Coast of Norway served a record wave

Photo: kp.byHurricane "Berit" raging on the Norwegian coast, destroyed roads and homes, left thousands of people without electricity and set a new record — the height of the waves in the north reached the mark of 4.28 meters, breaking the figures of the last century.

Hurricane on the Norwegian coast raging since Sunday. Rescue service of the country and the police warn of danger — in the sea claimed the mooring design, fragments of houses, boats and yachts — they can lead to the collapse of vessels, RIA Novosti reported.

In the north of the country, in the provinces of Troms and Nurlan, record levels of wave height: Harstad waves rose to the level of 3.2 meters, in Buda — 4.1 (a record broken in 1979 by nine inches), and a wall of water reached Kabelvåg mark of 4.28 meters, the last time slightly lower figures were reported in 1949

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