Day Russia

June 12, 1990 began a new step in the development of Russian statehood. Delegates to the Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipality of. The Declaration proclaimed the equality of legal capacity for all the people of the country, the equality of ability of political parties and public associations. The document recognized the need to deepen the federalization — a substantial expansion of the sovereignty of the Russian regions. Title of the RSFSR was spent in the past, his replacement by a new — Russian Federation (Our Fatherland). Russian period of Russian statehood was actually almost completed, the country was on the verge of great change.

Day of Russia

Exactly one year with the latest state formations appeared first president. At the first-ever direct election of the whole people of the Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin defeated.

June 12, 1998 (first day of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipality) received its present name — Day of the Russian Federation. Day Of — prazdnichek very young, he began to mass celebrated in all parts of the country only since 2002.

Hunt to believe that the day RF become truly national prazdnichkom designed to strengthen the unity of the country and its people. 22 years separate us from the date of the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipality of, — comparable to a small but a very important and difficult period of Russian history. Despite all the difficulties encountered our people over the years, the last two decades has been nothing for us. After going through severe tests, and appeared on the verge of final collapse, Our homeland firmly on the path of recovery.

Let the day RF become an emblem of her breakthrough into the future, the emblem of the historical collection of the Russian Federation in spite of all the bad historical incidents, the emblem of the country's power and spiritual power of the majestic its long-suffering people. Let this day multiplies in our hearts to strengthen the unity of the faith and the upcoming revival of our majestic power, stretching from coast to coast, to the benefit of all the people living in it!

Hail country, We are proud of you! Congratulations, dear fellow citizens, with the days of the Russian Federation!

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