Covenants of the Sons of Holy Russia paths of righteousness I.I.Sinyavin 1996

Serve Russia person performs the supreme duty and finds higher meaning of life. All our current troubles: the dismemberment of the homeland, the collapse of the economy, genocide, reduction and degradation of the nation, the impoverishment of the people, the expansion in culture, treason upper floors of power — can be overcome only when the power in Russia will hold a Russian. Those Russian, who are such not only by birth, but in spirit. To those who believe in the mission of Russia — Holy Russia, who are healthy in body and soul, smart and beautiful. No good projects rebirth and salvation of Russia without this condition unenforceable.

Now the worst enemies of Russia and Russophobes usurped power in the Holy Land porridge. Their goal — to wipe out Russia, Russian exterminate.

You must collect pure remnants of the Russian and, based on an updated re-create a nation. When the children of Russia will come to power, they have no time to turn our country into a power that will give meaning to the existence of mankind.


Igor Sinyavin. But the path of Truth (the ideology of Russian Spirit)

Covenants of the Sons of Holy Russia

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