Dagestan: Battle with militants ended terrorist attack

Dagestan: Battle with militants ended terrorist attack

In Makhachkala bomber ring cordon

42 people were injured in a suicide attack in Makhachkala, of them 30 people were hospitalized. Three victims are in a languid state, said today in the morning, "Interfax" referring to Republican UPC. Attack occurred on the night of September 25. It was preceded by a night battle on the outskirts of Makhachkala.

In the Dagestani Interior Ministry report to the other data on the number of victims. "As a result of undermining the suicide bomber in clinics are 13 police officers and 13 civilian persons" — said a law enforcement source. According to him, established the identity of all the victims, their compiled lists.

As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic, undermining the suicide occurred after a Makhachkala announced the start of the counter-terrorist operation. A special regime was installed in the republican center after at 19:20 on Friday blocked the law enforcement bodies of the republic several gunmen who opened fire on police officers.

"In the course of the PSO under the CSR law enforcement officers in the household number 21a on the street. 5th Trunk owned c., 1961g.r., Blocked by unidentified persons that are on offer to surrender from automatic guns opened fire on law enforcement officers, "- reported the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the battle with the blocked offenders killed two police officers. Another policeman was wounded in the leg. He was hospitalized in the health part of the Interior Ministry on the taxiway. Home ownership has been cordoned off, the battle seems to have lasted. According to the preparatory disk imaging, returned fire killing two defenders in the house, and one — was detained.

A few hours after the assault began at home on 5th Trunk took the first explosion. At 21:05 in Makhachkala on the street. M.Yaragskogo about the hotel "Leningrad" in the moment you pass the 2-official vehicles of the 2nd Regiment PPSM ATC Makhachkala on the roadside curb worked for an unidentified explosive device.

As a result of explosion no one died, but were in one of the cars four police officers received a concussion.

Later, at 23:10 on Friday, the house number 29 on the avenue Akushinsky, where it was exposed to the first outer ring counter-terrorist operation zone cordon around the home ownership on the 5th main, there was another explosion, suffered as a result of which some 10 s people.

"According to preliminary data, terrorist-suicide bomber tried to infiltrate the site of the raid, but was stopped by policemen standing in the outer ring of encirclement. Then he detonated an explosive device ", — told the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan.

As told RIA "Novosti", spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Dagestan, in the preparatory version of the police officers who stopped a terrorist, did not allow a larger number of victims of the terrorist attack, because the offender has moved to the primary cluster security forces.

"Near the house number 31 on the avenue Akushinsky unidentified person about law enforcement officers standing in the cordon place the raid, on the street. 5th Trunk 21 "and" set in motion, which had had for myself when an unidentified explosive device reference, packed with shrapnel in the form of pieces of copper wire, "- said a source in the law bodies.

With the coming of night-time active phase of the special operation has been suspended in order to resume it in the morning.

On the fact of explosion in Makhachkala, a criminal case under article "terrorist act". UPC A criminal case under article 317, part 3, article 30 pp "A, e," Part 2 of Art. 105, Art. 222, Art. 223, Art. 205 of the Criminal Code (attempt to employees law bodies, attempted murder, illegal gun trafficking and the ready, terrorism).

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