Circle on the field in Italy associated with the eclipse?

June 15, 2012 0:21

Researchers believe that the range of the field, which appeared in the small town of Bracciano in Italy a few weeks ago, contains a complex diagram of a solar eclipse, perhaps demonstrating that its creator knows what's what in the earth astronomy.

A woman from the town of Bracciano woke up because of the earthquake on May 20 and could not go to sleep until the morning. At dawn, she noticed a spiral pattern in a wheat field next to her house. Circle on the field caught the attention of people from all over the world, and did not leave indifferent tsereologov — people who study such phenomena. They offered a different version of this figure appears in the field, its origin and meaning.

One researcher Australian crop circles, Horace Drew (Horace Drew), wrote on his website that a new figure appeared in Bracciano, Italy, just before the solar eclipse on 20 May, this figure includes the obvious symbolism and research related to astronomy eclipses.

Saros eclipse cycles begin in one of the polar regions of the Earth, or the North or the South Pole, then the spiral must pass through the equator and in the end return to the opposite pole in thousands of years. Likewise, the image on the field in Bracciano shows long spiral that moves from the general plane of the core to the outside. Whoever did this drawing on the field, it is clear that he has excellent technical knowledge in contrast to conventional artists, "depicting" the fields. In other words, it is unlikely figure of a prankster.

Can aliens thus demonstrate their strong knowledge of our system of eclipses with the spiral on the field?

Anything is possible, but most likely "eclipse astronomy", as interpretation of the image — it's just a figment of the imagination Drew. While the idea seems very interesting, to say that these figures could make even the kids who have no clue about technology eclipses. Several factors cast doubt on the theory due to the eclipse community. For example, despite the claims of Drew and other researchers, the circle appeared not in the day of the eclipse and not too close in time to it.

Obviously, the circle drawn, or the evening of 19 May, or early in the morning on May 20, what are the relevant evidence, and it was not at the time of the eclipse, and for one or more days before the eclipse.

Circle on the field in Italy associated with the eclipse?
Furthermore, the eclipse was not visible in Bracciano, or anywhere else in Italy or Europe. The eclipse can be seen in China, and his band moved to the east across the Pacific Ocean to the United States. Why intelligent aliens (or some cosmic forces) need to draw on the wheat field is a bitmap associated with the eclipse, although no one in the country, this event could not watch? This is the same thing that represent the fields of Africa images associated with auroral: Chance is, but it makes no sense.

Crop circles — a kind of giant patches of Rorschach test, which allow people to interpret these images as you like. In this case — is a good example of how people find a match. Even if Drew drawing rights and really connected with the eclipse, why are people who could make the image did not have the relevant knowledge? Any amateur astronomer known for similar images. Previously, crop circles have been associated with science. For example, in June 2010, the hoaxer created a 100-meter image that contained a hidden complex mathematical equations called Euler's identity. Mathematics from University College London have found a mistake in the formula, and realized that it is only the work of man, but hardly strangers, confirmed.

There are many theories about how crop circles are formed, starting with the fact that they draw aliens, and ending with the fact that the cause of the mysterious circles are eddy currents and winds. However, all these theories still have no proof. It is known for just that some of the circles — the handiwork of man. Although some experts claim that the crop circles appear for several centuries, scientists first noticed them just 30 years ago. These first circles were created hoaxer, which, however, confessed to his joke.

Drew and some of his colleagues are right in one. Although the range of the field in Bracciano was not made at the time of a solar eclipse, and the picture itself is not very accurately portrays the history of eclipses, it caused a certain time, when there was a monthly astronomical phenomenon — namely, the new moon. At this time — in a few days — the moon in the sky and the Earth seen immersed in total darkness. It was at this time like to joke hoaxer different suits.

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