Citizen Company: challenges call for NO area

November 12 in Minsk held a presentation of the youth campaign "Citizen." The three main areas of its activities: informing citizens about the election, the work of the electoral commissions and work with government institutions.

Logo of the new company — puzzle in the form of man. A company slogan: "The country does not create power, creating the country's citizens. Campaign is supported by 9 companies' Association of Belarusian Students", "Free Youth", "Future Movement" Party "Green", "Right Alliance", "Young Democrats and other . "But, as emphasized at the presentation, it is not a coalition, this association of individuals, and not the leaders of the organizations. presentation participants also emphasized that the company and is not a political party. They announced three main areas: informing citizens about the election, the work with election commissions (Here they announced some ambitious plans to meet with each of the members of election commissions in the capital. And there are more than 700 sites), and work with government institutions.

The leader of the campaign Nikita Krasnov explained how they were going to do — to work with public institutions and electoral commissions:

"It is difficult to work with both government institutions and with the State Election Commission, but we have here a simple possibilities possible appeal to every member of the committee. We plan to come to this committee, when they will be meeting. How will we achieve specific goals for the commissions, I do not want to disclose, because now there is a political campaign. But we can promise that every member of the precinct election commissions even get material that will ask them not to break the law on elections and talk about responsibility, as stipulated in violation of the electoral code. What to cooperate with government agencies, it is pretty hard work, but we will pay attention to the problems that now there is the problem of freedom of assembly, freedom of the media problem, etc. "

At the presentation campaigners said the ambitious plans of the Internet: use YouTube, Twitter, social networks. Were invited to the presentation of all the presidential candidates. Came only representative of the initiative group StatkevichSergei Skrabets. And of famous faces were spotted here Siuchyk and Lyolik Ushkin.

As said at the presentation of the problem to call in the area not — everyone has to decide himself. As for the plans, carry out the action they will be together with the presidential candidates. Indeed, the Belarusian legislation limits are holding street protests.

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