Disease Dr. Zharov

February 20, 2012 15:48

DISEASE DOCTOR Zharov — disease, named after the Russian doctor, engaged in dissection of sheep killed by a nuclear explosion. The disease manifests itself in the fact that people working in the fields of high-power generated near the epicenter of a nuclear explosion, a few days not breathing and did not move, they were considered dead and buried, and after the experimental discovery Zharov they have to give the opportunity to lie down (sleep off), and some days of "dead bodies" came to life.

There is speculation that a mysterious disease — the so-called "chronal disease", which is caused not so much radiation as being in a time warp field generated by a powerful electromagnetic pulse during a nuclear explosion. Symptoms of the disease Dr. Zharov coincide with the description of the condition of people who participated in the Philadelphia experiment.

18 April 1955. about the morning burst aorta and cardiac arrest's famous theory of relativity. Quietly, in the presence of only the closest, his body betrayed cremation near Tpentona state New-Dzhepsi. At the request of Einstein's own ashes burial was made in secret. But there is a legend that comes with it buried the ashes of manuscripts of his last papers, burned Einstein before his death he believed that as long as this knowledge can only do harm to mankind.

What were they working? The answer, alas, the great physicist ever taken with him. Attempt to unravel the mystery of their forces to step on shaky ground assumptions, assumptions, memories of witnesses, in the absolute truth of which can never be sure, but the other way is no longer there.

It is known that Albert Einstein has been actively opposed the development of nuclear weapons and working at the time of the creation of a unified field theory. Its purpose is mainly lies in the fact that by means of a single equation to describe the interaction of the three fundamental forces: electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear Rather, an unexpected discovery in this area and led Einstein to destroy his work, but, according to some Western scholars , the U.S. military had to use part of the theoretical calculations, the great physicist before he realized the danger lurking in them.

The initial task did not promise anything unexpected. There was a war, and military experts scrambled to make their ships and planes of the enemy radars for inconspicuous The idea to create an electromagnetic field intensity at which the light rays are rolled into a cocoon, making the object invisible to the person, and for devices to Einstein as a strong theorist in this areas are tasked to do the calculations.

This was followed by events which have become one of the most interesting puzzles XX century. In 1943 in Philadelphia, there was a mysterious story behind the destroyer "Eldridge." So what happened?

Ship, which, according to the present version, was installed "stealth generators," not simply disappeared from radar screens and monitors, as well as if fallen into another dimension and there was only some time later with half-mad crew on board.

But most importantly, perhaps, not even in the disappearance of the ship, and in the mysterious effects that the experiment had on the crew of the destroyer. With sailors were incredible things happen: one, as it were "frozen" — dropped out of the real course of time, while others were completely "dissolved" in the air, never to appear again …

Stories about the mysterious incident passed from mouth to mouth, gathering the most incredible detail Although the guidance was given to the U.S. Navy rebuttal to all the rumors about this experiment, many researchers have called the official version of a hoax. And there is a reason. There were documents showing that from 1943 to 1944, Einstein was in the service in the Naval Ministry in Washington. Witnesses showed up, some of which he personally saw as disappearing "Eldridge", others were holding sheets with calculations Einstein hand, has a very distinctive handwriting turn up even a newspaper clipping of the time, tells the story of sailors coming down from the ship and will melt in front of witnesses …

Alas, all this can be challenged because they do not keep the main — documents. Much could explain logbooks "Eldridge," but they mysteriously disappeared. At least, to all requests received researchers answer: "… to find and, therefore, to provide you with, is not possible." A ship's logs tracking "Fyupeset" and does were killed on orders from above, even though it goes against all the rules of manuscripts of the great physicist, perhaps, too, could explain to disappear, "Eldridge," but Einstein did not want to leave them to us.

Skeptics argued: "The ship can not sink into another dimension, if only because there were no other dimensions, other than our own, there is." If only it were that easy for scientists today is already axiomatic assertion that iskrevlenie space, closed in the gravitational collapse and the so-called the event horizon, or "black hole", which can be struck whole universe. Few people know that the academician Andrei Sakharov, like Einstein, many years of his life devoted to cosmology.

Unfortunately, this is his work as "a multi-sheeted model of the Universe," published in 1969, very small quantities, and other articles about the properties of curved space, almost inaccessible to the general reader. But their sugar recognizes that, along with the observable universe there are many others, many of which have significantly different characteristics in our time, the idea of parallel worlds has already been recognized and many scientists argue that you can get there without making a trip to space. They can get without leaving the Earth, "puncture" the space of a powerful energy impact.

But it's a theory in practice? Trying to restore the decision-"Phenomenon" information about the real facts of the effects of electromagnetic fields on the character of the space. View all of the physical phenomena that give a powerful burst of energy, including nuclear explosions, which are known to be accompanied by electromagnetic bursts.

Here's one of the curious facts. This is a testimony of a man who has literally bomb exploded under his feet.

Sergey A. Alekseenko worked at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site in a military builder His duties included restoring engineering structures destroyed during the testing of the next charge of the summer of 1973 he served under K. Veptelova (building troops of the Ministry of Defense). Together with him and another attendant he had to look concreted headroom wells at a depth of three kilometers of the charge was laid, and then from a special tank to watch the explosion, but something did not work and explosions rang out as "observers" come to the most well .

"… I felt like my foot hung in a support-free space — says S.Alekseenko. — Something I was raised, which are ahead of Konstantin (General spit) and Ivanov were suddenly at the bottom and some have decreased. I no longer feel the ground under your feet, it seemed the entire globe disappeared … Then came a heavy sigh-pretyazhely from below, and then I found myself at the bottom of a deep ravine, Ivanov was out of sight, and Konstantin was on the edge of the cliff — I saw him as if through a huge magnifying lenses several times then the wave subsided, we were again on a flat surface, which, as jelly, then shuddered as if abruptly slammed the door to another world, trembling stopped and froze solid earth again, returning me a sense of real power gravity … "

Let's not focus on the words "the door to the other world", they can be attributed to the emotional state of the witness, and indeed is in a very extraordinary situation. But here's a description of optical effects … It is possible under bending of light rays. And, Alekseenko recalls unusual disease that occasionally happen with employees Semipalatinsk. Together all called her "spillage" or "Dr. Zharov's disease."

Dr. Zharov prepeariroval animals, which were subjected to investigate the effects of a nuclear explosion close, and came across a strange effect. "Shattered" the animal as if fell out of life for a few days — not breathing, not moving, and then suddenly rose up and began to move on as if nothing had happened. The same happened to the landfill workers.

To "open Zharov" "crumble" simply buried — said Alekseenko.

Then they just gave lie down. I myself have "crumbled" several times last sensation of falling — as if someone pulled the plug and you ceased to exist … "

Is not it, this is surprisingly similar to what happened to the crew of the destroyer "Eldridge"? Remember the statements of witnesses that the sailors "like falling out of the real course of time." Incidentally, these mysterious disease were observed in workers of the company "Lockheed", collecting stealth aircraft, as proven during the Gulf War. According to experts, "invisibility" of these machines is achieved through the use of special materials, the unusual properties that may occur after treatment with a "generator of invisibility", similar to what have been tested to "Eldridge."

Is it the mystery — the mystery of reality breaking into another dimension — and decided to take with him to the grave, Albert Einstein? At least this version much to clarify and if readers are interested in this topic, the experts "phenomena" are ready to share additional evidence that the "Philadelphia Experiment" actually performed.

Galina Lelyanova, Press Center Association "Phenomenon."

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