Dog pulled the suicide of a loop

In Chelyabinsk, a dog named Shrek raised a howl and drew people's attention to the man who tried to hang himself from a tree. Doctors literally dragged from the dead 29-year-old suicide.

The fact that everything in this world is not by accident, 47-year-old resident of the capital of the Southern Urals Lucia Ahiyaltdinova now knows firsthand. Picking up on the street homeless dog, she had no idea that saves the lives of not only mutilated dog, but to lose faith in yourself man.

— When I picked up the dog in the street, the poor man's head was broken — told "Your Day" shocked hostess. — Now he saved a man from death.

Woman still remembers that day with excitement.

— We were walking in the park near the house. Suddenly, like a mad dog — said Lucia. — Shrek began to howl and pulled off to the side. I ran after him.


Having discovered hanging from a tree is blue man, the woman was confused and asked for help to passers-by. Joint efforts of the guy took off the belt and called an ambulance.

— I began to give him a heart massage, beat down his cheeks, and Shrek is trying to bring a guy in a sense, biting his legs, — says the woman. — Well, the doctors came quickly.

Later it was learned that the rescued boy only 29 years old and his name is Timur.

After this incident, Lucius lifted a separate house, which houses a shelter for abandoned animals. She is now on his own money has more than 30 dogs to look for reliable hosts.

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