Democracy is …

Democracy is ...

The world has gone to the brain, for sure. All the yelling: "Democracy! Democracy!" Well, just everything: the left and the right, and gray-brown-flecked crimson. Silent exclusively in North Korea, but what they were thinking silently — who knows? Maybe this is it? A shout something different: who demanded, with the expectation of wages of 3,000 euros, as in Belgium, who indignantly, happy grassiruya bukovkoy "p" — so that the output of "sh-pb-rmokratiya!" With the first all clear — succumbed to the "corrupting influence", and the second wish was to order and strict discipline. Zadurili has all the brains of democracy eshkin cat, because any one of screaming uptake by democracy is that it profitably. Some believe that it too little, others — that very much. But who's counting? Where-independent and fair commission for counting the number of democracies? And believe in what units — in dollars, "EUREKA", RMB, ruble? They say in the civilized West have entire universities that both in the government and in the personal initiative (such as a secured uncle Soros), engaged in the promotion of democracy itself to run wild and barbarous South East. In particular, the Anglo-Americans in this area try. By all appearances, is at their exact programm democratization nedodemokratizirovannyh areas of the world such as Iraq and Afghanistan, for example, and others, too. Forces and resources allocated under this program from a lot at the moment urgently heavy duty bombs for the destruction of underground shelters barbarians Americans are developing. George W. Bush once said, "We did not go bad sitting administration, which the Minister of Defense and the Secretary of State told us about our passionate desire to spread democracy around the world." It is familiar to Russians. We also once tried whole the world in bright communist future haul. And caresses-tales, and handouts, and the troops were sent. Ultimately themselves in "paradise" was not hit, and many of the neighbors have brought. Here we are now, and disgusted by vociferously-intrusive preachers only correct lane. Even derived from the word "democracy" in Russia invent in a bad context, "democratizer" — rubber truncheons, "dermokratii" — when democracy was built, but it turned out as usual.

What did it democracy in fact? The word itself means "people power". It's the Greeks invented the first. People, means dominion. Against whom? On themselves. Through their elected representatives. Oh, these people's choices! How many beautiful and correct speech uttered, how much paper covered with writing, how many noodles expertly cooked and beautifully hung, and most importantly — to what a lot of majestic ears! The land — farmers, water — sailors! Been there — we know. And that in the end? The purpose — the power — has been achieved? All ambets promises begins to divide the pie. All on the thumb: Well you now in the cage, the people's choice. Do the powers that be have their own methods, which are violated only in the very last, almost revolutionary way. And do you need a career, and also fall away from the trough passion as no hunting. Encroach on the sacred can not, you can not tear down the foundations, nizya-a … These career-feed regulations in effect in at least some system work: even in a democracy, even in totalitarian or more other what. To sum up: a real democrat (I mean — a fighter for the people's benefit) is the people's choice, usually only during the election period itself — back to the top. After the election, he did not belong to the people, and is part and virtually estate nomenclature (establishment, the elite, the "family"), etc. Is not it?

The scheme in democracy for ordinary form free elections, the independence and the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers, the constitution, which guarantees the freedom and rights of the people, the market economy and strong-independent media. This is — the base, basis. Of course, to deny that particular country with a democratic system of municipal devices have gained great success in improving the lives of people, stupid. Awesome progress of many countries in Western Europe, "the southeastern tigers" — South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, to the highest standards of human life course. In these so-called, the advanced countries, the average total income per capita is from 2 to 4 thousand dollars. Norway is the kingdom of the parliamentary year in a row that is one of the leading places in the world in terms of living standards, Japan, Switzerland and Canada Norwegians neck breathe for the same indicators. And well done, and — bravo! Concern, but also to cause no real merit so called "Western democracy" and incomprehensible. Note also that virtually all of the country — the world's favorite living standards of their own people, without actually doing any ideological or rocket artillery bombardment of other states. It can be seen, there are better things to do with them.

Oh, do not scold us, gentlemen South American Democrats, do not call the Russians Stalinists. And then we have the McCarthy obzovu. And that — was it? Was. With the work of the Yankees were driven by ideological judgment? Expelled. On "Party meetings," McCarthy propesochivali? And how. You say your maniac Minister Forrestal with the click "Russian are coming!" Do not jump out of the window without a parachute? Jumped. And do not recall us in Afghanistan, and that we have for you your democratic carpet-bombing of Vietnamese residents recall. And do not remind us to Prague, and then we have to remind Grenada. Often rub their eyes, you see, a log and pop-up.

It seems that it is more polite to ask for Western Democrats — those who are particularly vociferous: do not shout at us, please. When we cry, we can be horrified and frightened in which only the unwary movements do not wilt. We were so nervous. Our home for the past 20 years, the destruction of the country lived through several wars, rampant banditry, a couple of currency reform, default, etc. — Tired of listing. And yet here you are with your constant cries of the shortcomings of Russian democracy sprouts. Like, we stunted shoots. It is interesting, incidentally, that in Russia the loudest shout "democracy!" people who sat down at the trough nonweak any. And then — lo and behold! — A loudmouth already gone cold is soon abroad with South American or British passport, and a stuffed purse. And when the Russian oligarch Khodorkovsky emperor sent for tax evasion in the Baikal colony, it is recognized in the circles of not less than the universal grief of the death of Russian democracy. All out. Just died in convulsions democracy in Russia, according to the views of Western and local pro-Western screamers. Even most of the Baikal seal nezapyatannoy pop out of water in the world, and so plaintive stare, like they require, "Well you release this" victim of a totalitarian regime, "and that so stinks from the reputation of himself and of his great proplachennyh defenders — like water in a lake not spoiled. "

Curious: how Russian offender settles on the ground majestically Britain, so it does not dig out a crowbar. Therefore, as all such solemnly given honorable title of "innocent victim of a totalitarian regime," British visa is awarded and issued the guarantee of non-refoulement ago. And due to such "martyrs" has gone on
many 10's. Organize such shows, even recognizable actresses lure, as is the case when Akhmed Zakayev, the Chechen terrorist, personally Vanessa Redgrave protection provided. Boris Berezovsky, who is the more "victim", also in English oasis of hiding. Remember how he swiftly to Chechen bandits seized the people they are caught? Just grab someone, lo and behold, Berezovsky has personally frightened disenfranchised met at the airport, posing for the cameras. Such a clever boy!

Something does not become about the independence of the Chechen freedom-loving people in the democratic West to act. A previously what op was! At the level of the South American State Department emissaries perceived Dudayev. Later somehow realized that the enemies of — it's not necessarily friends of the United States. It got long, but somehow got it. When the British signalers in Chechnya head cut off, and laid out on the roadside and in the minds of overseas democratizers clearing it. Previously, how many local Russian in Chechnya's head cut off, thrown out from their homes, turned into slaves — in the West no attention to it. After all, if the cutting head with clicks of "Long live a free Chechnya" — then it is not a sin, and not genocide, and the liberation struggle. The national liberation struggle waged by guerrillas, and God forbid, call them bandits! Here's a still a democracy, kosoglazen.

Trivial fact that the Western countries, united by the dominant role of the United States, organized by forcibly expelling Serbs from places its mass residing on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, particularly in the area of Serbia. In this case, in fact expelled from everywhere: from Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, etc. At the same time, with the support of modern aircraft and other means of fire support democratic initiatives of the West. So it's not 10's people were expelled, and many 10's of thousands, and destroyed a great deal with all this. It's a real genocide. How to understand this in a democratic context? Where are your Charter and Declaration of Human Rights, gentlemen? Where the spirit of the Helsinki and shaped as letters? Why are silent numerous European human rights? Why do not shout about it?

'm Curious: what is the difference between direct love of freedom and the desire for independence of the Albanian population of Kosovo and Abkhazia Abkhazian population? The West believes in this case is 100% convinced that this difference is because Kosovo can gain independence and Abkhazia — not. Why is the "democratic" Georgia can kill their own neighbors for the idea of territorial integrity of the country, and the "totalitarian" Serbia can not? If this is not hypocrisy and double standards, what is it then? Many do not understand this balancing act unusual democratic. When Germany joined voedinyzhdy, the West has vowed not to expand NATO eastward. And that's where those promises now? Why is nauskivaniya Georgians adjacent peoples by the full support of the course of anger — and the political and military? It is not enough they had previously fought wars? Why the Middle East for many years is a powder keg with a constantly smoldering wick? On what grounds occupied Iraq? Now, with the U.S. nuclear weapon were Israel and Pakistan, and tomorrow who will get it? And what will happen the day after tomorrow? What kind of weird policy: one hand Uncle Sam provides to U.S. allies nuclear weapon, while the other tries to deter other countries from its creation. What longish hands! And what about the fact that many countries are in a long time depending on the actual U.S. monetary policy and the U.S. currency? Now in different countries, and even in the U.S., think, and not whether the modern escalation of tensions, especially in the Muslim world, a consequence of this very specific democracy on-American? Or maybe it does, and not democracy, but only an attempt to gloss over unseemly monetary affairs, to give them a "civilized" form, repelling the persistent smell of blood and the enormous resources of the military operations were launched under the banner of "freedom and democracy."

Heh, Barack Obama — president of a country at war itself (and the most democratic, part-time) awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, is a democracy on which option? In Scandinavian, or what? For you yourself are not funny, the Scandinavians? You do not know what to exactly what the Americans since the second world war, most people on the planet at the physical level, was killed, with the most modern democratic achievements of science and technology? Only the Americans deliberately destroying chemical weapon immediately and the Vietnamese themselves and their fauna and flora — do not know, do you? Have not heard much in the "liberated" Iraq people are killed — has long since surpassed the bloody atrocities of Saddam?

And here's another curious: what is happening in China, is a democracy or what? Whole world floundering in deep decline, and ask top managers of different countries against each other:
— And you have not yet extricated themselves?
— And you?
— We — no.
— Well, we still swim.
And the home of silk and continuous growth of Confucianism and measured prosperity. With all this power in one single party (Communist in this case — the horror!), Which explains everything — what and how to do something about the freedom of the press can not be heard, and in a large way at fault of officials and businessmen sentenced to death, but, completely dependent courts — apparently by command from above. Interestingly again, rapidly growing rich China is making large investments in the South American assets, and more than makes, the quieter voices in Washington about the shortcomings of democracy in Chinese. In the near future do not hear these voices. Type of democracy in China at an appropriate level. China annexed Tibet, and — what? Iraq tried to annex Kuwait, such as outright "Desert Storm" began — the mother does not grieve. And where the "Mountain Storm" and just retribution for the oppressed Chinese Tibetan monks? And in Tibet, and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of democracy in Chinese at times pushing local dissatisfied — with tanks and armored personnel carriers, as demonstrated by recent actions. In general, the realities of modern Chinese communism, though built by the Communists did not name. Communism, as it is clear from the course of Marxism-Leninism-nauchnogokommunizma is when public ownership of the means of production. With this, the Communists severely. And in China — personal. What did they build — Chinese — democracy, communism? Or maybe something else special — we have on the planet, many adore torit their own way. It seems that there was, now the Chinese Communists taught the Democrats all over the world to do business and earn money.

What is it all the same is different, democracy this poor! Uniform basis, and add-ins — one million. Flick of a peremptory hand civilized democracy is transformed … converted democracy… Shaped in the demonic! Or as they say in Russia: I wish — then turn back. Well, communism more miserable too at the moment such a different: there are Chinese, there are Belarusian, here's a North Korean. And they are all so far away from each other — as if on different poles. A multipole our planetka now, colored, multi-polar. Who knows — maybe it's for the best.

That's poetic kvitessentsiya democracy In Israel, for example:
We own the land, of course, not a lot,
And someone else, we will not give zhist.

Either in Japanese:
The islands give us
Crabs can be half.

But the on-English:
Storm London mist conceals
Snow spinning vortices,
Lords where wolves howl,
Democracy dish.

By the way, the village has long been Gadyukino freedom and the market, and wages on the farm in October, issued in May alone. Such is the democracy in gadyukinski. And in your village democracy in kakovski?

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