Degradation of young people as a threat to national security of the Russian Federation. What can be done?

Degradation of young people as a threat to Russian national security.  What can be done?

The situation with the spiritual, mental and physical training toddlers and youth so it's time to peel the alarm. The general condition of the youth practically deprives Russia and the Russian people of the future, there was a real social tragedy. The failure occurred in 90 years, and in the 2000s, the situation has not improved. And over the past 10 years, growth in the number of cases kids headed for 70%. Only one in ten high school graduate relatively healthy, especially the enormous difficulties observed in the area of oncological diseases, nervous disorders of diabetes, obesity, blood disorders, visual impairment and etc.

Contrary to the popular view of the fact that the food situation in Russia is better than it was in the Soviet Union, because the shelves crammed with dozens of kinds of sausage, cheese, juice and other foods, it is not. Facts they say about the deterioration of high-quality nutrition, including the kids, and even quantitatively — most of the people of Russia have to consume less meat, milk, fish and other goods. Over the past eight years in the halved fruit consumption babies. On this evidence they say about the physical development of toddlers: average growth of babies in two decades fell by 2 cm, the average weight of boys by 1.3 kg, 1.6 kg of beautiful girls. Notes and defect physical development, toddlers and children to become weaker their peers in the 90s: dynamometry (is a measure of force) right hand devchenok decreased by 6 kg, and the boys at 10 kg.

Mortality in the middle of Russian teenagers is 3-5 times higher than in European countries, the percentage increased significantly (and younger age) of smokers and alcoholics among young people. The youth struck the beer drinking, which many experts consider worse than the more hard liquor, because the beer has the property to change human hormones, transforming men and boys in puffy creature of indeterminate gender, are unable to perform normal sexual function. And women, on the contrary, masculine creatures. According to various reports, a third to a half of the young men and women suffer disabilities in health, which can lead to infertility. Approximately two thirds of the young men of military age are sick and can not be intercessors vsepolnotsennymi country, and often irreversible, and the other part of the need rehab, sobriety, recovery, weight gain. In other words, the army they need to keep a few more months in special camps with severe regime. This is terrible for adekvatnomyslyaschih people, information was announced at the last congress of pediatricians Russian Federation.

Such facts can be gleaned from other sources, commissioned by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, a report "Social Portrait of young Russian Federation", it was preparing Commission OP on social issues. Were used data of Rosstat, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Sociology, Sociological Center RAGS, Moscow State University. University, OFM, polls and more. In the end, the picture is more catastrophic. From a speech at the plenary session E.L.Nikolaevoy OP RF terrible things we know that we litsezreem from the windows of houses, schools, companies, cars on the streets every single day. On January 1, 2010 in Russia was 29.8 million kids and young people up to 19 years, it is 21% of the population. We learn that this is acceptable western social disease, like not wanting to have kids, have invaded and successfully entrenched in the lives of — the desire to have a baby 88% were in favor of youth. In women 15-19 years, only half of all pregnancies ends childbirth kill other kids.

Great danger is the spread of social diseases among young people: more than 80% of young people drink alcohol, two-thirds of teens are smoking experience (bear in mind that not all admit in similar surveys), 18 times the number of drug-grown teenagers, 62% of young people had sexual experience before the age of 17. Temper the full implementation of the epidemic zopoluchilo foul — a self-assessment foul eight of the 10 high school students. This contributes to the marginalization, criminalization of the population.

According to the professionals, "a serious negative impact on the social health of young Russians have the media." So, after a content analysis of only the titles of movies and TV shows to the most youth TV channels — CTC, TNT — it turned out that one in four foreign word, ie, the process of destruction of the Russian language. In addition, a third of the titles applied reduced vocabulary, there is a sexy, destructive theme.

Came the sharp decline of mental abilities of our students, a couple of years back the high school students of the Russian Federation on the results of international tests in reading and arithmetic showed up below the world average. Favorited kids were out of Southeast Asia and Finland (the Finnish education system in almost all repeats Soviet system: one-year free system of preschool education, free basic, indispensable nine-year education, the top 3-year average school or vocational upper secondary education with the final, plus music, art-school education provided by the authorities). 1st place in the consciousness of the text took students from South Korea, 1st place in arithmetic took students from Taiwan, 2nd place in arithmetic and awareness tex pupils from Finland, third place in the same categories of students from Hong Kong. Testing was conducted under the auspices of the kids, "the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation" in 58 states in the middle of 15-year-old school students.

Apart from the collapse of the Russian system and programs, is guilty in the fall general deterioration in the level of education funding. At the current time in the schools on wages (in most poor regions) in 4 — 8 thousand people work hardening Russian (now retired), people who are within a couple of years until retirement, or flegmantichnye to all people naturally expect from them labor feats is not necessary. Young teachers escape almost immediately, a merchant (sales manager) to work more profitable and easier. In the teaching profession is no real benefit, not of the highest social status. In Russia, the cost of education is not more than 4% of GDP, in the Land of the Rising Sun about 14% in Finland to 18% in South Korea has for the past 2-decades, up to 20% of GDP.

In Russia up to 1 million homeless and bezprizornyh kids who are not in school! They join the ranks of criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics or slaves. The average age of young zapivoh plunged from 14-15 years (data 1960) to 11 years. Only registered of drug addiction are 580 thousand children. Over the last 5 years the number of 15-17-year-old adolescent patients with alcoholism grown twice. And if alcoholism and substance abuse lot of street children and kids from poor families (not to mention smoking), the "golden youth" sits on drugs. In the country, according to the Federal Service for Drug Control, 6 million addicts, with most of them young people. Once a year, just from drugs losing our home to 70 million people (5 full-fledged divisions!).

And the problem can be found such an unlimited amount: from OMISSIONS kindergarten who are not in thousands of babies, malnourished and undernourished in infancy kids exposure to criminal environment, the fact that we now have a real "workers 'and peasants' army, because it kids are poor, public sector employees.

What can be done?

Personally, every adult should have a positive impact on young people to their way of life. Do not swear obscenities, at least in the presence of kids and ladies to lead a healthy lifestyle, engage in intense physical exercise, if it is possible to have a positive impact through clubs, sections, clubs, etc., detached from all the bad habits. You can not wait until this government will. Kids need to create what is likely a different lifestyle — healthy, dobronravnoy aimed at healthy values — physical culture, the way of warriors, family, kids, the supreme intelligence, tourism, spiritual development.

Almost necessary to change the strategic program from life of. At the country level needs a nationwide program that aimed to sober up, denarkotizatsiyu society, the creation of an integrated system of education of physical, mental and spiritual culture of Russia from nursery to university. It should avoid such major items as:

— the introduction of honey, vocabulary and moral censorship on television, in all media;

— programm fierce fight against drugs, following the example of China, where, in general, this problem is solved, you just need the drug mafia in the physical layer to kill and then often "weed" the country, destroying all the sprouts of the tumor;

— The program gradually sobering society where for 5-10 years It should be clear that tobacco and alcohol — these are drugs, poison, killing people, overwhelming their mind, breaking the will, not allowing to grow spiritually (it deliberately introduced to the area of Russia with a view to gradual degradation of the spiritual, mental, physical potential of our people) and their turnover in the country — is a form of production and sale of drugs. In the end, our homeland should be a (three-five-four) completely sober state. If the resistance, alcohol, tobacco mafia fiercely suppressed;

— change of vector intellectuals from self-destruction to creation, we need active promotion of healthy values (in this area have a good experience Russian Union);

— put in kindergartens, schools of mandatory health programs from the system type P.K.Ivanova "Baby" or "common-Slavic" (there should be a procedure of mandatory gymnastics-go charging, tempering procedure). In schools and universities to introduce the subject of "self-defense" (the best on the basis of resurgent Slavic, Russian style), Russian kids have, like their forefathers, to be able to defend himself;

— to restore the mental capacity of the education system to cancel all these experiences to introduce that failed in the Western standards (CSE, "Bologna system", etc.). Return the Russian standards and utilities that they were the best in the world. All system Education should be the same — no elite, elite colleges, high schools for the rich should not in principle. They will wear a split in society and distorting the whole system of education;

— not develop a "professional sport", he should be the lot of individuals, at their own expense, and mass gymnastics. The system of international sport has long turned into a real "mutant", where the expense of society is a race between pharmaceutical corporations in the trough for the officials. The people in general and children, young people need outdoor skating rink, swimming pools in schools, kindergartens, well-equipped stadiums and facilities in kindergartens, schools, universities, and not the "Forward, Russia" on the screen "zomboyaschika" with beer and vodka;

— return the massive system of education kids and young people on the best values taken from all of the major periods of the history of Rus-Russia: Pagan Russia, powers of Rurik, the Romanovs, of the Red Empire. It should enter the contest, the original military training, the yearly summer gathering the best "pioneers" (ie, first in learning, behavior, physical training, etc.) in the best parts of — Altai, North Caucasus, Urals Mountains, Lake Baikal , forests of Karelia, Primorye, etc. Encourage the best kids — the future elite of the Russian Federation to develop a healthy selection; fool, ignorant, bullies need to as the "build roads" (in the main its own weight, because there are examples of the configuration of the current path ), and literate, clever, athletes, "Komsomol" join the ranks of the nucleus of civilization.

Only when implementing similar applets can save the present and future youth Russia. All Western recipes will only worsen the situation — if you analyze the situation in Western countries in the youth field, we will see the full picture of the degradation: from chaotic sexual relations that correspond to primitive herd to mental degradation, even members of the political elite of the West, rather recall the famous aphorisms J . W. Bush.

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