Distrust of government

The story which said that she was staying in Belarus, has renewed its motion. And it is interesting to observe the actions of the authorities during the crisis, while new challenges have emerged for the country.
The first conclusion.
The crisis of political leadership there was a sudden, no one foresaw. And on January 28 Prokopovich was sincere when he said: "We can say with confidence that this five-year period the national currency will be stable and predictable … Everyone can plan their work and their behavior, not only for this year but for five years. " And said that the corridor of fluctuations of the Belarusian ruble will be narrowed.
That is Plan "B" in the event of economic disasters in the ruling team simply did not have. This means that people capable of elemental analysis and predictions of economic processes surrounded Lukashenko simply unavailable. The more it became apparent when the currency crisis arose. After all, almost everything that made the authorities only aggravated the situation on the currency market. Experts say that at the very beginning of the crisis in March, if the management decided to devalue, it could be limited to 15-20%. And now, when there was high demand, and 55% is not enough.
The second conclusion. Changed public attitudes toward government. Especially that part of the population that has been loyal or indifferent to the current regime. After all, the power provided stability, or at least not interfere with normal work and live. The last two and a half months have led to the discrediting of state institutions, the loss of trust, anger and even rage at them.
The crisis dealt a blow to the image of Lukashenka. One of the important elements of its positive image was his activism. The country has seen a very active president, who day and night doing something, somewhere goes, meets regularly to give instructions. Although the effect of these actions are all arranged, but it was perceived positively: "He tries".
What we see now? Two and a half months, the country is on the ears. People are desperate and confused. They stand in line for days for exchange, run to the mall to save his rubles from depreciation, painfully discuss the dilemma: either to withdraw money from foreign currency deposits? how to get a bank loan? And they want to hear from the authorities of any clear message that if you do not have calmed, at least to give guidance, to show what can be expected.
And what I saw of society? It saw the paralysis of the government. Lukashenko was engaged in anything, not just those that care about the whole population. You do not believe me, but for two and a half months of the crisis, President spent only one meeting on this issue, and that was inconclusive. Disappears myth of a strong government, that here, in contrast to the neighboring countries is not shared between different industries, and therefore consolidated and effective.
Another element of the positive image of Lukashenka was such a feature as a liability. The president took responsibility for everything that happens in the country, up to the little things. Many know the accurate anecdote about how Lukashenko fingered potatoes on the phone.
And that will be an economic collapse. And it turned out that the Lukashenko strongly evades responsibility. In his statements to blame for the crisis to citizens who suddenly started buying foreign cars, whether the increase in world energy prices. Especially revealing was the replica Lukashenko during a recent meeting with the Prime Minister Myasnikovich: "What is happening in the foreign exchange and consumer markets across the country, I'd like to hear from you … If not, now that I dropped everything and joined the issue — well. Lets I will do. " Thus, the president does not know what's going on in the country, which is already two and a half months is on the ears. Only now the crisis is going to do, and that if the government asks for it.
Against this background, senseless campaign to strengthen the discipline, which sometimes becomes marasmic character, only adds fuel to the fire.
The third conclusion. The moat between government and society deepens. In a time when people desperately wanted to hear some explanation — and the president, and other officials and state media have pretended that nothing was happening. The authorities and the people begin to live in parallel realities.
In this sense, a very significant conflict between citizens and the police, which occurred at a bus stop in Nyamiha. Always during the conflict between the conductor and the "hare" passengers stand on the side of the latter. But now, amid economic disasters anger of people on the government reached a certain boundary. People embraced the conductor and the policeman, who was close to transport, as representatives of the government and sought to have all his anger. The Company did not have time to move away from the events of December 19, of the terrorist attack, as fell upon the devaluation and inflation. Against the background of general distrust of the government is considering a significant number of citizens of the police as an army of occupation, which does not protect the population, and punishes.
In such a situation of conflict is enough to spark the slightest …

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