Cross returned at night

Nov. 10 near Gomel near the route Gomel — Chernihiv police patrol discovered the memorial cross, which disappeared from the very place the day before.

A 7 am and arrived at the scene along with police patrol investigator Elena Afanasyeva. The cross stood near the spot where it was pulled before the unknown vandals.

Cross, icons, barbed wire and a white-red-white ribbon.

The cross was erected on the site of executions of civilians during the years of Stalinist repression November 6th, Dmitravskuyu funeral Saturday, representatives of the established party "Belarusian Christian democracy. " Activists carried the cross on his shoulders through the city.

November 9 in the evening set the cross came to consecrate an Orthodox priest. However, in place of the cross was not.

Bard tells Gomel Andrei Melnikov, who himself carried the cross through the city on the 9th kilometer Chernihiv highway:

"It was very shame — the cross was not there. We went in different directions in the hope of finding it. And they found — about a hundred meters in the forest belt of roadside trash. Cross lay abandoned icons in the ground. We cleaned it, and the priest read a prayer and blessed the cross. "

Constantin Zhukovsky, who made the cross and painted, appealed to the Central district police with allegations of vandalism. Statement of the Central police station promptly handed over to the police the Gomel region.

Constantin Zhukovsky tint cross.

Late at night, the local police began a search of the cross. One police officer said: "We came, looking in the dark, but did not find."

Zhukovsky believes that committed vandalism:

"It certainly is an act of vandalism. Hunted on Christian symbols such as the cross — is a sacred symbol for any Christian. Maybe this is done and for the sake of stirring up religious hatred. Vaughn and Kurapaty near Minsk was broken 38 crosses. It is likely that vandalism, and here and there make the spiritual descendants of those who shoot innocent people in the 37th, 39th, 40th, respectively. Their taste typical human memory of our ancestors. After all, there were killing civilians, and executioner of the Stalinist regime, and the Nazi Germans during the occupation. "

Police at the scene.

The inquiry officer, Major Afanasyev, together with his assistants interviewed Constantine Zhukovsky. The police zafatagrafavali the scene and re-installed the cross. It was stated that the police will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident, with possible involvement of those responsible. Of course, if any are detected.


Gomel, the cross

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