Distant day the Russian Air Force aircraft

Aviation distant day the Russian Air Force was established in 1999 by order of the Chief of the Air Force RF.

Those Days, laid the foundation for the development of distant aircraft in Russia, may be referred to December 23, 1913, when he made the first flight of a heavy four-engine bomber "Ilya Muromets" — the brainchild of the famous aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky.

Exactly year, December 23, 1914, by the decree of Emperor Nicholas II was formed first in the world fleet of aircraft. This date is considered to be the days of the creation of the Russian far (strategic) aviation.

Day of the Russian Air Force long-range aircraft

The upcoming fate squadron "Muromtsev" not ordinary. Despite the fact that during World War II bombers carried out several hundred flights only loss of the 1st "Ilya Muromets", and in 1917 the fleet consisted of over 20 bombers in September 1917, all the planes were burned, so as not to fall prey to German troops tightly approached the place of deployment the squadron.

Decree of the Council of People's Commissars adopted March 22, 1918, claimed the formation of the Northern Group of airplanes "Ilya Muromets" — so began a new step in the development of distant aircraft.

Later in the distant aircraft armament was adopted bomber TB-3, designed under the control of the Tupolev. At the current time, armed with a distant aircraft, part of the strategic nuclear triad flush with submarines and missiles are strategic bombers Tu-160 (15 bombers), Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3.

Bomber Tu-95MS was developed over 50 years ago and is the world's strategic bombers, which are set turboprop engines. The Tu-22M3 are part of the sea distant aviation.

One of the main tasks distant aviation RF is a military defeat enemy targets at a distance of many thousands of miles of base sites also conduct operational and strategic aerial reconnaissance.

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