Determine our destiny watch?

1 January 2012 10:40

Watch for us — the subject of daily use. They are all around us: a small wrist watch, alarm clocks that keep us from sleep in the morning, time clocks on computers and cell phones. But watch — it is not simply a mechanical or electronic device: researchers of paranormal phenomena claim that they are very sensitive to various types of radiation, and also serve as an excellent tool for divination.

Time has long been attributed magical significance. As the voice of fairy tales and legends, in the old days every self-respecting witch or sorcerer was kept in the house grandfather clock or cuckoo. As soon as the beat midnight evil henchmen appeared and carried magician for a Sabbath. Superimposed on the clock spells and incantations, with their help, you can call evil spirits, and sometimes they bring misfortune to be the one that fell into the hands …

Today ominous ticking and chiming of the clock, counting minutes until the villain or a maniac, are an inherent part of horror films. This creates an unforgettable atmosphere. It is well known that in the anomalous zones often watch junk, if not longer walk, even electronic. Criminologists noted that at the time of death of the person, especially if it was violent, often stop his clock. Not only on the hand of the deceased, but sometimes all over the house!

Explain this phenomenon yet, no one can. Sometimes in the same apartment all clocks show different times, whatever they tried to fail. It happens so that all the timepieces in the house or behind, or go forward, even if they are new and quite serviceable. There are also people who are constantly in trouble with the different hours, even bought at different times and in different stores. There may be some or other electromagnetic fields, influencing the course of timepieces. No wonder the famous Uri Geller, the acting force of thought, unable to stop the London Big Ben. There are also cases where the audience gears, which involved well-known psychics, good working hours or stop suddenly began to go broken.

Influenced by our emotions clock can then slow down, then speed up your move. Did not notice? Still there is a belief that if, without stopping to look at the face, the hands do not move. But this is just a belief, and here is a link to watch our subconscious doubt. For example, we note that it is often looked at the clock at a time when they show a "flat" time: exactly one hour, or two, or three. And then 00:00! This signals that sends us the information field of the universe.

But, alas, we are not always able to read them. Although you can try. These signs indicate above all that you experience the fateful period and you urgently need to change or make an important life decision, or you expect a major event. The clock shows how much was left to the days, months, or years. If the clock exactly at noon or midnight, fate is about to overtake you.

Same number of hours and minutes — say, 23:23 — demonstrates that the event will occur, but it is unclear when it coming. Finally, if you often find yourself in the eye at the same time — for example, 12.20 — it can serve as a warning of unknown danger. And it is possible that the danger lie in wait for them in the specified hour and minute. Either this is the date — December 20 … For hours and can guess. For this, take a stopwatch with a second hand. He must certainly belong to you personally and to be purchased at least a year ago. The older the hours, the more certain divination.

Great if they got you inherited, therefore, absorbed tribal energy. Put or place hours ahead. Concentrate, relax and close your eyes. Mentally formulate your question so that it could answer "yes" or "no." Take a deep breath, then open your eyes and look at the clock.

If the second hand is between the numbers 12 and 3 — the answer clearly is yes. Between 3 and 6 — a possibility that will conjecture turns quite high. Between 6 and 9 — rather, "no" than "yes." Between 9 and 12 — the answer is no.

Margarita Trinity

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