Day of the Northern Fleet

At the current time North fleet — The most powerful of all the navies of Russia. It includes advanced nuclear and diesel submarines, according to various classes of surface ships, aircraft, military equipment. The Navy is based in Russia only heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov Russian" and the regiment of carrier-based aircraft.

Day of the Russian Northern Fleet

From the Fleet North — The youngest. If the Baltic Fleet in May celebrated its 300th anniversary, the Black Sea — 220, the North June 1, 2007 marked 74 years.

More than 300 years ago, was made the first attempt of creation of the navy in the North. In 1693 under the direction of Peter I in Arkhangelsk was laid Solombalskaya shipyard and construction of warships.
August 14, 1694 built in Solombala 24-gun frigate "St. Paul", acquired the Dutch 44-gun ship "Holy prophecy" and the yacht "Saint Peter" under the white-blue-red flag under the control of Peter went out to sea, accompanied eight British merchant ships.

But the warships in the sea Snow White did not stay long, and transferred to the Baltic.

In 1740, the North appeared first connection (squadron) Russian warships that have made cruise from Norwegian to the Kara Sea, warning that the Swedish Navy visit to the Russian harbor and tyranny of their ships on the coast of Murmansk. At all times Severomorsk worked hard, mastering the North Sea theater, crafts and technology, improving their combat skills.

But unchanging, permanent Northern Fleet dates back to 1933, when the Circular Chief of Staff of the Red Army from June 1 was formed Northern Flotilla from homebase — the Kola Bay. The first commander was appointed Zahar A. Zakupnev.

Day of the Russian Northern Fleet

For 70 years, the fleet was glorious heroic way.

In 1935, the division of submarines for the first time made the trek to the newest Earth.

In 1938, the submarine boat "D-1" spent 120 days at sea, having more than 11 thousand miles.

In 1936, two destroyers "Voikov" and "Stalin" took the unprecedented transition from the Arctic to the Far East by the northern sea.

In 1938, the submarine "D-3" performed for the first time in the history of the Navy under-ice diving, 30 minutes went under the ice.

In 1940, was carried out first in the history of the transition of the submarine u-423 from the Arctic to Vladivostok by the Northern Sea.

May 11, 1937 Order of the People's Commissar of Defense fleet has been converted into the Northern Fleet. Was appointed commander of the fleet's flagship 1 rank Konstantin Dushenov.

First baptism Navy took during the Winter War of 1939-1940. He worked extensively on maritime flank of the 14th Army. 72 Severomortsev were awarded with orders and medals.

Day of the Russian Northern Fleet

Severe test for the young Northern Fleet was the majestic Russian war. By the beginning of the war fleet had in its composition 15 submarines, eight destroyers, seven patrol ships and other ships. Aviation numbered 116 aircraft.

Throughout the war, the fleet tightly covered seaside flank of the 14th Army from landings and shelling enemy ships, defended the sea messages, continuous attacks on enemy communications violated the transportation of the enemy and deprived him of the initiatives of the sea.

Fleet landed troops and intelligence units in the enemy's rear, form and sent to the land front of the Marine Corps. Northern Fleet in the famous battles of Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, in the North Caucasus.

Protivoborstvuya with large enemy forces, military sailors showed heroism, crushing the enemy on the water, under water, in the air and on land. Naval forces destroyed or damaged over 600 warships, transports and supply vessels enemy, enemy aircraft in 1308, provided the wiring 76 Allied convoys from 1463 and 1152 transports escort ships. Internal Communications Arctic Ocean convoys were held in 1548.

Northern Fleet remember and honor the names of the heroes of submarine Ivan Kolyshkin, Mohammed Hajiyev, Nikolai Lunin, Gregory Shchedrin, Israel Fisanovicha, Fedor Vidyaeva, pilots Boris Safonov, Ivan Katunina, Zakhar Sorokin, Peter Sgibneva, katernikov Alexander Shabalin, Vladimir Alekseev, Sergey Korshunovicha, brave Scouts Victor Leonov, Sergey Agafonov Ivan convicts Marines Basil Kislyakova, Ivan Sivko, Anatoly Bredow and many other die-hard defenders of the Arctic.

The Navy completed before the end of its own duty to the homeland. More than 48 thousand severomortsev awarded orders and medals, 85 people were awarded the title of Hero of the highest Russian Union, and three of them — the pilot Feaktistovich Boris Safonov, katernik Alexey Shabalin Osipovich and spy Viktor Leonov — were twice as heroes Russian Union.

12 ships, naval units and converted into guard, 47 — are awarded medals, 14-year-assigned notable names.

June 24, 1945 in the Victory Parade took the role of NF 200.

In the postwar years, the fleet continued to improve, it has become atomic, missile-carrying, the ocean.
In September 1955, for the first time in the world in a white sea was made of ballistic missiles launched from Underwater boats, and in June 1956 the first submarine "B-67" ballistic missile was adopted in the Northern Fleet.
July 1, 1958 was raised Navy flag at the first Russian nuclear submarine "K-3".
July 17, 1962, made a campaign under the Arctic ice, the nuclear submarine boat "Leninsky Komsomol" for the first time in history that came out of the North Pole, where they planted the flag of the USSR Council and the Naval flag.

Total since 1962, divers have visited the North Pole and do puzzles in the polar regions more than 300 times.

In 1966, a detachment of submarines of the Northern Fleet group did sail around the world, going without one ascent 25 thousand miles.

In September 1963, two nuclear submarines SF for the first time in history, made the switch under the ice of the Arctic from the North to the Pacific Fleet. In the following years, such a transition made more than 25 submarines.

The first floating airfield for naval aviation was the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Kiev". The first time the plane lifted into the sky from the deck of the ship, Colonel F.Matkovsky.

In 1965, the Navy awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

Day of the Russian Northern Fleet

Now seamen continue to improve military training and military skills,
are keeping an uneasy watch, hold high rank Severomortsev.

Acted courageously and heroically Marines Navy during the restore constitutional order in the Chechen Republic. 10 of them awarded the title Hero of Russian Federation.

And just in the period after the War of selfless performance of duty, courage and heroism of 41 Severomortsev awarded the title Hero of the Union of Russian, 26 soldiers of the fleet became Heroes of the Russian Federation.
The Northern Fleet is still combat-ready, firmly standing on the protection of the northern borders of the Motherland.


Day of the Russian Northern Fleet
Day of the Russian Northern Fleet
Day of the Russian Northern Fleet

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