Day military intelligence

Day of Military Intelligence

Since 2000, our country every year on November 5th is celebrated a day of military intelligence. The order of this was published by the Ministry of Defence 12 October 2000 th. Government decided on the merits of such a Makarov noted the role of military intelligence in defending the interests of Russia. Date November 5th chosen not the case. Specifically, in this day is far 1918 has been formed to implement registration management coordination of all intelligence agencies of the Red Army. The pioneer of this innovation was Leon Trotsky, who was then chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council. From that day or and conducts the official history of the GRU of the General Staff.

The concept of "military spy"Can be considered a relatively new but, in fact, a military exploration has been since the dawn of the Russian state. Even during the campaigns of the Russian troops in Constantinople were used, as they read now, undercover data, obtained in different ways. The way these were very different: from interrogations of captive soldiers of the enemy, to interviews with local residents and the results patrols.

First record of the prototype military intelligence historians date back to the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich. Year 1654 was the year when the governor ordered that a so-called Order of Enigma Affairs. After a century and a half under Peter I (1716) Military fatigued at the legal level fixes such as the military profession scout. Incidentally, the word "Scout" — the Russian word eternity, that does not change the value of its own in many centuries.

Two years before the Russian war with Napoleon Barclay de Tolly helps to ensure that when the War Office was created Hidden Expedition Affairs. This department first of 1812 gets a new title: Special stationery. For the first time in history, there are words about what activities are a priority for this prototype of the modern intelligence community. In 1-x, a strategic intelligence, which should be carried out intensively, in particular, and on the ground zabugornyh countries. In-2, the operational tactical intelligence, which was to collect different kinds of disk imaging on the borders of the country. And, in-3, it's counter-intelligence, in other words, the operation of detection and elimination of scouts from other countries in the terrain Russian Empire.

Unmatched in scale is the use of military intelligence efforts in the Russian majestically. In just the first six months of warfare against the Nazi forces in the rear of the enemy was thrown by various methods over the 10-ka thousand people. These people have, quite literally invaluable assistance in the defeat of Hitler's army.

In spring 1943, when the reddish Army began intensively to dislodge the enemy, was created management "Smersh". This is the General Directorate of Intelligence, which stands for "Death to Spies". "Smersh" came under the authority of the People's Commissariat of Defense of the USSR. Resolution on the development of such organizations as the "Smersh" was signed by JV Stalin. The first chief of "Smersh" became V.S.Abakumov, which reported only only to Stalin himself, making ABAKUMOV the most influential person in the country.

Day of Military Intelligence

Modern military intelligence has tried to incorporate all the best that has been achieved tremendous difficulty predecessors. The current structure of intelligence can be said is similar to that which was developed further by Barclay de Tolly: strategic, tactical, and counterintelligence.

In the field of tactical intelligence activities including the provision of fighting units in specific areas of contact with the enemy. With all of this data reveals the possible strength of the enemy, its location and the degree of focus on striking. This kind of information can be extracted by traditional methods (interrogation of captured enemy soldiers or army defectors), and also quite modern — interception of information flow going through the channels of the enemy.

The task of strategic intelligence is gathering information about the plans and capabilities of other countries. With all this reveals the level of training of the army of potential opponents, the likely strategy of doing them fighting.

In counterintelligence main task is to combat intelligence services of other countries. With all of this all of the activities carried out so Makarov, that representatives zabugornyh intelligence services were not able to gain access to the hidden disk imaging of state significance.

Day of Military Intelligence

In the near future the media are increasingly faced with possible contributions that the state of the GRU is getting worse. Chief of General Staff, Army General Makarov, congratulating Prof. prazdnichkom Scouts, hastened to assure that all the reforms undertaken by the GRU only target only to modernize and strengthen the department. Modernization of the GRU, according N.Makarova involves getting rid of the department of "excessive overhang." Innovations will allow members of the GRU to focus on core operational work.

Hunt to lay the words of General Makarov will be matched by real action. Just hunt to believe that the Russian military exploration, without losing its own historical identity and spirit, will continue to improve to ensure the safety of.

Congratulations, military spies!

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