Curiosity made one small step for man


The rover sent a picture in which is clearly visible trail, similar to the human one. Curiosity rover sent to Earth curious new picture from the surface of the Red Planet. Looking at it, it can be assumed that the evidence of life on Mars is found — in the photo clearly shows the trace of a giant foot, writes the Daily Mail.

NASA experts have noted that the image of the trace obtained from Curiosity, is very similar to the first signs of which are left on the surface of the moon, the mission "Apollo 11" Neil Armstrong. However, with the sensation on Mars will have to wait: Trail from the Red Planet, to the dismay of ufologists, is the imprint left by the tire tread of the rover.

Still, the researchers compared the photos with pictures of the moon and Mars, could not help but note their remarkable similarity. At the same time, NASA added that traces waiting fates.

Prints left by Armstrong when he uttered the famous "it's a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," will survive for millions of years, because there is no wind on the moon, able to destroy them. But the trail of tire Curiosity will remain a maximum of two years (in the earthly terms).

On the eve of Curiosity started using Foursquare and even managed to make the first "Check-in", noting its location on the planet. Other users can now keep track of all the Foursquare movement of the robot on Mars and view them dealt face pictures.

Curiosity arrived at Mars on August 6. Previously, he had "found" there Martian blueberries, and the subject of a pyramid, strikingly similar to the shoes.



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