Citizens of Libyas demand to withdraw troops from Tripoli militia

The participants of the protest action that takes place in Tripoli, require from the armed rebels who took part in the liquidation of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, to return to their campus and off city. 10's hundreds of people packed the central square of the martyrs, shouting the slogan: "The law — yes, the arms — no". Among the protesters lot of lawyers, intellectuals, referees, which angers defiant militia, and in particular their nedavneshny raid on the prosecutor's office of the town.
One of the participants commented: "All these people had previously been in the slammer, and now dressed in the form of the revolutionaries, they attack police stations and robbing innocent people on the street." The protesters are demanding the Interior Ministry and military officials to ensure the safety of people and the whole country.

It is clear that the Libyan government on Tuesday demanded that the armed rebel groups left in for 2 weeks Tripoli. Abdel Rahim al-Kib (Chapter PNS — Transitional Council of State) has threatened that in case of disobedience to the militias, the government and the population Tripoli will block all traffic in the capital.

Somewhat earlier, the authorities have called the capital of armed groups who came from other populated areas, leaving city and return back home. Abdrazzak Abu Hajar (the head of the local administration), commented: "We are very grateful to them all for the help provided to us, but it was all over and it's time return in their homes, their families, friends, and assist in the reconstruction of their own cities and lives. "
ITAR-TASS, citizens complain that the frequent incidents in the town and clashes with the role of armed militias that violate public order. Very influential here brigades from Zintan and Misrata.

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