Croatia remains a difficult situation because of forest fires

Adriatic coast of Croatia covered by forest fires, which have completely extinguished fails, residents of some villages were evacuated, wrote on Monday, Serbian newspaper "Evening News."

The newspaper said that on Monday morning, there were several new fires, and some you can not put out the fire on Saturday.

The authorities were forced to evacuate the residents of the village near the town of Sonkovich Skradin, all were taken around 30 people. In extinguishing the fire involved 88 firefighters and 29 special vehicles, and in the morning they came to the aid of 50 members of the Croatian armed forces. Because of the fire stopped traffic on the highway that links the city and Skradin Bibir.

Continues to burn wood for Mokosica, a suburb of one of the main tourist centers in Croatia — Dubrovnik. In addition, the fire began to struggle with the new hearth that erupted in the community Župa Dubrovačka, located near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While you can not put out a forest fire near the town of Ploce, where the situation in recent days remained the most serious. To fight fires in the area of the city were brought firefighters from different parts of Croatia, assisted by army units. In extinguishing the fire involved two helicopters and three special aircraft.

This summer, in most of the Balkan countries more frequent forest fires, which complicates the fight against dry weather and extreme heat.

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