Democracy in the U.S.: Indians do not belong here!

Democracy in the U.S.: Indians do not belong here!

It is well known, the U.S. is a stronghold and a center of democracy.

That's only after a careful study, it appears that the South American democracy is a very specific phenomenon. In this regard, we can recall the indirect election of the president, the political passivity of the majority of the inhabitants and the political market, as a result of which the power to virtually 100% of cases come those who izderzhal on fooling the electorate more than others.

But for now hunt more to talk about something else — to participate in the election of the indigenous population of the USA — the Redskins.

The cynicism of the situation is that the "universal" suffrage right was extended to the Redskins relatively recently — in the middle of the 1960s. Since that time has passed almost half a century, but formally acquired rights remained on paper. The Redskins are practically out of the political life of the country. Suffice it to say that in the 2008 presidential election in the United States assumed the role of only 1% of the indigenous population of the country!
Why is that?

JA Zubenko writes"In-1's, the Indians faced with a language barrier. Voting Rights Act of 1965 provides for bilingual voting function for the Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos and Vietnamese, and only in a few states, such a procedure is available for indigenous Yankees. So Makar, British language ignorance or illiteracy as a whole is a significant obstacle to the Redskins on a role in the elections. Vo-2, the problem is related to the registration of tribal identification cards. identification card is an electrical identity of a U.S. citizen. The problem is that There are two types of cards: the federal and tribal, the latter of which are not made at all polling stations, in view of the fact that the matter was transferred to the local government dollars. B-3, a significant part of the indigenous population live in remote rural areas and simply does not have access to the places of voting. "

We will understand. First paragraph — is clean water discrimination. If hundreds of thousands of people (in this case living in the area than a year or two!) Do not have the ability to express their will in their native language, you can easily read the humiliation of their rights.

2nd place — such discrimination, multiplied by the bureaucratic carelessness. Neuzh that election — it is a detail that does not necessarily ensure their role in all people?

Finally, the third point — it is also an indication of the lack of willingness of the authorities to allow the election of indigenous population. Nothing for himself the problem! United States — is not a country of towering mountains and arctic desert. Provide busing of voters to the sites — flat task of the country. But it does not. That also suggests the idea of conscious discrimination. This may also include the fact that, according to studies, 23% of the Redskins do not know where the polling stations.

By the way, another indicator of political discrimination — no Redskins in the supreme bodies of state power.
And this country we are krivodushno as a benchmark of democracy!

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