After Khrushchev's "voluntarism" and Gorbachev's "perestroika" Russia is ready to collapse on the third tragedy — "de-Stalinization." Its purpose, of course, is the conscious destruction Russian country, its territorial dismemberment and demise of Russia in today's borders. Before us — the same operation, which in the period from 1987 to 1991 year led to the destruction of the USSR.

In 1990-1992 I was a member of the Moldovan Parliament — first Russian, and later — independent. Was Minister of Science, Education and Culture in the first government of Transnistria (1991-1992). Came to the management of the deputies of all levels of the movement "Union", advocating the preservation of the country, who swore an oath of allegiance. I beheld the need to rid the society and the country of irresponsible power corrupt Communist Party apparatus, but to destroy in the name of their country considered madness or treason.

We, the veterans of the struggle for the salvation of the Union, we click compositions like "de-Stalinization" like nuts. For us, this is — as twice two. As an open book of children's comics. For now, I'll take the liberty to say that conscious goals "destalinizatorov" is followed.

First. Oppression using administrative resources and municipal media all the patriotic forces of the Russian Federation, including — Democratic orientation.

2nd. Repentance for "continuous Katyn" by the president, the government and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. This will be a large-scale remake of "XX Congress of the CPSU," designed to kill people in the remains of pride in their country.

The third. RF multi-billion dollar lawsuits will be filed in the form of "compensation" for "occupation", "repression", etc. Preparation for this has already begun — pretty to look into the media. April 10, there were reports that inspired what is happening in Russia Romania asks to "return your own gold in store, passed in December 1916, the deposit of Russian Empire, but agree on monetary compensation in the amount of 2 billion euros." Tajik political analyst Hamid Sulton threw into the scales its say, "If Our homeland has decided to repent for the atrocities of those years, then, as a developed country, to pay compensation to all the remaining victims of the totalitarian regime. Especially since such financial capabilities in RF available. In international practice, such examples are available. Namely, the power of today's Germany pay the victims of the Nazi concentration camps. "

4th. Decline in the prestige of the Russian Federation as municipal institutions in the world (it is already underway after the events around Libya) and inside the country, activation of the nationalists of all stripes (North Caucasus, Tatarstan, etc.). Start preparing the dismemberment of the country under the slogan of "illegal" and "aggressive" territorial acquisitions — from the king of peas and up to the present day or. It will help ease the dismemberment introduced in both the USSR and the Russian Federation in the Leninist model of state republics.

Obviously, before the abolition of the legal existence of the Russian Federation at the highest level in the Kremlin would have to condemn all the great-power foreign policy, and not only the era of Stalin. Automatically convicted will all expand Russian borders, and even the modern struggle for spheres of influence of Moscow. In the end, a number of former Russian republics of the Russian Ambassador will not start on a waiting room office senior assistant deputy junior assistant. How different? You can not, denouncing Stalin's imperial policy, to continue it in other ways in the criteria for the triumph of democracy.

Georgian political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze witted already explained that "in the wake of the latest programs from" de-Stalinization "Georgia can fully claim the authorities of the Russian Federation termination of the policy of" annexation and occupation of the Georgian territories "in the face of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

So it will have to "purify" and "repent." However, we, the Kremlin will rascals standard 1985-1991 year was "abroad", a wildly look like on stage there rake that country advancing under Khrushchev and Gorbachev. But since history teaches nothing, let's talk more together. From our point of view, you could just close the topic of repentance words of the 1st U.S. presidents: "The rights of my country or not, but it is — my country!. "

Personally, I am in the case of a policy of "de-Stalinization" in life foresee at least five wars in the former Soviet space.

This is a war of Georgia against South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

This resumption of war in Karabakh. The head of the faction "Faction" in the Armenian Parliament has stated that "de-Stalinization" of the Russian Federation should lead to a denunciation of the Metropolitan and Kara contracts and review the decision of the Caucasian Bureau, according to which Nagorno-Karabakh was part of Azerbaijan.

This plainclothes war between Moldova inside Unionists and supporters of preserving the independence of the country (the latter acquire a moral force, including the expense of the existence of a strong RF, while their opponents — at the expense of Romania). This is actually an imminent war against Moldova Transnistria.

In the case of Moldova and Transnistria rate will be made to the chaos in Russia like in 1917. At the recent "de-Stalinization" and almost in the breakup of — it is inevitable. When Russian troops in Transnistria under the influence of events in Russia will be demoralized, disorganized and lose a single command (such as Russian troops Romanian front in 1917), and may be followed by a military invasion of Romania.

How much for all this blood will be shed in the former Soviet Union, how many millions of refugees will flood over the world — we can only guess.

As fate, I participated in an apocalypse abroad 80-90th. Most do not want to. Often while visiting Moscow, I once again made sure: Russian and Russian liberals in his own vast majority were and are anti-state force. 20 years ago, they openly supported the destruction of the USSR, and at the moment they are interested in is not the reincarnation of in the modern, busy developing, democratic and massive government. In their opinion, a powerful country just prevents constructive liberalism in their version, and so they are tirelessly working towards the elimination of their country. If so, then the attitude towards them should be a corresponding.

But beheld, and I see this is not just me. Because I surprisingly, that the political bodies of the 90 re-crawl out of the Gorbachev-Yeltsin caches. I am profoundly convinced that in their regard should act bans on trade, and in the conscious subversion (like appeals to the Kuril Islands Land of the Rising Sun) — bullpen and camps. Especially since the Liberals zabugornye where patriotic Russian. Living in the country of the rising sun, even after the tsunami and Fukushima are on their own: "Give us the Kurils!". Poles do not let out of sight Katyn and return of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus to the USSR in 1939.

President Of, I hope, aware that in the event of "de-Sta
linization" at the municipal level, it is short-lived after a time become destroyers do not need, and get rid of it. Just because they do not need as President of the Russian Federation in its present borders. After that, the power for some time will pass to "Liquidation of the Commission" (does not matter, as it will be called in fact), which legalized the dismemberment of the country. In 1991, under Gorbachev in the Soviet Union for this purpose has been created so called Municipal Council which is not provided by the Constitution. He said the recognition of the independence of the Baltic States.

So it is clear that the head of the Human Rights Council under the President of RF Mikhail Fedotov knowingly engaged in the wrong business. In Russia, as well as the former Soviet Union, many violations of human rights: the monetization of benefits, unemployment, bureaucratic lawlessness and torture in the "bodies" … But instead of thrown motto of "de-Stalinization." Why?

If you look at what is happening from the standpoint of liquidation of the USSR in the past and of in the real, everything becomes logical. Joseph Stalin — a sign of victory and glory of the country. At its board has a peak impact of Moscow in the world, the return of many previously lost lands. Kill the sign — and you can force the consciousness of the people, crush pride in their country, and then the country itself.

Why is the background of "de-Stalinization" is not particularly touched by Vladimir Lenin, besides the usual tryndezha with a yawn on the removal of his body from the mausoleum? Since the termination of a spotted (Gorbachev) and bearded (Fedotov) Lenin unsafe. He did almost everything was similar to them, as in the name of world revolution (now — constructive liberalism) and the authorities of the country contributed to the destruction of the Russian collected by generations of people of different nationalities. And Stalin represents a return to many of the usual basics of existence of the State, under Lenin destroyed.

Once again, I note: the scheme is simple, even annoying in its own simplicity. From PMR it — as under the microscope. Yes it really in Russia it is not visible? Throughout the former Soviet Union offered no national reconciliation, and war. In this case, the fact that neither is a hot version.

We have already discussed this. But let's look for a reasonable solution: do not like Stalin's membership in the Communist Party — Throw a communist propaganda component of the Generalissimo, leave the sovereign. Stalin himself here gives us an example: he ranted about the exploitative nature of Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the majesty of Alexander Suvorov and Kutuzov Misha (which apparently were not communists), and initiated a shooting movies about them as Russian patriots.

By the way, about the Misha Fedotov. With the sad events of September 21-October 4, 1993 in Russia in some media from time to time there are reports that the aforesaid emperor came to the then Chairman of the Russian Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin and forced him to resign. The fact is that during the conflict branches of government Zor'kin recognized Yeltsin's decree number 1400 on the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet is not according to the Constitution. It also reported that with all this today, "destalinizator" threatened Zorkin physical repossession of the supporters of the president. At this time, Russian Parliament, shot presidential tanks was underway. Democratized, so to speak. Refutation of Mr. Fedotov those glorious times I had ever read.

Whereupon the question: how can the actual bloody execution partner to sit on the Human Rights Council, and even lead it? What are human rights and what he stands there? Naturally, the Russian president to decide, but after asking these questions not only me.

I would like to believe that the management of the Russian Federation is aware of the full extent of the impending threat to the state. In the unlikely event 20 years from now, if the establishment will survive the new streams of blood and tears of millions of people have to make for themselves the lives advertising pizza.

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