Discovery. Earth does not have the property of attraction bodies!

December 23, 2011 18:46

GravitationExperience that refutes the law of universal gravitation Newton.

Many scientists, on the basis of the latest achievements in science and technology, more and more are demanding to review the scientific work of Newton in particular, "The law of gravity," and also, "The law of rectilinear uniform motion," because in essence, his scientific proceedings, contrary to the laws of nature! In particular: all cosmic bodies can not travel in space, without the application of external force to them! Elasticity of the air, can not be, without opposing opposing forces! Everyone knows that the atmosphere rotates in the ground, with one corner speed, but the claim that the earth rotates the atmosphere! That is, contrary to the law of nature! ,

Earth can not control the energy. Obviously the turnover, energy controls the ground! Obviously, electric, can not carry, eletromagnitnoe field. Obviously, the electromagnetic field causes the moving trains! Therefore, the author in his article gives an experience that proves that the land does not have the power of attraction. !
Of school experience is known, if poured into a glass, the water up to the edges, then tightly close the glass piece of paper, so that would be a piece of paper does not hit the air, and then carefully flip the cup upside down in a while, pour a glass of water will not be! Usually, the teacher explains the phenomenon that "nature abhors a vacuum!" This explanation:
1) contrary to the Law of Nature. Since "nothing" can not interact with matter matter!
2) At the same time, this explanation is introduced by way of a false science areas, preventing the disclosure of many natural phenomena, which up to now have no explanation period. As evidence of an experiment!
Cylinder of 100 cm and a diameter of 10 cm. At the top and bottom of the cylinder pressure gauges installed in them without vozduha.Tsilindr suspended by torque vesah.Posle cylinder filling with water, the lower the pressure gauge will show the pressure of the water. A high, pressure will not show! A barrel of water will equal weight "X". Once the cylinder is closed and carefully turned the piece of paper to the top-down. And again suspended for a torque balance., The water in this case, the cylinder not deliver budet.No, while both gauges show davlenie.Eto phenomenon is explained as follows! The cylinder is compressed from all sides atmosphere. But the pressure in the cylinder, the water is sent. But pressure from the bottom of the cylinder, the paper is passed through the water. However, since water is incompressible, the pressure
betrayed and upper manometru.To is, water in this experiment acquired weightlessness! However, the weight of the cylinder with the water still is the number of "X", because the top of it, does not work .. the energy of compression, therefore, all the bodies and our land is compressed by this energy, which is directed to the center of compression. That is, the center of the earth! But, in this case, the question arises, why the air compresses the ground? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the physical nature of the atmosphere! Known if 1m3 cool air to give 1.2 liters. liquid air. There is a question! What substance occupied 998.8 liters of air volume, if we took away the energy expansion.? That is, the heat! However, the heat tends to expand in space to infinity! And it can not compress the ground! And thus, make the air elastic! This can only happen as a result of opposition from the space! "Without opposition, there can be no action itself!" Consequently, the atmosphere, there is an electromagnetic field, which compresses our land. And the air in the space of the atmosphere, only 1 1000 of a percent! This is the reason of gravity bodies!

On the subject:

Scientist denies the law of gravity

It is hard to imagine a more fundamental and ubiquitous aspect of the Earth than gravity, from the first step on the earth and to the end.

"What if gravity — an illusion, a sort of cosmic focus, or a side effect of something on a deeper level of reality?"

So says Erik Verlinde, 48, a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam. His assertion that gravity — in fact an illusion, caused a storm of debate among physicists, or at least among those who defend traditional views. He stated in a recent article entitled "On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton," that gravity is a consequence of the laws of thermodynamics, which completely changes the logic of 300 years of science.

"For me gravity does not exist," — said Dr. Verlinde, who was recently in the United States to explain his theory. This does not mean that the item does not fall to the ground, just Dr. Verlinde is among the physicists who say that science, "based on" the force of gravity, and went the wrong way and that there is something more basic, from which "there "Gravity.

According to him, considering the gravity from this point of view, we can shed light on some pesky space "neponyatki" dark energy or anti-gravity, which may speed up the expansion of the universe, and try to answer the question, it is necessary to hold the galaxies together .

Dr. Verlinde's arguments are "abnormal hair day" for the theory of gravity.

It looks like this: the hair exposed and the heat and humidity, so there is more room for the hair to be curly, not straight, and nature likes options. But some force makes the hair straight, eliminating the possibilities. Forget curved space or the terrible attraction, described by Isaac Newton's equations to understand the physics of Saturn's rings, or the force of gravity that Verlinde calls simply a byproduct of the natural inclination to maximize disorder.

Some of the best physicists of the world say that they do not understand the theory of Dr. Verlinde, and many of them were looking at her skeptically. But some of those same physicists say they have a fresh look at some of the most profound questions in science.

So what is gravity?

The founder of the spiritual practice Falun Gong Master Li Hongzhi said: "The law of gravity, which says today's science, is absolutely wrong. Why, you may receive this state, which says the law of gravity? Because all life and all matter, including air and water, everything on the ground and in the Three Realms, created from particles of different levels that are within the Three Realms, and at different levels of hierarchy between different particles there is a relationship. This relationship is under the influence of gravity can stretch or move within the Three Realms. In other words, if you do you pull it, it will be stretched like rubber, and when released, shrinks, his former position. That is between the particles, there is one main, stable form of existence. Therefore, if you lift any object within the Earth's environment, it will return back to the earth. "

"Some people say that the Verlinde theory can not be correct, others — that it makes sense, but we know that it is right and deep, right and trivial," — says Andrew Strominger, a string theorist at Harvard.

"You have to admit — he continued — that the theory of Verlinde has caused a lot of interesting discussions. This is a very interesting collection of ideas about our universe that affect things that we most do not understand. That's why I liked it. "

Erik Verlinde and his twin brother, Herman (who is also a physicist and works in the field of string theory) were born in Voudenberge (Netherlands) in 1962. Brothers received inspiration from the television show 70's on particle physics and black holes. "I was totally impressed," — says Erik Verlinde. He and his brother obtained a PhD at Utrecht University in 1988, and then he went to Princeton. In 1999, he became a professor at Princeton University. Since 2002, Verlinde became professor at Amsterdam University, where he was involved in string theory.

He made his first major contribution to science when he invented Verlinde formula, which are important in string theory.

You may ask, why string theorist interested in Newton's equation? After Newton's conclusions century ago disproved Einstein, who explained gravity as distortions in the geometry of space-time, which, according to some scientists, can be refuted string theorists.

According to Dr. Verlinde, in 30 years the force of gravity "debunked" as a fundamental force.

This exposure was started in 1970, with the discovery by Jacob Bekenstein of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University in the field of black holes. This culminated in 1975, Hawking's proof that any black holes, although the matter is taken up without returning to emit radiation of photons and other elementary particles, which then leads to an explosion of the black hole.

In 1995, Ted Jacobson, a theorist at the University of Maryland, suggested that, given some of these ideas, the equations of the theory of relativity — is just another method of presentation of the laws of thermodynamics.

Those exploding black holes (at least in theory — no one has ever observed this phenomenon) revealed new strangeness of nature. Black holes, in effect, are holograms, as 3-D images that can be seen on bank cards. All the information that is contained in them is encoded on their surfaces. When released, this "holographic principle", physicists wondered, maybe all of us — the shadows on the far wall (the shadows of the universe, from which all manifested).

In a vivid example of the holographic universe Juan Maldacena of the Institute for Policy Studies, a mathematical model of the "tin can" of the universe. All that is inside the can, including gravity, can be written on a label on the outside, which does not have this gravity, and all the space is in the same plane (on the label). If the space and gravitation have no value, then how are they realistic?

Lee Smolin, theoretical quantum gravity of the perimeter of the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo (Canada), the article by Dr. Jacobson called "one of the most important works of the last 20 years."

Than Padmanabhan of Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Pune (India), wrote a number of works for the last few years on the "new forces of gravity." Dr. Padmanabhan said that consideration of gravity with the position of the laws of thermodynamics gives a deeper understanding of the "gravity" than Einstein's equation. He recently said: "Gravity — is the thermodynamic limit of the statistical mechanics."

Dr. Verlinde said he had read the article by Dr. Jacobson's many times over the years, but no one seemed to no longer notice them. People still talk about gravity as a fundamental force. "Obviously, we need to think seriously about this problem, but for some reason, no one thinks about it," — he complained.

His article, published in January, resembles Dr. Jacobson's article, in many respects, but Verlinde outraged when people argue that it does not add anything new to the analysis of Dr. Jacobson. According to him, the new idea is that the gravitational interaction of bodies can be explained by the increase of entropy — the quantity characterizing the number of bits of information needed to describe the state of the system. Thus, the gravitational interaction is explained by varying the amount of information in it.

This inspiration came to him when he was robbed.

As he was going home from a vacation in the south of France in the summer of last year, a thief stole his laptop, keys, passport — everything. "I had to stay for a week longer — he said — and then I came up with the idea."

His brother received a number of e-mails, where Eric wrote that should stay a little longer, and that he had a new idea. Finally, on the third day, he wrote that he knows how to get the Newton's laws of the new guidelines. At this point, German thought, "What's going on? Has he been drinking? "

When they talked the next day, Herman began to understand. "It's interesting — he thought — as a violation of plans can lead to interesting ideas."

Over lunch in New York, Dr. Verlinde pondered his experience last six months. He said he had the idea of intuition. "When this idea came to me, I was very excited and was even euphoria. Not often you get a chance to say something new about Newton's laws. I do not know if I'm wrong, but it was enough to move forward. "

He told friends, who called him "a low profile": "Even if I'm wrong, the idea should be studied in any case. To ignore it would be the worst thing. "

The next day Dr. Verlinde was able to discuss the details with a bunch of physicists in the city. He said that someone told him the other day that a new page in the history of gravity.

"We have known for a long time that gravity does not exist, — says Verlinde — it's time to shout about it!"

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