Coral reefs after the glaciers are melting


The Great Barrier Reef in recent years "lost" two times. The Great Barrier Reef, located at the Australian coast for the last 27 years has undergone major changes and has lost about half of the coral. Experts have analyzed more than two thousand scientific articles published in the past almost 30 years, and found that the damage is directly linked to climate change, writes The Los Angeles Times.

The reasons for what is happening scientists call the damage done by storms and hurricanes, which from year to year are enhanced due to the increase in average temperature of water in the ocean, coral loss of their natural color (again due to warming) and the effects of poisonous sea stars (crown of thorns ) feeding on coral polyps. Affects the situation and increase the acidity of the ocean, has a deleterious effect on the reef, more and more, according to the scientists, reminiscent of the isolated island reef.

The greatest damage to the Great Barrier Reef suffered in the last 14 — 15 years. From 1985 to 2012, killing more than 50% of coral polyps. In addition, the report says, the threat hangs over not only by the reef. The disappearance of coral changes the chemical composition of ocean water, flow direction, and leads to the death of many species of fish found in the area of the reef, reports Gulfnews.

If measures to save the Great Barrier Reef does not begin to take now, an area in ten years has reduced by half, making weather experts. The emphasis they offer to do on controlling population of sea stars. This option is most suitable among others, as the deal with hurricanes and warming much more difficult, if not impossible.

Meanwhile, the international environmental organization Greenpeace launched in Australia a project called "Save the reef." The main criticism of environmentalists became an Australian coal industry, which, according to their claims, directly affects the deterioration of the situation, as the coal is on the coast in the vicinity of the reef. The campaign was shot animated movie telling about the scale of the threat.

Arkady Azaev



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