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December 26, 2011 20:37


Why do people sometimes do not get a scratch in the worst car accidents? Revelation of patients who experienced clinical death. Phenomena are not accessible to human logic.

Lera Gusakova from the Chelyabinsk region is called —girl bird. All the free time she spends on the farm. Tweet with chickens and turkeys. Leroy says that birds are very well aware of her. But the people then why not, and even an abusive. Mother Gusokovoy Lera does not consider that this deviation, but prohibits tweet home. Understands her grandmother only as tweeting helps her granddaughter for all diseases. Teachers vocals predicting her happy future. She was invited to concerts pochirikat the music.

Vyacheslav Klimov — 50 years. But it looks like 30 years.

Genetic studies have shown over the years, Vyacheslav not age, and younger. Doctors want to understand what event turned the clock back to him and start a Klimov age like normal people? Vyacheslav said that 30 years ago he was in a car accident. The car he was riding in exploded. Klimov was burn 70% of the body. He spent six months in intensive care between life and death. During the transplant had occurred clinically dead for 4 minutes, and this time with him and there was an amazing thing. Do Klimov soon turn into a baby?

Actor Artyom Tkachenko started to believe in miracles after died. Near St. Petersburg, on the set of the film "Swordsman", Artyom saw in the sky a strange glowing objects. UFO seen not one Tkachenko, with him in the sky looked 70, the whole crew.

Hypnologist Gennady Goncharov claims to have supernatural powers. He makes vodka from ordinary water and solder it the whole room! He can make even those singers who have no voice.

On the body of a 9-month Ali Yakubov emerges from Dagestan Arabic script. Every week there are new characters. The boy's mother said that strange things began to happen even during childbirth. To light baby was a huge hematoma on his head and central paralysis. But after a few months of the disease disappeared. But was abruptly and without cause fever, and skin began to exude quotations from the Koran. We already have a Yakubov album with pictures of quotes on the body of Ali. Each one they put on the Internet, so that everyone could see that it was not the focus, but a fact.

In a holiday village near Nizhny Novgorod, in one night, clear lakes with clear water suddenly turned into a bright pink. Earlier it fished every day, now daring to udachkoy sight. Experts from RPN snow and water samples also taken. Traces of contamination, but just do not pollute the lake who! Industrial facilities in the area and that there is a substance — is not clear! Fishermen have already dubbed Lake — glamorous!

Natalia Mikhailova bought at the bazaar usual chicken, and eggs it is not simple, and green. Abnormal bird initially wanted to hack to death, if she sort of a radioactive. Production of laying hens have decided to give to the study. Eggs were no cholesterol and sells it one egg for 50 rubles. In the nearby village of more trenchant, there appeared the goose that lays the eggs blue.

Dagestan. The road to one of the sites is down sharply. Machines here in spite of all the laws of physics themselves are rolling up the hill. Is hidden in the mountain huge magnet, or this place is cursed? In Makhachkala Institute of physics, this phenomenon has been extensively. We came to the conclusion that this is an optical illusion.

Nicholas Pranzin live in the same house, on the outskirts of Samara, where half a century ago, the Komsomol Zoe Kornouhova, danced with the icon of Saint Nicholas, and then suddenly petrified (Tetanus). According to numerous eyewitnesses, frozen Zoe tried to cut down with an ax from the floor. Traces of an ax on the floorboard really is. For many believers, 108 her standing Zoe obvious. But there are skeptics. Samara writer Valery Erofeev claims that in January 1956, was not standing Zoe, and standing in the house of Zoe. According to him, she drank too much and she called an ambulance, and the rest came up with onlookers. And then gone to Zoe after she came to life on Easter, and that with her now? Yuri Arabs, the screenwriter of the film "Miracle," which talked about Zoe standing still gets letters from Samara, from the alleged witnesses Zoe.

Program manager Alexei Malkov
Producer Eugene Chubanov
Screenwriter Andrew Buymor
Operator Sergey Shilov
The text reads Sergei Polyansky
Music editor Elena Sharipova
Producer of Yuri Shalimov

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