December 2010. Russian march. Silly and mercilessly? Notes of a Russian man is not

Dark Raven, Dark Raven,
What do you need me veshsya?
You will not achieve production,
Dark Raven, I'm not yours!

I undertook to write about it, because I Tatar and Muslim, as my ancestor was shot dead martyr for the faith (shahid), because I blame problem of racial and religious xenophobia and sympathizing with the Russian nationalists. I undertook to write about it, great for giving a statement of the likely effects. I'm not a hero, and never was, a moment comes when you and only you have to decide: Do you then who? Who are you to your people? And what do you Motherland?

This is not an analytical article and I would like, that I was not right in his own conclusions, but what a shame it did not sound …

December 2010.  Russian march.  Senseless and merciless?  Notes of the Russian people do not

Part 1
Grapes of Wrath

Last month, the last year of the first decade of the third millennium. Indignant outburst of public consciousness caused yet another murder of Russian guy and his killers impunity. Outraged clicks on city squares, while a pyrotechnic fire, explosion of information discussion of these developments on the Web, a tiny confusion of those in power. And the trouble of waiting: what next? Cautious expectation of some and complete blindness of hope for others. In the following decade into the new year we go through this expectation as a minefield. Blow up or not? No one wants to undermine, no one wants to breathe, but the booby-traps placed at every step, and we're going because we can not and do not go as we go no more.

The Nazis, nationalists, fascists, fans have now called a fake and corrupt through and through the media of those who wish to live on their own land and their customs or by using the more prestigious term in its own cultural society. With all of this on all channels zombies and duroskopa show provocateurs threw up their hands in a Nazi salute or shouting Nazi slogans. The calculation is clear, the people of the Russian Federation, and in particular the Russian people do not accept Nazism. Very well, we all know what actually is it and almost everyone in the family of a man who died in the war with the Nazis. Demonstrating provocateurs we are told, those who protest this Nazis. This heresy is almost no one believes. Nazism is the assertion that one race (civilization) above the other. Nazism is a division along ethnic lines of people at the race of masters and slaves. Nazism is the reincarnation of other people in their own slaves. Are we Nazis? Did we say that we are the master race, and all other dust beneath our boots? Did those who gathered on Manezh Square 11 December 2010 called for the conquest of other peoples and their appeal as a slave? Censorship and foul language, they sought the simple things: respect for their traditions and their own culture, revenge killers, and so that those who come to their home, city, country, do not kill and do not insult the owners, so that the law is equal for all, that those who Craps justice, have to perform their own profiles duty, not specifying control of diasporas and their patrons. Is Nazism? Is it to be Russian and achieve respect and safety is a sin? Is there a general Nazism in our country?
At the end of the last century Russian subjected to mass genocide and almost threw almost the entire North Caucasus who came legally and goes into the composition of. Tell me is this not Nazism? Is not that genocide? At the moment, we talk about some hard numbers, but in any case, the bill goes to the hundreds of thousands. Robbed, humiliated, helpless, abandoned to fend for themselves the power they fled. Those who managed to escape, those who did not consume either not turned into slaves. Their disaster of a terrible disaster of the Russian people, all kept deafening silence. There was nothing, no need to read about it, and then suddenly it would violate the country's multi-ethnic unity, and suddenly those who robbed, killed, and driven Russian people from their homes would be offended by such a reminder. Silent. Not only the powers that be, we are all too silent. We are the ones who are silent, too accomplices of the crime, this genocide. "Personally, I do not care" — a despicable horror of his skin almost every thought. And I, too, reasoned and said nothing. Later, the favorites of the genocide of the Russian people to come to our land. And on the streets of their own cities, we hear: "Russian pig" and many other words and threats behind them contempt for the Russian people, not the recognition of Russian people. So who the Nazis? Who? Who already feel superior to the other race (civilization)?
And all this is not somewhere out there in the mountains far away on the outskirts of the country, and right on the doorstep of our homes, in our eyes, in our devotional, skittish and reticent agreement. Averting his eyes we are silent and only the mature, swell, ready to break through the blood of grapes of wrath. Sense of an abused state pros, horrible feeling of powerlessness and shame and resentment replaces desperate willingness to defend their lives and their right to live on their own land by their own laws, and not by the will of those who throws with contempt: "Russian pig! Svinoryly ".

Is Russian pig? Do not you pig? Do you have a slave? Imagine for yourself exactly alike. Silent? Put up with? You're a pig, and a servant, you're trash, you're cattle.

As Tatar and a Muslim, I believe, the most disenfranchised, the most humble, the most poor and robbed people in Russia are Russian. The Russian people quickly dies out as annoyingly it did not sound that's a fact. Chance of whether the death of an entire people? Yes probable. Global History knows many examples, here is the only one recorded in the annals of Russian "… pogibosha burdened with Aki, and did let none of their tribe or race …" And the Russian people do not want to breathe, that people do not want to have a memory of it remained exclusively in the annals of modern historians who write favorites.
At the moment the search and throwing from one extreme to another, wading in the shadows, in the poisonous fog of misinformation and heresy n people finds its national idea. He stumbles, falls, breaks his face in blood, rises again and gently touch finds its target, the meaning of his own existence, their perspective. And he found her, almost. "Rus. War Zone. Nowhere to retreat. We can not refund Yegor, George, Alexander, and others. But it is our duty to make sure that it would not happen again "- is the inscription on the posters with which the young people gathered on Manezh Square 11 December 2010. Nowhere to retreat! For you, it does not remember anything? "Nowhere to retreat" — uttered their grandfathers and great-grandfathers of Moscow in the autumn and winter of 1941. "Nowhere to retreat" — uttered their grandfathers and great-grandfathers of Stalingrad terrible fall and winter of 1942. "Nowhere to retreat" — said every fighter for themselves when the question or do not have to be this country and this people. Then our land confidently, fully convinced in his own victory was the Nazi army. They also believed the Russian people and cattle working cattle. And the Russian retreat, where it fought, where you just ran. They ran up to the time until one said to myself: nowhere to retreat. And in May 1945, grandfathers and great-grandfa
thers of those who in December 2010 had dared to raise their own voice against the genocide of the Russian people, raised the flag over the Reichstag. And these people are the flesh of the favorites of German Nazism called fascists?

In Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace" has a wonderful description of the night before the battle of Borodino, "He realized now all the meaning and significance of this war and the coming battle. All that is beheld in the present day, all significant, severe facial expressions that he beheld fleeting, lit up for him in a new light. He realized that the hidden (latente), as they say in physics, the warmth of patriotism, which was all of these people, whom he beheld, and explained to him that is what these people are relaxed and as if carelessly prepared for death "
Patriotism, not wanting to be a slave to their own land, that's the feeling that consciously or even unconsciously until it became a moral core unifying Russian people. This is our land. We will not allow themselves to rape, rob and kill. That's enough! Our patience to the limit. Nowhere to retreat. The subsequent step is war.
War is a terrible thing, I had to fight a war, and I know very bloody wrong side of the war. And if there is no other way out? Then what? Is it better devotional lowing of cattle were slaughtered at the slaughterhouse? I do not know. Everyone makes their own choices themselves.
The choice, it does not have my generation. We have already made their own choices. We are the ones who are at the moment 40 — 50 years remained silent when the USSR collapsed. We were silent when it was open robbery of our land. We were silent when there was a war in the Caucasus. We were silent when Russian soldiers won the war, were in the position of the defeated. We currently own a mass silent. Psychologically, we're dead. Morally, most of us are not able to act decisively, we are kinked, we have long since lost their war. We deserved name: "Redneck". Moral justification for terror, for the recognition of the towel cattle missing. One of the most important, is to take care of their own children about their future date. So we took care of them. Very well taken care of. Dying people, a hundred percent rotten system administration, to destroy the army incapable of fighting, inept devoured metastases corruption law enforcement system collapsed barely exists only through the implementation of raw material economy. That's what we have prepared for their children. We have shifted on their shoulders the heavy burden of choice. And they are well aware that in such a country in the future are none. It is not we, but they are rushing around looking for a way out of the situation. Seek out the moral point of support, the idea for which they are willing to live and breathe, that she lived this country and their kids in this country. And mature, ripen, swell with blood grapes of wrath.

Part second

Saw Shura, saw

"Saw Shura, saw" — a traditional phrase from the novel by Ilf and Petrov "Golden Calf" not everyone remembers what it was written, but are willing to cut. "Saw, cut it, roll back" — a new slang, this is a genuine sign of modern Russia. It is the most profitable business of the first decade of the new century. The mechanism is simple and well known to all. Budget and sawing sawing country. It has long been the norm. Bureaucrat get kickbacks from the municipal or city orders and own reliable approximate entrepreneur simply blend into the system. They've grown together, they have become a two-headed though, but one piece of the body as a sign of our state headed eagle. These sawflies and have social support current government united into a political party. All shared, to whom and how much. The most important thing to know how much you can take and how much to give. If pilish by the rules strictly in the borders, you own, you would not give up, even if the occasion to catch the hand. Subside the noise, and again: "Saw Shura, saw." In practice, this municipal policy. It is so well-known fact that it has long become commonplace. Another commonplace, they also do not believe in the future of this country, they created their own conclusions from the revolutions and social upheavals of the twentieth century, and keep their money abroad. If anything, the "good-bye … unwashed Our homeland, a country of slaves, land of lords …" Quietly, peacefully, on other people's laws, they will fatten the rent stolen from the people of the capital, so as a business in another country, and they will not let anyone close. They will go to battle, to destroy it for the sake of power and continue to nag cheap money? And for what? path of retreat and shelter ready, the way other means for us povoyuyut.

Part of the third

And you're blue uniforms
And they're dedicated people

And the other is who? MVD, FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sun

The first in the case of riots and rebellions otpravlyut suppress their militia (police) and internal forces. These people will go into battle and perish in order that those who are hiding behind their backs and then sawed budget for yourself and stuffed cheek pouches hard currency? Swing clubs will go bust and then press go. Wage war and breathe? And for what? For whom? For what?

The Interior Ministry has long been from the beginning of the 90s of the last century acting bad selection.
Who goes to the ordinary post? Yes, those who returned from the army and looked around and realized that without education, without ties to the decency of the work will not take. Well let's go to "menturu" although there are paid well and have a part.

Who is the officer corps of the Interior Ministry?

After public universities looked around, nowhere to go, well, on a "menturu" let's go, then you need to live.
Graduates of secondary and higher education institutions MIA. Go to school, pay. You learn more, pay. What are the ethical guidelines will graduate at the service itself? I paid, I pay now, to justify the costs, and to live a very good hunt. No, Che is such? All men live.
If this "law" system you live on "concepts" rather than by the law, then you will have the first piece of bread, and if it will be very useful with the passage of time for you to this piece namazhut butter, a little, but for you enough is enough.

Disperse fearful cattle at a rally? Always ready. Who to arrest? Please. Fabricate a criminal case? No problems. Finish the criminal case? Yes, for God's sake.

If a police officer (the investigative committee, the prosecutor's office) will oppose the apparent violation of the law and will not dwell on the "concepts", the system will eject it, as they say in the "mentovke": "Go to plow into the national economy." If he performs, then he is being held, encourage, increase. And each "element" (a soldier — a sergeant, lieutenant — Major) knows that he walks on the edge. If he is performing oral other people's orders will fall "in the hot" and then not be able to cover up his hand over here. Bosses instantly from him deny it no one wanted him. New Dial can sort and bring up "by the rules" and betray if needed. Last scream fashion in the Interior Ministry is resign without a date. Got? It also marks the date of the personnel officer for the final statement, and went out, and we are not required. Knows that the majority of employees MIA? Of course, he knows. They will breathe for the sake of such a system? Will the just knowing that his family left without a breadwinner no help? Will the just knowing that he will renounce his superiors? Will the seeing their former colleagues
who became disabled die on the poor pensions and benefits? If you will give the order they will go, and then … we'll see, we'll see how things go, you die no one hunting. And for what? Zatyukali, stingy fearful and willing to betray their superiors, hateful in the community, the police (militia) at the moment not to be envied. And later, far not all of them washed-cynics ready for soldering at least some sin. Far not all. Many chaos just seeing things happening silent. While silent. But they also live in the country and also at the usual self and the future of their own kids, many of them actually evaluating the situation, understand that the current system is leading the country to disaster. And they will have nowhere to run. Which they will make the final choice is still a big question. The answer to it is terrible for the system. "The main joke at this point in OMONe: when to start a revolution, you need to have time to bring a citizen of a replacement, — says Andrey, soldier of the 2nd Battalion of the Moscow police riot — to fit change and slip away" (source / 966905.html).

FSB and virtually their structural unit of the FSO. Or, on the contrary almost a structural unit of the Federal Security Service Federal Security Service. The event that the security agencies legally independent of each other does not change the nature of their security service. It is usually closed organization. At the moment, taking into account past the actual control of the country they cherish. Cherish them and shoulder the gendarme functions. To identify, prevent, monitor, prevent. Do not let what? Yes, the collapse of the existing system. Were able to separate the corps of gendarmes and security office in the Russian Empire to prevent the revolution? A KGB failed to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union? Means the gendarmes could not, the KGB had failed, but the FSB will be able to? Are they better? FSB as hard and painful as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are also bad acts selection. Just as opposed to the police, it appears not so obvious. If the Ministry fails to keep the situation under control, then he could FSB? Do they have such strength and conviction?

Emergencies at the moment is much more closed than the organization of the FSB. Obvious Stun, sonorous scandals this department can be avoided. All the more so that the outer function in their more neutral and socially necessary. Just stroll stubborn rumor that keeps these guys some excellent filled units specifically for the case if the situation does not cope MIA. Will they? I do not know. In any case, they do not live in a vacuum, and know very well what is happening in the country. If the Ministry does not cope they will take the hit. Shot unarmed demonstrators, and those who have already dispersed by the police felt the force and captured the gun. There for what they kill their own citizens and breathe by yourself? That's they will decide for themselves.
Armed forces. Oh, that's true people and the army are one. How many of the people and the army have experimented so much bullying got. And indiscriminate cuts and reforms stupid, theft and war, and in recent years has focused systematic liquidation. Officers have already turned into a poisoned officials fighter in the free clogged untrained rabsilu, military equipment in the metal. The army will shoot at people? At this even the Kremlin "dreamers" do not believe, because the army slowly suffocate. They do not need it, in fact unsafe. Gain the mercenaries? 've Tried came out even worse. Junior and middle level commanders despises and hates his own minister and commander in chief does not believe. Privates and sergeants serving unloved duty. In the most rational (for the system) version just after serving in the army barracks.
Interior Ministry troops. Those units which are formed on an appeal, from the armed forces on the moral mood of the personnel are no different. Their one prepyadstviya. Internal forces can and will stand having covered boards on the streets. But standing up to the last drop of blood to protect the existing elite? The question is the same: "And in hell should they?"

Part 4th
Irregular reserve. In addition, "our"?

Armed irregulars of the municipalities do not have it ready for personal protection as required in the case of a direct order to do the functions of municipal services. First, it is well-paid professor curb private army of Gazprom. And then who is working? Well, let's force majeure situation in the country staggered system of personal army thaw command "Fetch!" They will go against the crowd, but against armed people? Can and will go until the resistance does not get it. But when they began to smoke at a known location, then each mercenary neither doth: "And on the dick I need it? And not to be smarter than sit and later join the winners? Security is at least some power is needed "

And only our youth to support and maintain the current system — the ruling party! This is not an evil joke and sarcasm. Those who say that we have no youth policy is wrong, it is. In youth there is an active selection, the young men and women gain a differently constituted youth organizations whose activities are paid from the federal budget. Who goes there? The sons and daughters of the elite? They do not need it, and so they are perfectly arranged. Then who? Kids small and medium-sized officials recorded ancestors. They have nowhere to go, they have to show not just the loyalty and devotion Holuiskya system. Their kids? That is, boys and girls, but they "give a shit" much less party charges are not so onerous to wave flags and shout slogans, extras, stand (hang) at official meetings, much less pay for it, slightly, but enough for a beer. Young men politely explain to the students: "Do not go, dropped out and forward to the army." Until a certain time, it is easier, safer, more profitable to participate in the crowd. Educate young people: do not rock the boat, be like everyone else, do not do for yourself problems. That's all true youth policy. Well, imagine for yourself, announced the mobilization of the members of these organizations with the flags stand, do not shout slogans, and really get in the way of other young people, angry, ready for slaughter. Will they? Many will go! And how will just did not go where they want to send. Of the official youth organizations can form small (in percentage) paid provocateurs squad. Well, those are a whiff of blood and gunpowder, and scatter popryachutsya.

Part of the fifth

Ala Verde, the Lord is with thee!
That is the meaning of the word, with him more than once,
Bravely preparing for battle
The Caucasus war worried …

North Ossetia — Alania.

Fatal not acceptance of Russian so called LCN? Heresy. Something happened to hear about the ethnic conflict between the Russian and Ossetians. Domestic disputes and clashes obviously there, but the rest, I personally have not heard of such a conflict. A Ossetians such as ethnic people of the North Caucasus as though no other. In my opinion it is very easy, Ossetians Russian shouting "Svinorylye." Do not believe all Russian women and ladies simply enabled whores, do not beat or kill Russian children at the slightest provocation or even without any reason. That's it! Total only this! And none of the usual charges against Russian guys do not insult Ossetian clicks. Will not seek eviction and does not ask the representatives of the Caucasian people of Russian lands. Even at a theoretical level does not address the question of forcibly department of North Ossetia from Russia. And Ossetians are well aware that the remaining ones, they will die, they just cut out the neighbors. And cut down and killed and that Russian soldiers were going to their aid. These fa
cts are so well known that there is no need to bring them. So is Russia, even the most aggressive-minded nationalists and people living in the North Caucasus can live in peace and in one country? They can. It's not about who and where he lives, but in who and how to treat other people. National Hero of the Russian Federation and the St. Alexander Nevsky and his grandmother was a native of Ossetia and perhaps this fact, even in the name of ideas will allow Alexander Nevsky "chock"? And did Ossetians living for many years in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, have lost their own language, their culture, their customs? Is their anyone else asks to abandon all this?

Chechnya — Ichreriya.

"On the hatred of the Russian and no one reads. The feeling that all Chechens experienced, young and old, it was stronger than hatred. It was not hatred, not the recognition of these Russian dogs as human beings is disgust, disgust and perplexity at the ruthlessness of these ungainly creatures, that the desire to exterminate them, as the desire to exterminate rats, poisonous spiders and wolves, was just as natural a feeling as the feeling of self-preservation " . This is Leo Tolstoy wrote in 1904 in the story "Haji — Murat." Well, who would dare to call the Russian thinker and genius luxurious literature, Russian Nazi?

On the Caucasian war in the nineteenth century, Tolstoy was a Russian officer, he knew what he was writing. So how do you, how many have changed since that time? At this point in the 3rd millennium, when passed more than 100 years from the day or writing the above lines, the Chechens have a better attitude towards Russian?

Second global war, deportation, the last two wars. Remorseless on both sides. A lot of completely true they say about the atrocities militants, and the Russian side, too, with the Chechens do not stand on ceremony. This is an impartial fact, wars are not wearing white gloves. In every Chechen family is a man who in varying degrees, affected, the ancestor of the nineteenth century, the grandfather or great-grandfather during the second world war, father, brother, son of a 2-recent wars. The new millennium began with the war for them. The enemy is still the same. With him they lead to war in the first century. Used to. Even if there is active fighting, the war remained in the form of thoughts, in education, in the fact that at the moment it is the buzzword of mind and what I think the soul of the people.
In Russia, many are bad and Akhmad Kadyrov Ramzan Kadyrov. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Akhmad Kadyrov is an outstanding municipal leader of the Chechen people. Specifically Chechnya. In the second of Caucasian, it is perfectly used an old well recognized technique: "Use the force the enemy to his own victory," his worthy son continued his work. All they have done to their own people. The Chechen Republic, it is almost beyond the government, the laws of the Russian Federation on its territory do not work. Russian Federation pays them a huge tribute. Almost-independent Ichkeria is the dominant force in the North Caucasus region. Anew formed and armed army. Its fighters have combat experience, psychologically and physically they are ready for war. Staff reserve the armed forces of Ichkeria is more than 100 thousand perfectly cooked and armed fighters. Their mobilization can be accomplished in a short time. On the territory of the enemy are well prepared people at all levels of management, ready, if necessary, immobilize system of governance, well-staged exploration, a rich and armed with a close-knit diaspora of local traitors formed a "fifth column". Well, let's imagine that after the military defeat of the Chechen not headed for the manager, and the leaders of the Federation with respect to the potential opponent. Is it not worthy of respect? Well worth it. Once all the problem is against who can be targeted such acts.

After losing to the federal forces in the battle, the Chechens — Vainakh won the war for independence. It they are favorites, but we are losers. They are well aware of this and act like overpowered and "woe to the vanquished."
Ahmad and Ramzan Kadyrov, the father and son, it is not only outstanding, and tragic figures in the history of the Chechen people. My father has died, his son walking along the edge of a precipice. In Chechnya itself has a lot of enemies. While they acknowledge his power, his authority. Recognize and expect silent waiting an hour when you can reduce blood scores. Quite shaken his federal government backers, he will be doomed, its real power is only his clan, all other instantly turn away. Does he know that? Obviously. Knows and will support the existing federal authority. Knows and will maintain their own countrymen, to protect them and help them. He will do it, no matter where was his own countrymen. He Chechen — Vine and does not adequately respect this attitude toward their own people? But only to its own. Do you think that we, especially Russian, he believes his people?

Dagestan. In Dagestan, home to many peoples, each its own language, its own culture — ethical differences. Perform their systematization and list all it takes to research and write a separate ethnographic work, as part of these notes I do not put myself in front of a puzzle. But the fact that Dagestan is not a single ethnic republic is a fact. Management of Dagestan are representatives of family — a clan alliance more influential communities. Everyone who does not go to the clan, access to real real benefits not. For the Caucasus, and not just for the Caucasus is the norm. And if so, why do some have everything and others have nothing and do not have even hope to provide a decent life for themselves. Why? Is this true? And if there is no justice, then achieve it. Do not want to? Take by force! Kill us? Revenge! In Dagestan, there is a war. It is a war against the local elite and its support of the federal government and the event that this resistance took the form of religious protest, does not change its social nature, does not replace that incident that in this region of the Northern Caucasus is fierce war civilian clothes. Only force and terror to crush this resistance is unrealistic, and the war is going to go. And every day, even on official information channels, we hear reports from the war, and we end up with its blast wave. Federal authorities support local clan system tremendous financial resources, and the blood of its own instrument of a fighter. While the system is kept, forever right? The natural resources of Dagestan are not significant, there is the necessary resources, not enough cereal land, and the population increases. What's Next? Where is the exit?
Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea. Already flashed and there. In these previously relatively prosperous republics also plainclothes war erupted. Prerequisites are the same as in Dagestan. The clan system of governance, limited natural resources, lack of prospects for the vast population of young people first. And again: What to do? Where is the exit?

Cash infusion into the economy? All the money will go away and leave the ruling clans. Forceful depression?

Worthless, it only leads to the upcoming bitterness. So what?

Our homeland. How's that? Near a large area, uncomplaining countless people, mired in corruption authority. The answer is very clear. In Russia do dibs, to plant suckers. Russia moves to colonize all, who does not have enough space at home. Representatives of the ruling clans to do business, to invest in the business acquired from the federal budget. Poor, embittered, uneducated young people going to go because she simply has nowhere else in their native villages have no prospects. They successfully colonize, conquer Russia. Hands of the authorities to suppress the resistance of the natives and feel themselves masters.
This coloni
zation publicly and openly encouraged by the federal government. And why not? Restrict colonization aggressively to claim from the guests to observe the laws, it is undermining the Caucasus. It is recognized that from 1991 to 2010, the policy of "divide and rule" policy of appeasement and bribery has not given result. It is recognized that both the end of the war and the beginning of the last century, played it to get the latest endless war on the southern border. This is to acknowledge its inability to govern, to recognize that all these years the internal policy was short-sighted and effective. And for what? Let pochetaemye inhabitants of the Caucasian republics, our fellow citizens and guests, as the Russians say, integrate into our society. And we will help them, as it will do all the terms. Only there was no war … There in the North Caucasus were not, and we?

Part Six
Super ethnicity. Integration. Victim syndrome.

Outside their own country, they are very sharp and feel their community. Questions clan, nationality, retaining its priority, do not interfere with almost all members of the ethnic peoples of the Caucasus to feel its unity. The Caucasus is one! This is not a slogan, it is the base of conduct another national — cultural environment. They already understand a super ethnos. They understand that only this unity, and will give them the opportunity to not only survive, but to dominate alien to their society. And it needs to accomplish, to show that the natives who are in their home owner. From this defiance, instant readiness to move to violent actions. It is necessary to frighten the natives, to castrate them at even the idea of the ability of resistance. And all who are against killing. And they almost managed to achieve this. The police are not corrupt, it simply afraid. Their strength, their unity, their willingness to take revenge and punish stroptivtsev their patrons. Each "element" from the general to the ordinary knows, start it on their aggressively execute the law, it will throw out from work and he is left alone. No one is suitable and defenseless. Goals, scattered, bewildered natives to fend for themselves. Integration true. If you can name with a dagger in the living body integration. If you can map a doctor and a scalpel knife thug.
In forensic psychiatry has a concept of "victim syndrome" is when a person is so paralyzed by terror victim before the offender is not able to resist. The vast majority, especially the older generation of our society paralyzed "victim syndrome". A submission to the victims and encourages exciting striker. Put up with? Well, to earn the same to the same again. You want me to leave room to breathe? Obey. There is a sad joke: if there is no ability to escape the violence, relax and enjoy. Integration, because it is at the present time, this requirement: "relax and have fun."

Part Seven
N idea?

You do not want to relax and take pleasure? Amazing, is not out of habit, then what do you need to, redneck?

Russian Empire? Was pissed away. Internationalism, the brotherhood of nations, the power of the workers and the Soviet Union? Was pissed away. Democracy? Crippled, but was short-lived, though, pissed away. So called "vertical"? Perished on the eyes. What is left? Nationalism? Have not tried.

In the current political and business elite, there is no national idea. Narrowly clan clear idea of the ruling elite, right, succinctly and briefly defined one billionaire Capital: "Do you have a billion? No? Then you shit! "
That's it, you're just shit n people. On the one hand, inter-ethnic clan of the powerful with that thought, on the other hand emerging superethnos ready to use this shit for fertilizer. On the borders of the country are very kind and friendly neighbors, verbally friendly and kind.
That's just the problem is that the Russian people, was not and will not by shit no fertilizer. And go after those who it considers the people who thinks its deep essence of his soul. Go to the mat with a cruel despair, self-sacrifice, with dubem with colas, with the feeling of true patriotism is not ostentatious always distinguished people in this tragic Minutka his stories. And the Russian soul, it's the mystery, in general, that is enough of the ordinary: "You should not touch us. Learn, too. Oh my brain as something to dispense. Strangers we do not need someone else and we do not need, but will not give up his. Realize this is our country, our land and our people. We wish for their traditions and faith to live. Aware of? Just live, start a family and raise kids, build houses, grow a garden, work. And walk on Happy holiday! Yes a walk! On their walk, to the blood. And fight to the death to those who interfere with this, those who believes it will and wishes that people reincarnate into fertilizer "That's the whole idea. Plain and clear. This is Nazism?

By his own actual experience I know perfectly well that Russia is in its own overwhelmingly benevolent, patient and measured people, respecting the other's faith and culture. I have never concealed and do not hide any own nationality or confession of its own. In life, anything can happen, but never Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Kalmyks, Mordvins, Chuvash insulted me on national or religious grounds. Is not this respect and the ability to quietly live in a world in one country on the same land. Take a Russian man or a man brought up in the best traditions of Russian culture with respect, and he always reply to you the same.
Respect of their own customs and beliefs, the ability of the owner to live on their own land and that's all that while asking the Russian people. While requests while still Dubinushka did not hammer it into the consciousness of those who see him as cattle and by shit. Peg has not become, but is ready to bat.

Part Eight
What heart to calm down?

So what are the prospects, just to live? No riots, without tightening the screws, without mutual bitterness?

So far, no. In the current system, the population of the natives, especially the young people do not come. Economy raw materials for its services (production and resource management) is enough for a couple of million working population. The rest of what? Professor education is paid, qualified medical assistance is paid, the acquisition of the home, even at the lowest health standards vast majority not easily. In the non-commodity sectors of the economy, wages are low, only enough, only to die of starvation, the level of real unemployment is high. Constant runaway prices, the total lack of prospects. What's left? Alcohol and drugs? Feeble spirit, flegmantichnye, drink and dureyut of drugs, the loss of large, only the official statistics on drug use in the year killed more than 100 thousand young people. Thousands are killed in crashes, 10 of thousands die from vodka, there is a natural decline in population growth in the birth rate is low. Many young people are struggling and seeing as they plow a piece of bread for their ancestors who deliberately do not want to start a family and have children. For what? Who needs it? What awaits them? Millions of drug addicts and alcoholics will not give normal, healthy offspring. Those who are still able to think, think, "Why is this so? Why in the richest country, we are the poor? "Against the background of this incarnation of the principal multibillion projects, Olympics, World Cup. For what? And against the background of the message about the latest acquisitions of the oligarchs. Why? Against the background of this non-stop heresy that everything is fine, everything is fine.
At the moment, many foaming at the mouth howl about the Russian fascism, nationalism, and really people, especially the youth sets for himself the ordinary questions of "Why? Why? Why should we pokorlivo bre
athe? "And instead of a response from the powers that gets another batch of heresy. And this hauntingly shameless heresy can not do the role of public tranquilizer, sedative drugs role in the larger society, this heresy is rejection, bile grin social allergies. Is not the growth of Nazism, has been a rapid growth of national consciousness. It is the final realization that the person you are and the millions of people like you do not need anyone, you're just biomass in bulk own stupid herd, personally, "shit" and nothing more.
Resentment is boiled, social pressure is increasing and will increase, tighten the screws are worthless, it will only accelerate the explosion.
In normal society, in such situations, fire safety valve is legitimate elections and change of government. But we live in an abnormal society, the will of the people, the election has long turned into miserable farce in which the favorite is known in advance. It is the powers that be, they just do not give zahochut their capital, as well aware as they "earned", as is well aware that having lost power, they will lose everything. Methods of fraud has long been worked out, all the electoral legislation built so makarom that just will not give at least some, alien to their public power legitimately come to power. They know it, understand it very well and voters because turnout of people to the polls quickly decreases. No one believes that it has the ability to choose all well aware that the system will assign only its own. And if so …
That would vote differently. How? We have already more than once beheld themselves, and we know from history, and in the next, but not too far away for the last time have seen in December 2010. This election, this selection directed against heresy, theft, corruption, permissiveness of those in power, you can try to be silent, you can try to defame, but the point is impossible. Will not succeed. We are told that the recent conflicts have ethnic roots. But it is not, it is heresy, caused by the recent actions of increasing social tension, so that the government does not care about its own people slowly dying. Ethnic clashes are only one, practically bleeding, and cause a huge number of others, it is an occasion, which is a drop fell into a deep reservoir of anger.
At the moment, the political and can not be separated from her business elite finds a way out of the situation. I think the reality of the situation they are for themselves in varying degrees, represent. They want a controlled force capable of neutralizing the public outrage, to put this thread in the non-hazardous for their direction, it is ready to stem the pit there and let them grow moldy. Hence flirting with nationalist organizations. The way the Russian beating "chocks" let Caucasian nationalists respond to them the same. Let blow off steam and blood, and we will be a third force that later and beat both. Terrible game. Playing in what acting is not having a broad social support power is doomed to the fact that its generally thrown out of the "game" so as not playing with blood, shed it. Authorities are unable to keep society from bloodshed useless. She did not want an angry Russian, it will not need an angry Caucasians. Out? It's gone. Just because the current rulers do not go zahochut stumped. And if the impasse is only one thing, exhausted silently die in this dead end hunger and thirst, or an ax to cut through the wall of this impasse and get off at will. Where is cut, there is no longer the chips fly and the blood flows. Our blood, human.

Part Nine
The deadlock?

Not giving them shooting back to the last bullet, and later blew themselves and the enemy grenades. Sound familiar? So in recent years, the Mujahideen are fighting a war in the Caucasus. Respond to himself, a man willing to die for their beliefs worthy of respect?
Not giving them shooting back to the last bullet, and later blew themselves and the enemy grenades. Sound familiar? So waged war on both the recent wars in the Caucasus Russian soldiers. Maximizing were angry with blood and anger, the willingness to defend their land Russian fighters are waging a war is always the case. I just know it, as in Afghanistan was at war with them, and even earlier in other wars with them waged war my grandfather and Muslim Tatar, and my father and Tatar Muslim, since we ourselves are on their own deepest essence, vtochnosti are the same. Answer for yourself, the Russian people, his warriors ready to die for their beliefs are worthy of respect?
The best representatives of their nations, the color of civilization. People for whom their beliefs, their faith is stronger than fear death.

We are standing face to face, ready to kill. And for what?

I do not know if this article will be read by representatives of the Caucasian peoples, but even if you do not read, you still will say is that at some point they will hear:
"Do not flatter yourself. Russia does not stand up to their knees, they will not give up their land and become manure on the land. They do not become slaves. Do not judge the people of Russia only by corrupt bureaucrats and downtrodden. Do not you have your own corrupt bureaucrats? Do not think that all the Russian people like shivering homeless drunks or drug addict. Do not you have your own addicts? Do not think that the Russian people, like a paltry muddled that you have all the holes in a couple of bucks, and then nothing. Do not judge by Russian fighters and powerless scored a boy who enlisted in the army and that the devotees were left to fend for themselves commanders pokorlivo suffer all the humiliation. The Russian people have entered the path of a new understanding of the unity of his own blood, and has heard the words: "Rus. War Zone. Nowhere to retreat. " Do not think that the sales, shy, having lost touch with their people power will be eternal, it will sweep. Then woe to those who are accustomed to consider Russian slaves "
I do not know if this article will be read by representatives of the Russian youth, but even if you do not read, I say:
"Do not flatter yourself. The peoples of the Caucasus is not a "dirty lumps." They do not stand up to his knees. Do not judge the peoples of the Caucasus, on the brash accustomed to permissiveness gopotu filled the streets of our cities. The words "United Caucasus!" Is not a slogan, it is their understanding of their own blood unity. Like for you, it's not like it either, but it is unity worthy of respect. They recognize only strength. They respect and are registered only with those who are ready to answer blow for blow, blood for blood, who are ready to take the challenge and go out to fight. And only when the Russian people will show its strength, its unity only in their eyes, he will deserve respect. And yet … there is and will be, then against that in December 2010, took to the streets, thousands of Russian children. Young men and women are self-realized by the Russian people and feel their own vital unity "
Here we are standing against each other, face to face, and psychologically ready for war. Finished with axes to cut through for himself out of the impasse.

Part Ten
Beginning of the end. No, this is the beginning of revival.

By feelings of this situation is very similar to the late 80's and early 90-ies of the last century. For the period preceding the disintegration of Russian Union. The same tiny all clear heresy of those in power, they do not have a real impact on the ability of the situation. The same sentiment: "Then so can not last. You can not live! ". The situation is similar, but now it is completely different, then in Russian in the broadest sense of the word community, did not have the biting bitterness, that mental readiness for war which is at the moment. Then there was the hope that things will change for the best, but now fear that everything will be even wo
rse. Horror and unhurried at first, but now fast growing sense of overcoming this fear, a sense of responsibility for themselves and for their country. What happens is that in Russian times was called the national liberation movement.
I assume that the legal department of the North Caucasus, inevitably, it is essentially only confirm the existing reality. They are independent. And it will not be their independence from the Russian Federation, and the independence of of them. When and in what form will it happen? Yes I would like a peaceful, constitutional change in government, on the basis of a national referendum. Tales? Could be. But worse, far worse is if this will be the impetus for the change of power by force in Russia, the deportation of "aliens" and massacres, the inevitable sacrifices in the middle of the civilian population on both sides and a brutal war on the southern border. Could it be? If you continue further "tightening the screws" to some and permissiveness for others then so be it.
Many survivors of the collapse of the Union of Russian, survived the collapse of horror Russian Federation. Hence the calls to restore "order" in the North Caucasus, on condition of its unity with the rest of the federation. Guidance "order" because it understands some nationalists — statists, this is war. In the Caucasus has long been a full order because it understands the ethnic political elite. Another "Russian order" they just do not need, they will not admit it. North-Caucasian republics has long been independent, even more so that they were independent mental always. The laws of Russian Federation there is no effect. It is recognized by all. It remains only to make their independence de jure. But the federal authorities will never admit the failure of their own policies in the North Caucasus, and even more so it is not necessary to the local elite. For what? What do they lose a huge colony, this cash cow is applicable for milk and beef? Meekly obedient beast, which they got virtually nothing. Only thing is that the colony wants to have their own independence. The natives are not psychologically accept certain ethnic nations and peoples of the North Caucasus their compatriots. The peoples of the North Caucasus is not worse or better than other people, they are just another ethnic group with a different way of thinking, with other cultural values. Change their mind and perception of the world is unreal, and against the will of love can not be.
Whether this will lead to the collapse of the whole federation? By the temporary increase in small pockets of local nationalism lead. To collapse? But where to go Tatars, Bashkirs, Kalmyks, Buryats, Yakuts, Chukchi, Mordovians and other nations? Carve out their own Khanate? Wage war with the Russian general in the division of lands and resources? Sorry, but hell we need it? Is our faith being bullied? No. Beaten and killed on a national basis? No. Property taken? Interfere with studying, work and support their families? No. Forbidden to read in their native language and customs of bullying? No. Then ask for dick? To our small Khanate in one form or another struck down and captured more powerful neighbors? One we do not stand up, do not keep their land and their own people. Especially since we have something just completely safely for many centuries, was built in a one-or got used to the Russian people. We will maintain and continue to keep their ethnicity, culture, faith, have become part of it. We do not think the Russian people intoxicated cattle, Russia did not and do not consider us second-class citizens. We have the desire and the opportunity to live in one country to treat with respect the cultural and religious differences from each other. Russian super ethnos was formed, we are part of it. Our Russian homeland. And if you do not start a provocative distinction between "us" and "not ours", this super ethnicity and retain their cultural differences, domestic, and their psychological unity and statehood. Save and quickly, perhaps in the lifetime of our generation will begin to develop economically and experiencing all that proud patriotic consciousness: "We are no worse than others! We love Russia and are proud of their own homeland. We will protect, cherish their land "

Part Eleven
RF gold in store

We do not have time, do not have time to turn around,
And the sons, and the sons go into battle.
Vladimir Vysotsky

Profanity is an understatement, speaking household, even without the intention to offend swearing that's the language in which states a significant part of today's youth. A cheap drunk alcohol surrogates is the norm. Part of using drugs. Chaotic sex, all commercial vehicles business. The heated alcohol, drugged silly brutal and merciless youth groups, it is a reality. Hours forgetting the fact about being on the web on websites and forums, it is their communication. Our children, we litsezreem you and such. And the sad sigh, but in our time …
Our time, I'm trying to be impartial and remember our time. We are at your age, too, drank wine, though much smaller, but also cursing. Fought, truant, engage in chaotic sex and also a bit arrogant wince when our mothers and fathers reproachfully read as us: "But in our time …" And then? Prof. received education, almost all guys have served in the army and navy, and many had to do some fighting. Later we became your fathers and your mothers maiden. Since significant differences between us, not outside, but deep in the subconscious level? Naturally there are differences, we had faith in the future, but you do not. We have already accepted, you still would not like. We were more educated you become more informed. We were more tolerant you become more stringent. We lived and psychologically remained in the last century, you have stepped into the new millennium. Our father and mother, and your grandparents left us a stately country, but we parted as suckers and how stupid natives for "fire-water and glass beads", we are humbled bows gave her wealth. And do you think the future of their own country and their own place in the future. And not only think, not in the kitchen as we are, and already in the streets and squares of you shout: "We want to live a normal life in their own country! We do not want to get us killed. We are not slaves, not cattle, no shit. We are the Russian people! Nowhere to retreat! "The events of December 2010 a young boy frankly aggressive, albeit controversially wrote in his own web journal and finishing your article, it seems to me that with all my heart, speaking to us his parents:" And if any of Seniors it reads one request: do not remind us of what our grandfathers fought wars. Ask yourself what your kids are at war. Suddenly, it would also be something worthy? "(Source
You know what? We are already beginning to be proud of you. You, my son. You, my daughter. And if we lose our last, and you value … it's about us with utter contempt for other people's historians: "It was not the people, and the cattle, and he became a fertilizer … and no remains of their tribe or race …"

December 31, 2010 are 11 hours and 45 minutes

It seems to have all the goods and a fridge full of drinks on the stove preparing festive meals. Soon the New Year. But all the same, something is not completed yet … something is missing. Well, of course, not yet purchased the freshest greens, fennel, parsley, so a small thing. Before the market 5 minutes walk, you can quickly reach all purchase.
On the market are pounded thousands of people buy and sell all relaxed and comfortable discussion: "How much is … Why so expensive … go'll see … Happy New Year … and for you the same …"
— Salam brother! How are
you? The family as a? Kids? — On pure Russian language with a barely noticeable eastern intonation sounds familiar voice.
This is from the mountainous region of Dagestan on mobile phones my friend. Served together. 30 years ago in the chain of Airborne Company, together with Russian, Bashkirs, Tatars, Belarusians, Ukrainians, with a total for all the Russian military prayer "… your mom!" He was running with a gun at the ready to attack. There were only sixty, sixty-Russian paratroopers against half thousand armed mujahedeen holed up for the bridgeheads. They fled in terror attack is dropping and it is from them fled to the mountains terrified the enemy. Then in the battle, he received two bullets in the body and combat service: Order of the Red Star. How long ago it was, and how young we were then.
— Thanks Mohammed, everything is fine, as he?
— Thank God, everything is fine. When you come to visit, and then all Promises, Promises …
— So quiet you do not, the war is like.
— Uh … all I say to Mohammed to visit, no one will touch me … everybody knows …
After the hospital in the form of a paratrooper with the new Order of the Red Star, he came home on leave, in their native mountains. First post-war heroes. How was proud of his family and all his aul then in Dagestan Avar everyone knew this soldier Mohammed — the son of our people. After the Army, he joined the police did not "cop", not "cop", not "garbage", everyday precinct, later went increases in rank and position, and he currently serves as … the father of five children.
— Hey, Mohammed, and you're not afraid of that at the moment destroy? You have the same elements in the entire shoot.
— We quietly in the mountains — it sounds in the machine measured voice — is there in towns all share, and we share that? All know each other. Most importantly, you're great with people, in all fairness, they are for you the same answer. Happy New Year, brother!
— Happy New Year …
This is not a young Avar, this has long been dismissed (demobilized) Russian fighter knows as we do not kill each other. Maybe even someone listen to his words? Russia and the peoples of the Caucasus, there is still time to stop …
In the following decade into the new year as we go through the minefield. Blow up or not? No one wants to undermine, no one wants to breathe, but the booby-traps placed at every step, and we're going because we can not and do not go as we go no more.
I had to walk and crawl on the real minefields while still alive. Though what field you can defuse, all mine to find and disarm. But who will do it?

And do not finish these notes are not happy Russian man I wish the words of a Russian officer, writer, humanist and patriot:
"… The benefit of those people who are in a minute tests without asking about how others acted according to the rules in similar cases, with the simplicity and ease raises first got a club and nails it until such time as in his soul a sense of humiliation and revenge is not replaced contempt and pity "
Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace"

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