Deputies of the Russian army will protect from foreign electronics

Deputies of the Russian army will protect from foreign electronicsDeputies proposed to legislate a ban on the introduction of Russian military equipment software and electrical components of foreign production. According to the newspaper "Izvestia" deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich, such a measure will allow Russian military to protect against spyware "bookmarking" and turn off unnecessary electronics possible opponent in time international conflicts.

According Klintsevich, in the true time Our home has all the abilities absolutely renounce the use of foreign software and electronics in military hardware. As an example of interference by foreign countries in the work of Russian art Klintsevich led to the blocking of the GPS system time military conflict with Georgia in 2008. Then some of the Russian units had difficulty navigating — Hardware GPS gave out the wrong data by distance and height.

According to the views of the Director of the Institute of Military and Political Analysis Alexander Sharavin, if you take a new bill at the moment, it just does not work. The fact that Russian special abilities to make a full-featured and reliable software provision, but the country has virtually one hundred percent no industry, creating the element base and chips in sufficient quantity for the Army. When all this is done creation quickly fail.

According to the views of Sharavin, you must first make the technology that will inspect and keep under control systems supplied by Russian military foreign companies.

It must be emphasized that the Russian troops used computer hardware and software provision foreign production. Before delivery to the troops, all systems are of mandatory inspection of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and several departments of the Ministry of Defence. With all of this in the main areas, such as, for example, strategic tool, used only components of Russian production.

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