Discovery scientists: our mind control astral entities

April 16, 2012 11:01

The time has come when even some prominent scientists begin to seriously interested Subtle world, its astral inhabitants and how they interact with us, earthly humanity.


According to the magazine «SA Scientific Journal», a group of scientists from the University of Cape Town made a sensational discovery. Were received confirmation that our mind control astral beings! The value of this discovery is so great that all the research related to the study of the effects were not only classified, but attempts have been made, remove all previously published an article with information about these studies?

The general public has long been known Kirlians method has allowed to take pictures of the fields surrounding the biological objects. The researchers involved in the study of the paranormal, these fields are associated with the aura of objects.

Research team at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in the well-known scientists with long experience of research of paranormal phenomena, including the method of fixing the aura led Ph.D. Ngungu Tobago, known in the scientific community for its research, made a revolution in the consciousness of the importance of these fields in the life .

Developed by scientists and research methods they invented the device (U.S. Patent, № US 5,253,984 B1), made it possible not only to record the dynamics of the aura of biological objects, but also on the basis of the experiments to make the discovery, which is unlikely to be caught by the world public.

Investigations are ongoing, but most of them are classified due to the fact that lead to the sensational findings in the assessment of behavioral characteristics of people.

However, some studies of this group of scientists made public due to the fact that they can not be hidden.

The fact is that in testing methods and devices developed by scientists in the early stages of research, were involved large groups of people, from which it was impossible to hide the results of experiments.

These results suggest that there is a direct link so-called astral entities to man.

More detailed studies of the dynamics of these objects and their interactions revealed certain patterns of behavior and communication with people. These scientists claim that they have managed to capture the stages of "penetration" of the entities in the astral aura of the object. The results of these studies suggest that in the early stages of the "penetration" of the essence of the astral synchronize their internal rhythms with the rhythms of the "victim" and, thus, does not receive or have access to the aura of "victim." In the case of penetration of "victim" is changing the internal rhythms of the "victim" under the influence of astral entities.

Some information obtained during the early stages of research to draw definite conclusions.

It turns out that astral beings can be divided into two distinct types. Scientists conventionally designated them as "black" and "clean".

Themselves the name speaks for itself, describing the objects. They differ among themselves as intensity, spectral composition of light, and its dynamic characteristics.

The impact of these entities on the people was also different.

"Black" being (low spirits), for example, show a constant activity in the "infiltration attempts" in the aura of a person.

"Clean" is the essence of (angels), as a rule, do not show such activity.

The resulting correlation between the activity of the 'black' psychophysiological state entities and individuals also shows them different from the "pure" entity the impact on people. Typically, such an effect is nothing unreasonable aggression people are not adequate to the situation. Since the present younger generation humans are becoming more aggressive, you can assume that they become a kind of community "for" black "entities.

Based on these experiments, it became apparent that many people are under the direct influence of the constant low beings!

Some of the information obtained during the experiments also showed that there is a clear relationship between sustainable psychophysiological state of the individual and the "purity" of his aura, and the exposure of its "penetration". Psychophysiological state stability was determined by a number of medical and psychological tests, the reactions of the subjects to some specially created situation.

To confirm or refute these findings, conducted statistical studies on large groups of people. In these studies involved different kinds of people — from inmates while in prison, to groups of politicians and businessmen gathered for the discussion of various issues.

Questions asked by the studied groups of people were specially trained team of psychologists to obtain adequate behavioral responses.

In particular, these studies have been conducted at the summit, held in 2002 in Johannesburg, on sustainable development.

The results of these studies concluded: almost all politicians and businessmen gathered at the Johannesburg Summit, "positive"!

The results of these studies scientists shocked! It was found that the highest number of "black" entities (low spirits) with a partial or full penetration into the aura, it was recorded in the group of politicians and businessmen! The number of "positive", "black" nature of politicians and businessmen was many times greater than the number of the same "positive" of the prisoners!

In addition, studies have been conducted on the subject of "infection" lower astral plane many politicians of the highest rank of the different countries of the world. The results have been disappointing.

Thus, statistical analyzes confirmed the findings of scientists that a lot of people, especially politicians and businessmen who are under the constant influence of "black" Astral (low spirits), controlling their minds and behavior! Therefore, appear to be the actions of politicians are often inadequate political and economic situations in the world. This fact must be taken into account when re-election of the current "experienced" senior politicians in the new period of their stay in the government.

However, because there is new information above? A well-known proverb says, "Every new just long forgotten past …"

Swedish scientist and mystic of the 18th century Emmanuel. Swedenborg in the notes of "O heavens, the world of spirits and hell," claimed that he was "in over 13 years has been in contact with astral beings, spoke to them as man to man, and saw everything that happens in heaven and in hell (different vibrating quantum layers of the Earth Noosphere). It turns out that there is one language, his astral beings do not learn, but how would they know innately. "Overall the sound of their voice matches their love, and some combinations of sounds correspond to the concepts of thinking, based on the truth.

Consequently, the angels are judged by the sound of each other — on their sense and wisdom, koi prevail. Angels also expose a person's life just listening to his speech. These angels are not similar to that of men, because they do not speak the words of men, try as he might. Although the first people to have an angelic language, borrowing it from heaven … "

These inhabitants of the Subtle World is inherent in every person, but it is in a latent (unconscious) part of his mind and is not expressed in words, but in the torsion waves of a certain frequency, according to the senses, like the angels, but people do not know that it is peculiar to him. However, people coming into the beyond world, says as if in one language with spirits and angels, and understands them, without learning these things.

Natural human speech is verbal now, for man fallen from heaven. If a person does not fall away from heaven, he would have ruled the Lord through influx without any mediation of angels or spirits, koi telepathically communicate with a person, that is, both sides of (have a vibration). And because the idea can not be separated from memory (information layer of a given frequency) and it flows out of it, both sides speak the same language as the essence is the same vibration. This phenomenon is called telepathy …

Swedenborg claimed following. "A man has two types of leadership: first, directly from the Lord naitstvovaniem interiors are the human energy (" I am there "), and through it — the external start (biokletki organism) and, secondly, by a naitstvovaniya low spirits gets its from its original source.

Divine flows in direct accepts only the good people (Manush) and is accepted for the benefit of, the bad people (demonized) to reject or suppress in himself, not accepting such a high vibration. As a result, the lives of their runs in the evil and darkness of ignorance, in the spiritual sense, the same death.

Through the guidance of God given wisdom in low spirits originates in man every feeling (emotion): love and greed, good and evil. The first comes from the upper layers of the heavens, the second — from hell. People will choose the path of his acts, for the connection of heaven with man, not like a human to human connection.

The heavens are connected through the interiors of the power of man, "I am", which may also be called the inner heaven (HRI — the fields of man). Their construction, as a small semblance of Heaven (Noosphere) laid ancestors, is the main duty of man through all his incarnations. This is the construction of "the city and the tower," only within himself, and the whole group of people for "this age" continues to build Heaven, or noosphere, as it is composed of individual heaven. To facilitate the construction of the inner "heaven" flows in people or by God or through angels ("pure astral").

Connection to the natural man with no internal started going through St. Writings, in whom is given the appropriate natural and celestial. Human error is that it assumes that lives by itself, without regard to the original life, that is a heaven and hell. If such a link is broken indeed, he would immediately fell dead. If people realized that every blessing from the Lord, and all evil from hell, then he would not have believed a merit neither his act, and then the evil is not imputed to him. And if all of created he ascribes to his will, it all counts in his sin.

But people living in the natural world is still outside the beginning: intellect, emotion bodily, verbal false. They have no influx of the Lord. And the start of many internal split from heaven, having lost the Truth in speech, turning to the world.

Correct the situation may, for example, the Bible as a textbook appropriate natural to the spiritual — through parables that the natural man does not understand. The mystery of the Word, that is, the Bible is clear only to those who live in the light of heaven, and not to those that live in the natural world, content with mundane words from newspapers and books (which prints opus hack writers and pseudo-scientists who do not know the Truth, and the praise of the natural man and his ambition).

Without internal begun man is dead because it has no soul. When a person shows interiors, it binds to Heaven by good spirits. Evil spirits walk into ignorant samoohotno and link it to hell, that is natural in it.

You have to know that spirits do not know that they are in person, but people think that in mind and the mind of man they thought, for the person they see. This is the will of God. Otherwise, evil spirits instantly killed a man, pushing him in the thoughts of suicide. Only elementery — spirits of suicide, who is guilty of destruction of the material body or before the date the Lord, know whom to enter and use the person as a donor of bioenergy, and after depletion of donor encourage him to commit suicide. But without the natural spirits of hell people could not breathe and regenerate, for natural life support baser spirits and good spirits keep people from evil. Therefore, man is free to be as balanced with good and evil. This gives him the freedom to lean towards good or evil.

You can not compel people to do good without the will of him, for I will make a compulsion does not count, but good, full samoohotno, puts in his will and becomes a part of nature. So a person communicates with heaven and hell, brimming with appropriate purity vibration spirits for compliance with internal heaven and hell in itself. In other words, a person come to such spirits, what he himself against the knowledge of truth, how much is wisdom, sense of heart and love for God.

God sends good spirits and they raise a man steps "ladder of consciousness", helping to build a Crystal Light from the "spiritual gravity", in other words, a reasonable plasma of high torsion, and the evil spirits come themselves attracted bad thoughts, that is the food of evil spirits. They lay in the "cup of accumulation" of the soul of the plasma impirila. Then the man on the lower level upadana "ladder of consciousness." What people in the prevalence of bad feelings, so are spirits in it: vindictive, selfish, adulterous. They increasingly fueled these feelings, and people connected to the Hell. A spiritual man according to the information and to talk to God, connects and communicates with heaven with the angels of the corresponding levels of the Cosmic Fields of the Lord. Because man is controlled by the Lord through the good spirits, he went out of the celestial order, in order to be born in hell evil (embodied), but to overcome evil, to return rich wisdom to heaven … "

If a person is born in the good that is the truth, will and love, having angelic speech, ie built all seven levels of HRI, then he would have ruled by flows in the Lord who is the Spirit of Truth. " At the end of "this age" people have to become that previous development. But who is due only to hell (Do not make Krimtall Light)), he will undergo "second death", fragmenting the primary elements, and his mind is not appropriate Paradigm new cycle will be only a "debris" and will be released in " outer darkness "in the eternal torment of loneliness, anger, and fear.

In the new cycle, ie since this year and beyond, Russia transformed into "Holy Russia", which can not control people, filled with "black" astral entities, but must manage the divine essence regularity hierarchy cathedrals bright people. At the bottom of the hierarchy — in the settlements, all the pressing issues will be voluntary gatherings of righteous people of this village, on the other levels of the hierarchy (pyramid) problems of a particular region will address regional councils authorized delegates, and the delegates will be selected each time to re-convened at the Cathedral and they should be wise enough to competently solve problems.

As for the paramount chiefs of Russia and its major regions, they must carry the largest crystals of light in comparison with the other residents of the society, which is estimated by the size, range of colors and luminosity of their personal aura viewing Evaluation Commission seers, equipped with special devices for viewing human aura, invented by scientists present ..

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