Desacralization municipal institutions

Desacralization state institutionsMikhail Leontiev, chief editor of the weekly magazine "However," the brightest of the more recent legislative initiatives of the State Duma.

Regarding enchanting legislative activity and general day or agenda, which now dominates us in the media space, and which is generated by the overall positive and kind of decent efforts okolodeputatskogo wide circles of the body, we can say one thing. I have the impression that we are at the moment, we have built the image of the enemy's right, the struggle which determines the bright future of our country — it's smoking homosexual Posner sat down behind the wheel intoxicated and adopt Russian baby.

All this, of course, to varying degrees, causing a lot of enthusiasm. Certainly, it may even be the subject of some debate, at least in part. But the president, and not just the president, and general adequate part of society, it has led to some of the tasks for the Russian Federation, which general are a challenge to our survival. Here's a smoking homosexual Posner is not the most terrible challenge (of course, terrible, but not the worst call) the survival of, as a country. It seems to me that in front of us there are some other tasks that are not in any way fall into place mandatory initiative. They are simply ignored.

I actually have nothing against order to drive homosexual in the part that really does not apply to wrongful interference with the private life of people. But it would be nice to do after the decision of the crucial problems or at least once, but certainly not instead. There is a persistent sense that it is done specifically instead. This number is somehow not passed and I believe that the completion of day or agenda to intimate domestic delirium — in each individual case, you can read about the individual motives and arguments, but in general it discredits, and desakralizuet … like say … bring up to some completely different style of diatomaceous scale municipal institutions.

This method is not what desakralizatsii and general here are just a method of discrediting any municipal institutions, because we have nothing more to do what? We do nothing, perhaps, the truth?

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