Double-barreled gun William Gardner

As you know, in the twentieth century, England experienced a very great difficulties with firearms, which lasts to this day. Made clear how in this country are taken into service barely alive standards that are necessary to modernize and upgrade them to become at least partially applicable. Obviously, there were exceptions, but in general the situation was and still is pretty sad. But it was not always far away, to the late nineteenth — early twentieth century, it was much better, and that's one of the best examples so far — a double-barreled gun William Gardner.

Double-barreled gun William GardnerNo one, I think, would argue that the gun tool very convincing to the enemy, and even more so at a time when automatic fire was implemented only in the form of guns — machine gun, his presence on the battlefield could fundamentally reverse the final bout. Therefore, specifically machine guns and was given quite a lot of attention on the part of designers, especially after a successful model in any case, would be interested in the military, and that meant to get quite a large sum of money for their development. Obviously, the first machine guns were completely different designs, if modern, had not itself the highest rate of fire and sought for its own maintenance and management of several people. William Gardner proposed a design of a machine gun, which possessed at that time, if the highest rate of more analogues and controlled instrument could only two fighters. In addition, the design of the machine gun was up to the usual excesses and reliable, easy to manufacture and tool-making in general pretty penny for large properties.

Gun Gardner standard 1874 had two trunks, fire of which was conducted alternately, the mechanism of the instrument was based on a mechanical trigger mechanism, driven by means of turning the handle on the right side of the gun. To cool down the trunks were closed tight casing, which is filled with water, rate This same unit was 250 rounds per minute. The gun could strengthen on different machines, but in all of them had one thing in common — the guidance produced by turning knobs, guidance that was not completely comfortable and did not allow free movement of fire weapons with the highest speed, in general, with a good skill to machine-gun and it was fully can be.

The highest rate at the time ensured the presence of 2-valves, for each barrel separately. So, when in the process of turning the one gate retreated backwards, the second moved forward and took place a shot further closures changed places. In general, the rate of fire machine gun is quite dependent on the speed with which any rotation handle the machine gun, but normally the highest rate of fire was 250 rounds per minute, because with it you can shoot almost without interruption, until such time as the gun barrel is not falling into disrepair. Because automatic machine guns did not work on the propellant gases, the rate virtually no effect on its reliability, the highest rate of a given machine guns could reach 800 rounds per minute, but with all this stems instantly overheat and the water boiled.

Double-barreled gun William GardnerUnfortunately, the U.S. did not appreciate the development of the designer, rather, appreciated, but at the time armed with machine guns Gatling system. And although the company, which has worked designer, was able to realize a few hundred guns, gunsmith is obviously not happy about it. Because he moved to Britain, where he continued to improve his tool and eventually made him one of the main types of machine guns in England ever since. In general, we can say that the gunsmith fixated on their own development, because his options were machine guns and generally stillborn. For example, pyatistvolny machine gun with a rate of 700 rounds per minute with air cooling of the barrel. How bad would not implement all the features, but that's only because of the gutters, which were committed ammunition, it was very difficult to conduct aimed fire, not to mention the fact, in order to control flow of patrons even a friend.

Version of the double-barreled gun design standard 1874 had a mass of 98.9 kg, a length of 1193 mm and length of 763 mm barrels. Fed .45-caliber gun that allows the use at distances up to 1800 meters. Unfortunately, precise data on the ammunition for the gun is not that, in general, does not prevent imagine what it was for ammo, taking into account the effective range of the gun.

Naturally, this is not a standard machine gun made a revolution in the world of guns, though it was made under the scheme of automation with a very rather short life, but that this gun, certainly, deserve to know about it and remembered by me in any way is not questioned. Well, generally useful to know about such weapons, let it differs from the modern, but it was his base. As from time to time it is nice to behold automation system tools "which is unique in the world", but that was once used in a Forgotten Rare swatch tool. Which not spread or because of the lack of advertising, or because of the difficulty of production, or simply due to the fact that since the establishment could not provide the required properties for neotkaznoy of guns. And in most cases it appears that new — it is well forgotten An old.

Double-barreled gun William Gardner

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