Corps of Engineers day

Day Corps of EngineersFusion Science and courage called the Corps of Engineers. Occupation officer Corps of Engineers — it is a profession smart, strong, brave, strong-willed people. And so the officers Corps of Engineers — a special category of war. His honest attitude to military work, courage and heroism they zaslezhili recognition of the armed forces and the people RF. The device of minefields, breaching minefields, military training routes, equipment crossings, clearance area — that's far from complete list of the unique challenges of engineering troops. In most armies of the world Corps of Engineers called the "pioneer", which translated means the first.

Its origins story Corps of Engineers RF takes from the time of Peter the Great Decree of 21 January 1701 on the development in Moscow "Schools Pushkarsky order", in which trained artillery officers and military engineers. School graduates in 1702 were equipped with first division minernye permanent Russian military. Prazdnichek is celebrated on January 21.

Invaluable contribution Corps of Engineers

Engineering troops participated in all the battles to defend the Fatherland. Knowledge, courage and bravery of military engineers to a large extent contributed to the successful conduct of military operations in the Russian war of 1812, the defense of Sevastopol (1854 — 1855), during the Russian-Japanese War (1904 — 1905) and the First World War (1914 — 1918).

Particularly distinguished warriors Corps of Engineers during majestically Russian war of 1941 — 1945. For deeds to the glory of the motherland more than 100 thousand military engineering forces were awarded orders and medals, 700 were awarded the highest title of Hero of the Russian Union and Hero RF, 294 became full holders of the Order of Glory.

The siege of Ishmael Borodinskiye redoubts, support to military operations Russian troops during the Russian war began majestically colorful page in the book of military glory of Russia.

A significant role was played by the Corps of Engineers to provide combat troops in Afghanistan, in resolving conflicts in the Republic of Tajikistan, the Transnistrian region of Moldova, Abkhazia and the peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Kosovo.

More than three hundred years of engineering troops occupy a worthy place in the Russian Armed Forces. Military engineering troops entered priceless significant contribution to the elimination of accidents and disasters, to help the population in case of natural disasters, terrain clearance of explosive ordnance. Immortal feat of soldiers and officers of engineer troops in liquidation of the Chernobyl tragedy.

And in the days of our warriors of the engineering units of the Armed Forces adequately continue the tradition of their own fathers and grandfathers — Saving the lives of human and property during a natural disaster, a difficult service in the "hot spots", the elimination of the consequences of accidents and man-made disasters.

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