Day Marines

Marines Day

Day Marine Corps in Russia is celebrated in accordance with the order of the Chief of the Navy Russian Federation № 253 of 15 July 1996 "On introduction of annual prazdnichkom and Prof. days in the specialty" in memory of the Decree of Peter I on the development of the first in Russia "shelf marines", published on November 27 1705.

The first in 1664 to land troops from the British ships began. The Russian army special team of marines was formed in 1698 from the crew of the ship "Eagle". And after a successful examination in the confrontation with the Swedes, Peter I had the courage to create a whole regiment, taking the base of the Baltic Fleet naval command.

Marine infantry used for combat operations in the naval assault. However, as with the Army, and without the help of others. Also puzzles Marine Corps comes to the defense of the coast (naval bases, ports).

Seafarers vests and fought his cap in the Battle of Borodino and the Crimean War, crushing the Nazis, fought wars in Angola, Vietnam, Syria, Egypt, Guinea, Afghanistan and other countries.

At the disposal of the modern sea Navy Corps of — automatic small cannon, tanks, artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, armored personnel carriers. Considerable attention is paid to floating equipment and machines to the highest patency.

Troops Marine Corps part of all fleets RF — Northern, Pacific, Baltic, Black Sea, the Caspian Flotilla also.

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