Cryotherapy in cosmetic clinics in Moscow

Cryotherapy — a fundamentally new therapeutic approach based on the effects of low temperatures on the body for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. As the practice of cosmetologists and dermatologists, the most suitable material for this procedure is liquid nitrogen. It is widely used in various fields of medicine, as the method of application is simple, safe, and gives a significant effect.
Momentary or cryomassage krioapplikatsiya clubs sverhholodnogo liquid nitrogen (its temperature is about 130 ° C) prepares skin tissue to subsequent recreational or therapeutic procedures. To avoid frostbite exposure time should be no more than three minutes. Face covered cotton-gauze bandage on hands wear gloves on their feet — wool socks.

In cosmetology clinics cryotherapy these sessions typically precede masks, injections, body wraps and other physiotherapy — prepare the skin, and the result becomes more palpable and painful procedures carried much easier. Cryotherapy is also used to eliminate the effects of plastic surgery, burn excess weight and to improve the overall condition of the body (disappear redness, removes puffiness, are inflammation).

The procedure can be considered successful if the body temperature drops below 0 ° C. Intensive hypothermia does not harm the outer skin surface. But in the meantime the nerve receptors in the skin signal the brain, respectively, this affects the regulatory centers. As a result — the elimination of all violations of the body. Experience shows that even severe disease subside.

Many clinics in Moscow cryotherapy technique to liquid nitrogen is used to remove moles, warts, papillomas, acne. In this case, treatment is by freezing unwanted education. The process procedure is fast enough — a minute after freezing observed swelling and redness after a couple of hours — epidermialny bubble, and sometimes once a crust, she leaves in a few days, leaving a discreet pink speck.

Cryo — short-term effects on the skin (up to 15 seconds). A small cotton ball falls into a vessel filled with liquid nitrogen and held on the desired area. For the treatment and prevention of mild alopecia helps cryomassage head. By combing the hair with a parallel parting rolled swab dipped in nitrogen.

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