Deputy pushkovye threaten residents of the rising sun because of its position on the Kuril Islands

The head of the Duma committee on international affairs Alexei Pushkov said he was through social networks have received letters threatening content because of his public position on Russian supplies of the Southern Kurils.
Deputy pushkovye threaten the Japanese because of its position on the Kuril Islands

"On this occasion, in the land of the rising sun is relentless hysteria. After I said that the South Kurils — our territory to me through Twitter from the land of the rising sun came that now my name is listed in some" death list "- he said journalists, as reported by ITAR-TASS.

With all this Pushkov referred to the situation "quite revealing manifestation of an unstable mind."

"The near future creates the feeling that in Tokyo decided to have a double line against Russia. On the one hand, this is the line on building relationships, expanding contacts. On the other hand, Japan is my honor not just insist on negotiations with Russia over the fate of the South smoked, but every once in a rude manner to try to establish their awareness of who owns the Southern Kurils "- outraged the head of the committee.

He expressed the confidence that our homeland will not give in "to the direct pressure and is quite rough land of the rising sun." Pushkov also warned the Japanese side of such "dual strategy failed."

"If the Japanese side wishes to attain high-quality breakthrough in relations with Moscow, every time she declares protest against the visit of any of the Russian control of the islands, it almost undermines the positive things that does to Russia as a result of negotiations and establishing productive bilateral relations, "- he warned.

According to the views of Russian deputy, "If Japan wants to have interaction and negotiation concerns of the Organization, it must choose a course of conduct which will not cause outrage among Russian people, and that will inspire the Russian side to negotiate the sum total of the issues with Japan, instead of to seek just the opposite effect. "

Pushkov reminded that "the Japanese reaction to the visit of Dmitry Medvedev to the Southern Kuriles has caused outrage in the Russian society and the huge number of responses in which the citizens of the Russian Federation is very bad value demarche by the Japanese side."

"Calling Russian ambassador in Tokyo and to seek explanation from him on the visit of Prime Minister of the countryside, which is recognized internationally as part of the Russian Federation, it looks absurd. Virtually all countries in the world recognize the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, recognize it along with the South Kuril Islands.

Except, perhaps, the U.S., which on the matter quiet, but pretty aggressively support the Japanese side. In itself an expression of discontent on the part of the Land of the Rising Sun on the visit of Medvedev — totally unacceptable for Russia there are the Japanese side, "- he concluded.

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