Could be a story out of politics? It turns out — can not

Read some stir passions around Veles book, and right before my eyes there was a Christian church with cupolas and crosses covered several poods of gold leaf — it shines!

What scientists think about Veles book?

No evidence of divinity, except written "masterpieces" Monas and the word "witnesses", but at what cost the blood of this world staroliteraturny masterpiece.
Modern scientists have not particularly interested in the content — the main authenticity: correct spelling and examination of antiquity.
We, contemporaries who use partial knowledge of their ancestors and of all humanity, the so-called education, it is difficult to imagine that such a general ignorance of the past, when a thousand people was relatively literate … one! and that it could be limited literacy ability to write, and all the wisdom passed down orally from generation to generation. In tsarist Russia, Russian ninety percent were illiterate and would only deny the obvious enemy.

Good or bad was the power of advice depends on the point of view of the speaker's intentions and focus, but general education and electrification of the people are not made to hide. Still silent mode, which is a kind of lie and share knowledge that can be known to the people, and that the election, with the Communist Party of the icons on clothing-left. The veil of the country slogans and posters of his zeal to serve the people, to samoperevorota communists too much to hide from people, so that their nation was a fiction.

Observing their current activities as capitalists robbers, probably no one has any doubts — arrogance, lies and silence remain their main weapon: the enhanced media and security forces. Rewrite the constitution without consulting the population? — No problem!

Is concerned about the search for truth, scientists are accused of forgery Veles book, if the company learns of the archival material of the past, by accident — from the Americans?

Perhaps the explanation is simple? Few literate people in the past, belonging to various Slavic Rodham decided to continue the legacy of their ancestors and the book were the best of his ability and writing.

Is today anyone who wants freedom and a normal future for their children, boasts exceptional knowledge of spelling?
Spell Native modern language.

And yet — today you would trust a book, even if it had not been lost — a scientist?
We all know that Peter did: Collect all the books of Russia and they were never seen again. Books! They existed, but we insist that before Christianity we had no written language.

I would not trust. Would work on a book, studied, gave a loose translation, available contemporaries, but at the same rake, would not attack, it hurts!

No matter what scientists think, even if they're right, we create our own culture.
Mankind is the light, or darkness, their religions, each people for their own.
We have our own way, and I think people in abundance. Someone will go for the Christians, whose religion has destroyed a large part of our ancestors, someone will go for the Nazis, consider Russian subhuman and doomed to slavery, and complete destruction, like the rest of the Slavs. Our way Rusov and hostile people movement, sooner or later, will be eliminated.

Let's deal with the internal and problememi time and wisdom to the people united individuals decide what to do next.
Lies Reveal outlook, rules and Navi warmth to the soul, So — Ours!

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