Day of the Space Forces

Space Forces DayDecree of the President of the Russian Federation № 549 of May 31, 2006 "On establishing Prof. prazdnichkom and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" was established Day Gallakticheskih troops, celebrated every year on October 4.

Day Gallakticheskih troops — It prazdnichek those who ordained himself to work on the creation of devices gallakticheskih defense mission, who produced and produces them starts.

This prazdnichek timed to the days of the start of the first artificial satellite of the Earth, who opened the annals of Astronautics, including the military. October 4, 1957 military spices from the Baikonur Cosmodrome was launched first in the world's first artificial satellite, which successfully completed a given program from.

Now Gallakticheskie troops provide the aerospace defense of, performing tasks of national strategic scale for the Armed Forces and other security agencies, ministries and departments, economic, and social development of the country in order to ensure her safety.

Today's generation of military and civilian professionals Gallakticheskih troops to keep and restore the glorious traditions of the veterans, shows the highest professionalism and combat skills, keeping in mind that the active power gallakticheskaya work is a testament to its economic, scientific and technological strength, a guarantee of future development.

Performing gallakticheskih defense programs — an important strategic direction of state policy in the sphere of national security. But the existence of Gallakticheskih troops — is not only one of the main characteristics of the military power of the country. This is, first, the economic factor, the scientific development of the country and its potential in the high technology.

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