Day border guard

Border Guards Day

May 28 will be observed by Prof. prazdnichek own guards on duty, staff officers and veterans of the Border Troops of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and some other CIS countries formerly part of the Russian Union.

In the USSR Day border guard was celebrated with May 28, 1958 and was installed due to the fact that the May 28, 1918 Decree of the CPC was established Border protection RSFSR. It was also created General Directorate of Border Guard, which is in full force officers fled the former Office of single hull pogranstrazhi Russia.

Border-pilots are on duty for the protection of air borders. Border-sailors are on duty for the protection of maritime borders. Outposts on the coast guards are on duty too. Service border guards are very unsafe, but very honorable. Prof. prazdnichek own border guards celebrate on a grand scale.

Without exaggeration, we can say that the celebration of this day or calculated hundred square meters of years — since the first centralized frontier. For example, in Old Russia for protection against attacks of nomads and protecting its borders used fortifications, ramparts and defense line. They were erected along the borders of Russian territory. To care for them created Zasechnaya security. Zasechnaya security — the first mention of the border service.

Day the border guard — a demonstration of the combat power of this arm, the establishment of this prazdnichka also serves as a morale boost fighter performing the call of duty to the people, country and the state.

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