Culture — What is it?

The cult of Ur

Man throughout his life can not even guess as to what connects it with the world, with other people and with nature. Sooner or later we begin to take an active interest in the matter and in spite of the scarcity of information, intentionally or not, select one of the proposed concepts we being.
One of us prefer the concept of material accidents of the universe. Another supreme creation. Third — coming from another planet, and the fourth — any mixture of the above examples.
But the essence of all this is not about which of the above concepts right or wrong, real or mythical, but in the fact that the philosophy of any conception determines our thinking, behavior and lifestyle. Which in turn is the very link with the outside world, or lack of communication with people and nature. And then we do not think about why we think so, and not otherwise, why we are doing so, and in no way different. Why commit any rituals that for us to be self-evident things, and in fact may be of a totally different meaning and effect, in contrast to the proposed one.
Such communication rights and the space around it is called culture. But here's an interesting fact, we all live in the same space on the same planet, the same plane of existence, on one Earth, and cultures have a great many?

There were even such terms as a subculture or youth culture, ethnic culture, the Orthodox culture, Western culture, pop culture, and many other sub-species cultures.
Not only that, we have even created entire ministries and departments of different cultures. But is can this be? How could it be that a Russian's one culture, and at the other a Serb? The Spaniards third, and fourth in Georgian? I think that the "no" …
Human values for all humans are ubiquitous, and it is the way it was, according to ancient books. But where and at what time we were different to each other?
Once upon a time, long ago, I began to study these different cultures, and even having enough material for some people, I was surprised to come to the conclusion that all the world's cultures have a common root, and the modern separation of cultures is artificial. This artificial separation was caused by two major factors:
1. Degradation of human society;
2. Destroying the continuity of generations, namely:
— discredit and destroy the carriers of culture
— falsification and destruction of primary sources
— and, most importantly, a submenu of traditions and cultural values.
To understand what those substitutions, you must understand the essence of the word itself.
And so, the word culture has two distinct root justification:
2. and URA
First no need to explain, and so everyone knows: the cult — even in Africa cult. But the fact is the Russian URA has just two root justification:
1. We — meaning ANGEL Sowers
2. and Ra — Sun SPEECH Rechenka
And now it all came together, and see the translation. CULT have RA — it's a cult, this over angel sower of spiritual ascent through solar energy.
Here we must note that the cult given from above, and therefore, does not suffer distortion.
Now back to the submenu.
An integral part of any modern culture are the two main parts: the secular and profane. Secular part — it is one or many religions and secular is what we call a fun song and dance, or as now called — SHOW. And doing it right business — "entertainers."
Now, note the question — Does the pursuit of profit is called culture — the divine cult of the sun to the human spiritual ascent?
I think the answer to say out loud is not necessary.
Yes, do not live by bread alone man, just do not think that against the very nature of the songs and dances, and other types of entertainment. Not at all, but a small part of the great human culture can not take over the responsibility for the spiritual ascent of man. Not only is it with all their desire to do so can not be as devoid of the most important part, it's a competent natural game, and in which there is a real spiritual growth.
The modern entertainment culture makes all the exact opposite. I will not oc-tanavlivatsya on the details, but this is the main substitute for the concept of culture.
Another substitution — a secular ideology of culture, and in a large part, this is her ritualism. A very smart man said: "Where there begins ritual, there ends of knowledge." From myself would add: "Where are formed gaps in knowledge, there will be people stubbornly plugging their own inferences." And then it all depends on who is stubborn, he will be right. That's just the truth it is not called.
Knowledge of the philosophy of nature of our being is the basic foundation upon which all human culture. In ancient books tell us that in every Orthodox monastery monks greater part of his life doing his obedience, tempered and brought up his spirit. In Russian it is called spiritual practices, not formalism.
Here we are faced with yet another substitution of meanings in the Cult of Ra, when spiritual practices have been replaced by ceremonial. The very same formalism with the ephemeral concept of blind faith can not be the bearer of the spiritual ascent of man, since no meaning knowledge of physics of the natural mechanisms. The most flagrant violation of these natural mechanisms are rites of sacrifice. Or, more precisely, the shedding of innocent blood rituals. With such rites we find everywhere, especially in Islam and Judaism. At present, there is great danger of introduction of various pagan rites in the Vedic practices.
Now, note the following: — Can the forcible deprivation of ceremonies, the god of the present life, is called culture — the cult of the higher beings to spiritual growth?
Here, too, the answer is obvious. Nobody has the right to take what is not theirs. From the "Vela-financial boards" have reached us information about how our ancestors honored precepts of their forefathers, and never shed the blood of sacrifice for the glory of the Gods:

Yakov did not require CHLOVECHENSKI victims.
And Tia CE Dee About VORYAZI, CAI UGO eyelids ZHRYALI it,
We ZMEHUM Entirely ZHRETVA Diyat
OUR WORKS AND ODO millet, milk and TTC.

And the translation:
"Glory to our Gods. We have the true faith,
That does not require human sacrifice.
And to do it [the victim] enemies that cater to [the gods] of the
Piruna Pirkunom names, and so worship.
We are full of joy victim CREATED
Our Labor of millet, milk and TTC (?)
Laying on Kalyada fiery feast [21-22 December, the Winter Solstice]
And Rusalsky day [June 21-22, Kupala holiday or Summer Solstice]
as well as on Redridge [March 21-22, Pancake or Komoeditsa] "…
As we know, in some religions ritualism is not all secular ideology. Take, for instance attributes.
The main attribute of Christianity is the crucifixion — the image of a dead human body on the cross. Nekromagiya clear on the face, which is a cult of death and suffering, or is said by Christians: the cult of the "original sin." Or rather the mechanism of development of an inferiority complex and the cultivation of low-frequency energy in the destruction of worldly life. With the attributes of the dead body, worship of bodily remains, shaped the eating of flesh and blood are trying to impose a kind of culture of human values. The basic technique that is used for this is called privatization terms. At one time the word Christianity was privatized from the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians and reformed into a religion.
Residence in the territory of the Slavic ethnic group from the mid-17th century (Nikon's reforms), and up to the mid-20th century, specifically to 1945, was a long campaign of privatization of the term "orthodoxy."
Now, the attention, the main question: — Do we need this in quotes "culture"?
Each of us remembers the course of secondary school, that man is an integral part of nature. In the natural mechanics, all logical, harmonious and balanced. All processes are subject to immutable laws, and have the math is rigidly connected with the natural mechanism of the golden section.
Imagine that we are artificially removed from the mathematical number only one digit. How natural processes will react?
… Right! All of these processes we have seen through the window of his home. And it is no secret that all of these processes occur with the direct participation of man. More specifically with direct its activities, its culture, its literacy relationship with the environment.
Modern civilization has become forget that such a literate person, and that such a competent man's interaction with nature. Even in the category of myths were treated elemental responsibility of each person — his life, his incessant thought patterns relative to the surrounding space.
Think of all dances, each step, each direction of movement of arms and legs carried a sense not just as competent action to get some positive results. Once upon a time in ancient times, one literate buffoon forced to run away hundreds of illiterate soldiers.
The same requirement was charged competent musicians and singers. From ancient times, numerous songs and dances, but few know what is behind the visible eye movements and sounds. Most dance companies just blindly copying what leaders can do, and the sense of action, dance or song, almost no one understands. And then we have the more perplexing when we hear the diagnosis of doctors.
Celebrations, which were held in the villages of our ancestors were not just the meaning of pleasure, they had a medical and educational nature. This concerned people to respect the forces of nature, and as result from this fact — the interaction and co-creation of man with these forces.

The boys initially raised warriors — the protectors of their families, their country, but as the old saying goes: "Warrior — is primarily a farmer, doctor, baker, and then a soldier." This implies two root word "warrior", which means "warrior stock" and "ploughshare" — "an instrument of plowing."
As for the army officials, they did not meet the modern concept. The name was the numeral rank: foreman, a centurion, chiliarchs etc. This meant that the foreman could create a power protection to cover — the spiritual strength of ten soldiers, centurion — hundreds chiliarchs respectively — thousand. Not so long ago in Czarist Russia governors appointed retired generals who took civil rank Governor-General. In our — the mayor of the city. This is no accident. After all, only a rank could competently manage many thousands of settlement.
We all know what the human biofield, and how it differs both in frequency response, as well as in its physical size. That our ancestors were well aware of this, but in contrast to the modern man, they have applied their knowledge in practice. And the practice is called CULT have RA.
As for the beautiful half of the population, the emphasis in education has been on the fact that she — is the future mother of Veda, which was responsible for the health — healthy in body and spirit offspring. And chastity was not a sign of backwardness of the "civilized" world, a sign of true civilization coming from the depths of time.
Studying ancient tradition, regardless of their ethnicity, we came to the conclusion that all the peoples of our planet were four major festivals — four magical holiday related to the position of the sun. Different tribal groups were called differently, but the essence of them, and the celebration has always remained the same.
1. The first holiday — Winter Solstice or (Kolovrat), his last name Kolyada and Christmas time. Celebrations begin from December 22 and end on January 6. Was divided into several stages. One of the later stages include Christmas. And the most ancient stage was celebrated under the sun on January 1. This is the day the soldiers, the day Russian warriors, the day honoring our ancestors. The Japanese pagans — Shinto this festival is celebrated to this day, that's just the meaning of the holiday they have forgotten.
2. Summer Solstice in the Slavic tradition called the Feast of God Kupala. Celebrated on the shortest night of the year from 21 to 22 June. Opponents of Vedic Culture tried as hard as possible to discredit it Slavic traditions of this holiday, and turn it into a collection of immoral practices. The very same party has nothing to do with the fact that they write about him Christian sources and try to cultivate some rodnovercheskie community. Just nothing to this day does not have the same, as it showed in his director Tarkovsky film "Andrei Rublev".
There were many different distortions carried the day shift until the date of July 7, and the merger with the religious holiday in honor of John Kristitelya. So far, our parents remember this weird holiday of Ivan Kupala, when poured anybody.
Kupala holiday was celebrated when it is the shortest night, when the light intensity is almost never left people, and it was thought that if the Kupala holidays, young people have decided to conclude the family unit, it was the most robust and happy. And as it was a holiday name-naming in young people.
3. The next holiday — a celebration of the autumn new year. Observe it in September. Astronomical, he came to the autumnal equinox from 21 to 22 September. But in more recent times to the 17th century it was celebrated on September 1. He was the New Year's holiday. This and preserved the tradition of celebrating the September 1st new school year.
4. The last festival, one of the most popular in almost all the nations of the Earth — a celebration of the spring equinox. Celebrated from 20th to 29th March. In Euro-pean and South Asian peoples, he had been one of the New Year holiday. In the Slavic tradition it was called Komoeditsey, Redridge, but most of all he remembered, called Carnival.
Frankly, that's a culture, a culture of knowledge personally I prefer, but I think many other people. It is sad to see how our life trying to cram multiple substitutions — ostensibly national traditions that have nothing to do or to human-sky values, or to the life of man or his nationality, nor to our distant ancestors.
Long before the 20th century, men revered saints and prophets of old men, who with their knowledge shed light on future events. They have been a huge number of prophecies in which black and white of all upcoming substitutions. But the main asset is the information that tells about the substitution of Cult Cult Ra on Zela. Already Easterly from people's memory, that the Russian alphabet letter ever existed, which symbolized evil, used to describe evil, and called very great. And it is no coincidence that the sign of the international monetary unit is written as a Russian letter very great.

There is much to argue about the validity of my words, but it would be ungrateful for-nyatiem. So just want to draw your attention to the basis of all true cultural values. This framework is called the spiritual man. It is very easy now to resolve our dispute, if you apply the word spirituality to any modern cultural values. Well, for example, the night clubs … I understand that the older generation can not even aware about the existence of such institutions, so talk to them and try to equate abuse and drug addiction on the one hand, and spirituality on the other. Naturally you will not.
Or another example. Can you compare the spirituality and tolerance in the sense of how it is being taught to our children, and specifically tolerance of vices of society? And vices in the society has accumulated quite a few — drug addiction, pedophilia, violence, etc. I think that the same is impossible to apply spirituality. For being very successful to use the term cult Zela.
On in-depth knowledge of our relationship with the outside world, our ancestors, and the title role in this relationship played lifestyle, but rather culture. We can not assume that technical development is incompatible with such thinking is likely to reverse. There are already a number of attempts to revive the ancient way of life, but success in this business so no one has succeeded.
The error lies in the fact that the world does not stand still, and all worthy of respect, is manifest in the world. A striking example of this is the invention Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, who has more than 100 years ago that showed how knowledge of nature can affect people's lives, that person can easily control its forces, and to live with it in harmony.
Only now it is clear why the meaning of his invention of the modern scientists are beginning to comprehend just now, when the world stands on the brink of ecological disaster … I hope not too late.
It so happened that in the result of a technical revolution we miss the bus one very important point, which does not allow us to live in peace. Inspired by the creation of artificial limbs to communicate, to observe, to move, to the mind, and so, we have lost touch with nature — the E-set, which feeds its energy our mental and physical bodies. But every kind of thinking, and specifically structured and shaped — physical and mental, corresponds to work a certain side of the brain, and it is tempting to think that there must be a balance in his work. Carried away by the future, we must not forget about the past. No wonder the ancestors bequeathed to us the wisdom of Proverbs:
— Who does not know his past has no future!
It turns out that the "spirituality" — is not a religious, mystical or fantastic notion, but a real physical definition — a combination of knowledge, thought, culture and education. "Spirituality" in no way implies a "religious."
The spiritual man — it's not the kind of person who keeps saying prayers every hour, and the one who buys the beer store instead of tea.
The spiritual man — this is not one who is willing to give up their lives to fight another faith-mi, and the one who will keep it for his family, the kind of the homeland.
The spiritual man — is not someone who blindly believes in the divine values, and one who is plain — you know these values, whether it is with the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, conservatives or a simple layman.
It turns out that to date, we just need to restore the integrity of our shared human culture. Necessary to remove the barriers of separation on the basis of race, religion, color of hair and eyes. We must remember that the basis of cultural values is to revive the knowledge and all the best, that is worthy of the word sane person.
Knowledge of our ancestors did not go into oblivion, they were preserved in oral family tradition, written sources in the customs and culture of the various peoples and communities. Many trends and schools associated with the revival of the lost knowledge were evident in society. This can be seen in the changing fashion of martial arts, where all the eastern areas are open about their Slavic origin. Tibetan and other newfangled practice of healing retreating folk healers. Among physicians professionals recognize many methods of healing have come down to us from ancient times.
All these separate streams flowing in our lives. And, perhaps, the time has come when these streams merge into a single river flow. And the PA river will take us from the world of violence and deceit in the Civilized world of human culture.

From the book of WR Tsvetova "fifth wheel." Chapter 2

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