Dowsing: A Breakthrough in the subconscious

January 19, 2012 8:10

DowsingIn our pragmatic age still there are people who believe that a simple twig can do wonders, not only in the ground to find water and minerals, but also to diagnose the disease, to communicate with the dead, to determine who a person was in a previous life.

These little dowsers

Dowsing, or dowsing, is the type of phenomena to explain that science is not able to. You can certainly say that the opening with the walnut twig made by chance. Indeed, the percentage of successes in small dowsing. But still it is over — and at the individual search engines is much higher than — the number of random hits allowed on the theory of numerical probabilities.

Many experts believe that the method is based on an involuntary muscle response to the impulses coming from any external sources. However, occultists and paranormal investigators believe a purely psychological nature of the phenomenon, and that it can be effectively used only by people with a fairly high level of extra-sensory perception. There has always been a little bit. About the talk and conducted from time to time in various countries testing dowsers. In these kind of test, usually it turns out that a large part of the participants — or outright charlatans, or good faith, but always erring people. In almost all of these studies the effectiveness of the method does not exceed an average of 20-30%.

However dowsing is widely used today, especially when conducting well-established search engine — operator. Many, even large mining companies used in the search field dowsing method, considering it more reliable modern equipment.

What can dowsing?

Dowsing has been known since ancient times. Initially search rods or batons, "were supposed to do only of hazel, but later came to the conclusion that any good tree, just to" search tool "looked like a spear, or a letter« Y », and the length was 50-60 cm. Now the device, which is produced by dowsing, very diverse in both form and materialam.Zhezly "are not only wood, but also metal, and plastic. Today is especially used in the framework of the letter and the different types of pendulums.

With the help of dowsing can be identified, for example, harmful geopathic zones, determine the "emergency" places on the roads, oil — and gas pipelines, to find people caught in the avalanche, a blockage in the mine or in the rubble of buildings during an earthquake. However, most often used for dowsing search of water and minerals. When trying to locate underground ore, sometimes attached to the frame of a piece of such material. It serves as an indicator of the more search ore deposits found in the faster rotating frame.

In the home frame or swingarm can help determine the quality of the hostess products, their benefits or harm of each family member. In Japan, at the farm dowsing pendulum put it to the egg and thus guess the sex of a chicken.

Opinion occultists

However, by themselves rod or frame does not have any special properties. They only increase the sensitivity of the search engine to act as a link between his intuition and the world. In other words, the rod helps people tune in to their own extra-sensory perception and reality of the world, whether Luxembourg or wildlife.

According to the occultist theories, dowsing tool enables a person to go out on a subconscious level, able to perceive subtle fields. It is believed that we are constantly interacting with these fields, or energy, whether the energy of earth, water, sky, space, trees, other people, or even some inanimate objects. Most often, we are not aware of these interactions and could not fix it. However, they are weak, sometimes barely perceptible pulse sensitive to our subconscious. Dowsing tools — like its sequel — connect us with thin margins. And the nervous system at the time of such compounds sends electrical signals, which are driven rod or frame.

At the beginning of the search lozohodets must "negotiate" with them, setting rules for biolocation funds. He usually does it once in my entire lozohodcheskuyu practice, and further rod, frame or swingarm themselves "know" which way to go when they need a particular answer. As a rule, the pendulum as a positive response is used to swing to the operator or the operator, as a negative — swings from side to side. In that case, if the pendulum goes in a circle, then it is likely to mean that he was given incorrect question or had no answer. Rod for a positive response — move up and down, for the frame — clockwise.

Areas of non-obvious

Dowsing is used not only in search of the terrain. For example, it is necessary to find a missing person, and the territory in which it may be, is too large to cover it all. Then the operator drives a pendulum over a map. In this search engine is set to missing, mentally asks the question, "Where?". The pendulum soon begins to move. The point on which he turned the still or stop, and will involve the search area.

In fact, the seances — neither more nor less than a kind dowsing, they use frames, pendulums, limpets, and similar facilities. During these sessions, a man who calls himself a medium, not in contact with the spirit of the deceased, as well as in dowsing, with their own subconscious. Pendulums and saucers "come alive" at his hands or under the arms to tune in to his "surge" of other sitters and indicate the answer.

Operator of the subconscious can be explained and included now in vogue dowsing penetration into past lives. Seems to use dowsing for this first proposed American expert Ted Andrews. The method consists in the fact that the bar scale, covered by years, centuries and millennia, and the operator brings to different points of the frame, and it asks "so-and-so lived in a certain age?" In such a year? '. Frame at different dates answer "no" or "yes." Asking leading questions, you can find out where the country in which early life was a man whom he was in it. Yet this method is recognition of the past, many researchers are even less reliable than diving with the same purpose in a hypnotic state.

And, of course, with the utmost care must relate to the diagnosis of human dowsing. This is where the freedom for all kinds of charlatans!

Recall an incident that happened to me 15 years ago. One summer afternoon, I was standing not far from the bus stop at the station "Park Kultury". Suddenly, out of nowhere in front of me was a woman of middle age. Wearing flashy, face pale, worried. Squeezes his fist frame. Thin metal rod rotates back and forth. "I am folk healer, she began without preamble for their health …" She put a frame closer to me. Frame began to rotate faster. See, how cool is that? Do you have serious health problems! Very serious! You about them may not know. Energy you have a weak, because it is with you and going. Do not worry, your sores I can manage. If I undertake to whom — that is cured with a guarantee. Write down the phone. Tomorrow will come to me with six church candles. Do not forget your photo. " Speaks quickly, efficiently, and she had never laid eyes would look. "You're lucky. The disease has not gone away. But a month — and it's too late … "

I told her, in the sense that, say, leave tomorrow from Moscow, and money is not a dime. She realized she moved away. A minute to the women addicted to dill flowers traded. The women surrounded her, and she said something to them, said — it is clear that the treatment of all diseases offers, and part of its in front of them turns. In short, customers currently catches. And there are those that are hooked! Dowsing only been here for quite innocent.


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