Day Russia

Day of RussiaDay of, or the same day of independence RF, What is this prazdnichek until 2002 — is one of the "youngest" of municipal prazdnichkom in the country.

In 1994, the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin issued a decree assigns the value of the state on June 12 — a day of the declaration of the municipal sovereignty of Russia.

The document itself was signed by 4 years earlier at the first Congress of People's Deputies in the criteria, when the former Russian republics of the Union, one after another became are independent. Later, for simplicity, it became known simply days of independence. By the way, specifically on June 12 except the "independence" of our country became the first nationwide elected president.

In any case, the day interpreted by the people in different ways. The first attempt to make a major municipal prazdnichek who have marked the origin of the modern history of, looked somewhat awkward. Surveys of the population of those years clearly showed a complete lack of understanding of the essence of the Russians prazdnichka. For most of June 12 was just another day or weekend when you can go somewhere on vacation or as to the country to work in the beds. At first, many have even tried to get to work. In towns RF, Naturally, there were mass celebrations, but the special swing was observed.

In his own speech in 1998, Boris Yeltsin tried once and for all end the rumors regarding June 12, to be observed as Day of the Russian Federation. Officially, the new title prazdnichek received only 1 February 2002, when entered into force the provisions of the new Labour Code.

At the moment, a day of — prazdnichek freedom, civilian peace and good agreement of all the people on the basis of law and justice. This prazdnichek — a sign of the state of unity and shared responsibility for the future of Russia and true.

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