in forest lakes public, to use them to attract fish for settlement and breeding in trees," — said in a statement on

According to biologists, the use of trees to increase the number of fish in lakes and ponds is fully justified.

"Green tree is an excellent structure for habitat and reproduction of algae, crustaceans and other small animals. Some fish will hide and lodge in the branches, some will look for food there. Finally tree will be swarming with different water dwellers", — says biologist Mark Gerner (Mark Garner).

Also, the scientist said that the placement of trees in the water will help to increase the number of fish in ponds with a paid fishing and increase the income of fisheries.

In this case, it is advisable to place Christmas trees a few meters from the coast and at a depth to which the tree to bind to the stone.

"The place is marked sign that fishermen know that at this point settle the fish, but at the same time understand that the line can get stuck at a depth" — adds Gerner.

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