Day of Airborne Troops (VDV day)

Day of Airborne Troops (VDV Day)

Airborne troops — "Winged infantry", "blue berets" — what many epithets bestowed Guards commandos, but always, at all times and under all circumstances remain constant strength, courage and reliability of the people living on the principle: "No one, except us!"

The history of the Airborne Troops (VDV) originates August 2, 1930 — then the exercise of the Air Force of the Metropolitan Area of the military in the Voronezh was airlifted by parachute unit of paratroopers of 12 man. This experience has permitted to behold the prospect of military theorists dignity paratroop units, their great abilities associated with the high-spirited coverage of the enemy in the air. With so far and there is a day paratrooper.

Already at first in 1933 in the Belarusian, Ukrainian, and Volga military Metropolitan area were formed battalions of special mission aircraft. By the summer of 1941 ended with manning five airborne corps numbering 10 thousand man each. Troopers always have been at the forefront in the struggles majestically Russian war.

Airborne troops have written a lot of the brightest pages in the history of the armed forces. Their valor and courage, selfless devotion to the motherland for a long time shrouded in everlasting glory. Now paratroopers cause reverence and admiration as the veterans, and among young people preparing to join the army.

They where more insecure that require the highest combat training and good physical fitness, self-sacrifice and courage. "Blue Berets" always at the cutting edge — be it peace mission or role in counterterrorism operations.

Now mark your own glorious prazdnichek paratroopers of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus.

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