Danes do not want to build another nuclear power plant in the Netherlands

Popularity of nuclear power around the world plummeted. Another example of this — the Danish company Delta decision to postpone the construction of a second nuclear power plant in the Netherlands.

Delta, which had planned to build the station in conjunction with the German company RWE, said that the project is delayed for two or three years, as the tough market conditions do not allow today to invest in the construction of 5.7 billion euros. Among the factors that contributed to this decision — the eurozone crisis, low electricity prices, as well as the European trading scheme for emissions, which encourages companies to invest in "clean" energy.

The disaster at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" has forced the leaders of many European countries to reconsider their energy policies in favor of renewable energy. For example, Germany has abandoned its nuclear program, offsetting this increase in renewable energy.

For the Dutch government, which supports nuclear power and approves construction of a new nuclear power plant, the company's decision was a blow Delta. Minister of Economic Affairs Maxime Ferhahen said the government continues to hold the scenario of nuclear energy, but the initiative has to take on the private sector. "To make a decision to invest can only energy companies themselves. Government will not use taxpayers' money to build a nuclear power plant," he said in a written statement.

The head of the energy program Greenpeace Russia Vladimir Chuprov sure that Russia should learn from this situation: "An example of the Netherlands shows that nuclear power is too expensive. Russian experience, where all plant built with taxpayers' money, is a case in point — continues Chuprov. — One a federal program to build new reactors worth more than 600 billion rubles (developed before 2015). other federal programs to address the problems of waste, the lion's share of which is part of the civil nuclear industry provides more than 100 billion rubles. question is if nuclear energy is so cheap , why is it costing us so much? And is not it time the government of Russia to think about investing in a more secure and stable renewable energy? "

More and more of the world moves from the use of nuclear energy for its alternative sources such as wind and solar power. Just can not forget about the negative effects of radiation on man's health, because nuclear power has always been associated with high risks. Men generally do not pretend to be macho and neglect medicine and treatment, as it is done in our time, many young people with so-called "manager's syndrome."

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